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The 90s are back... already

2 Unlimited
Survived a horrific car crash in which
both members were killed.

So it's official - the 90s are the new 80s, which funnily enough were the new 70s about 15 years ago which means the old 20 year cycle is repeating even earlier then usual. No doubt another consequence of Generation Y's struggle to be one step ahead of the next hipster in world Web 2.0. (Expect an influx of invites to 90s nights all over your facebook and a bombardment of blog posts exactly like this one very soon).

While some retailers (and McDonalds ads) would have you believe the 80s are still hot, a scan through the Hype Machine will show up a world of 90s remixes and originals.
The music is easy to source, the fashion on the other hand is going to be trickier; for the last couple of years I have had regular E-Bayers on the look out for shell suits to no avail, same goes for X-Worx and Eclipse jeans. I managed to get lucky in a couple of charity shops and am now the proud owner of 3 shell suits; the jeans however still evade me.
I put this down to the fact that these fashions were strictly for young teenagers who begged their mostly unwilling parents to buy them, as opposed to larger fashion movements of the 80s such as leg warmers or poofy shirts that were embraced by everyone. This meant that when the fad wore out, parents binned the offensive jeans without giving the kids a say. Essentially wiping out Naf-Naf jackets, carpenter jeans and Hyper Colour tee-shirts forever. A crying shame I am sure you will agree.

Fortunately the music still lives on though, artists like 2 Unlimited, Culture Beat and Gala have all stood the test of time... well, have a special place in our memories anyway. Over the next couple of weeks I will be taking a little look at certain elements of 90s dance culture as best I can, for now here is a reminder of what I am talking about.



A note on Posting...

As I mentioned below, I got an email form the Blogger team telling me they had removed my Toddla T post in accordance with a DMCA request. This was because I posted some copyrighted music without permission (as most music blogs do). It got me thinking for a moment about whether it's cool or not to be posting all this music around blogs for free- queue a flash moment of painful guilt about all the artists lives I was ruiniung That lasted about two minute before I copped on to the actual truth.
I do not post much music on here, when I do it's nearly always to promote the artist in questions gigs and the music seldom stays up longer then a fortnight.
Artists like Toddla had their carrers partly built by bloggers, how else would he have gained his reputation before being signed. Every day I get mails from the next Toddla wannabe with their tracks begging for a post. If any of these guys get signed they can't just turn around and expect people to stop posting about them.
Unfortunalty it's the record labels who are causing the fuss though, still clawing away at the lost few cents of revenue instead of trying to embrace the curent culture and figure out how to try and reach the levels of MASSIVE profit they enyoyed for so long in the past. Much like the banks who faced colapse recently, had they bothered to stop and look at what was going on a few years ago they might have fared better.

I asked Toddla on Friday night after his ace set what he though. He was on my side too, was even slightly apolgetic it and thanked me for the support so I left with a clear concious. Maybe if the post hadn't have been deleted there would have been a few more heads down at the gig which was a little low in numbers. Toddla and Sero still wrecked it though.


Bi-Co-Po-Co House

I have been asked by to write a monthly piece on the rise of New World Music taking in Brazil, Columbia, the US, the Balkans, Africa and maybe some more along the way. The lads tell me if things really take off they will put mo on the bodytonic jet and fly me to these places so do send some feedback their way. First stop on my imaginary travels is Brazil, the article just went up here and you can see it in all its glory including links, here on the blog.
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Trashed of a Tuesday

ClimaXXX Djs have been asked down to Andrews Lane next Tuesday for the launch of Trashed! with Trev Radiator. Also playing on the night are Drag Queen Bingo and Dave O'Reilly.
If you find yourself out on a Friday drop in for a boogie, there are cheap drinks a plenty including €3 Coronas which will no doubt have disastrous consequences for my hectic Wednesday morning schedule.

Expect some of this:
M.I.A - Paper Planes - (Lapse Remix)
(Yes another Paper Planes remix but this one is different I swear!)

and a touch of this:
Bloc Party - Mercury (Herve Is In Disarray Remix )


Nite Version Vs Night Version

Soulwax have come up trumps again with this Nite Version* of MGMT's Kids. There have been loads of dodgy copies of this remix floating around the blogs recently, some hairy live rips which sound like they came off a mobile phone and some slightly better (camera?) ones too. Well this is about the best one I have heard, typical Soulwax affair with the custom synths and chopping all used to nice affect. Get it into ya!
MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Nite Version)

*Originaly coined in the 80's when Duran Duran decided to record extended versions of their songs with the dancefloor in mind, Night Versions are extended versions of tracks usually with longer intros and instumentals intended for playing in night clubs. Soulwax paid homage to this with their Nite Versions album in 2005.
Check out the awesome Girls on Film Night Version, included in a 2003 Erol Alkan Muzik Mag CD, Erol was apparently inundated with people asking whose remix it was (assuming it was his own edit) when it was in actual fact released on the original 12" in 1981.
Still sounds fresh today.
Duran Duran - Girls on Film (Night Version)


Where We Going / Where We At Pt 2

Image by kt80

It seems hardship is often a catalyst for creativity. Just as jazz was born during slave era America, the tradition of music flourishing in times of oppression continues to this day. Many of the sounds currently doing the rounds on 'hipster DJs' playlists stem from places where oppression was or is rife. In particular it seems, former colonies where now due to cultural hybridity and the advent of easily obtainable production software new sounds are combining traditional local elements with house or techno beats.
Baile Funk from the ghettos of Brazil, Kudoro from Angola, Bhangra from India and Kwaito from South Africa, are all gaining worldwide recognition due mainly to the Internet changing how we consume music.
We at CLIMAXXX feel it's about time we thought of a name for this style, as I said here, World Music just doesn't cut it. So, ladies and gentlemen, from now on, when someone asks what styles we play, we will be delighted to add......Po-Co House to the list (that's Post Colonial House to the lay person)

Another fine example of which is featured below, this time from South Africa. Kwaito originated in the townships around Johannesburg in the early 90s in the middle of apartheid, the word itself coming from the Afrikaans word for angry and was a way for those struggling under the regime to vent some of their anger through music and dance.
This track from DJ Mujava 'Township Funk' is causing quite a stir on the scene right now, splitting people down the middle with it's simple hook and basic beat. Diplo played it at EP recently to great response and it's been on Sinden's playlists for some time. Like it or loathe it, it's great to see the Kwaito scene getting worldwide recognition.

Read Fact Magazines few words with DJ Mudava


Balkan Bangers

While I am in the middle of my world music rants I might as well get this one out there too. Over the last couple of months I have been unearthing my gypsy roots and found myself busting out the moves to a lot of Balkan beats. The sound its self has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last year or so with artists like Gogol Bordello who appeared alongside Madonna at last years Live 8 concert and Balkan Beat Box who played Dun Laoghaire World Culture Festival recently all gaining worldwide acclaim. It's easy to see why too, I defy anyone to not dance to this.
Gogol Bordello are probably the biggest band of the scene right now but I prefer the less vocal stuff (although Gogol definitely earn brownie points for naming a song 'Think Locally, Fuck Globally'). The the two tracks below are particular favourites, you may recognise the first one from a sample used by Andrew Weatherall in his Sabres of Paradise project back in the 90's.
Crookers are getting in on the act now too with their accordion riddled track Gypsy P. The guys over on Atlantic Jaxx also put together a compilation of the stuff a while back too, definitly worth a look.
Watch out for a climaXXX gypsy set coming very soon.

Shantel - Bucovina
Balkan Beat Box - Bulgarian Chicks

Crookers - Gypsy P

Sabres Of Paradise - Wilmot


Where We Going / Where We At.

I have been talking to a few people recently about current trends in the club scene and the way things seem to be heading. I am always fascinated by such things and have to say that right now I think the future looks great. Everywhere you look people are coming out with fresh takes on things. Whether it's the MDC lads and their mix of garage/electo/dancehall/ and MCs. Or not a million miles away, lads we have already covered like Drop The Lime, Egyptrixx and Sonic 86 who approach making tunes with ears open to just about any sounds, dubstep/ghetto-tech/ techno and so on.

Obviously the internet has had a huge part to play in this, I have mentioned here before the globalisation of music, one possiblity that someone I spoke to lamented is that the blogs start leading the way in music taste as oppose to the Djs. Look at the popularity of 'blog house' acts like Crookers to see the power some of the big blogs have in getting you booked. True if you scour the blogs and CD cases of many Djs around the world you see the same old Palms Out playlists appearing but I also think that as long as there are a few people out there pushing the boundaries in terms of creativity we will do just fine. In the next two parts of this article I will look into some of the movements in the scene I am talking about and some of its key figures.

To start, here is a Count and Sinden Soundsystem mix recorded live at Pukklepop. I have written countless words on these guys already and they are not exactly 'new' but this mix is a good example of the mix of old rave stuff and new bassline/nichestuff. Plus you got the garage style MCs and vocalists too.

Count & Sinden Live at Pukklepop 15/08/2008


I was more of a sega head...

but I still wouldn't mind this in my gaff.

It's from an installation called 'Landscape' and that's pretty much all I know about it.
That and the fact it got me thinking....

There was a time when 'Mario or Sonic?' said as much about you as 'Oasis or Blur?' and as a Sonic fan amongst many Mario heads I faced a constant battle arguing important issues such as the validity of collecting rings Vs coins and the ever pressing Tails Vs Luigi debate. I always kept my head held high and fought my case but deep down I see now that I knew, Mario was superior. Sonic just could't compete, especially when MarioKart for the Snes came out, that game went on to play a pretty big part of my life up until quite recently, 3 day tournaments were not uncommon.
Sega tried, they released a Sonic compilation on PS2 a while back which I figured would be a great dose of nostalgia but sadly the red booted hedgehog just hasn't stood the test of time as much as that fat Italian plumber.

I wonder what pressing issues the youth face nowadays are? Answers in the comments below!


The day the music died.

Something is rotten in the state of Ireland, first a string of cancellations, then the Electric Picnic is under threat due to high court proceedings. Now the government want to pass legislation that will mean Irish night clubs have to shut even earlier. Yes, while our neighbours across the water move forward with progressive opening hours, the Irish government take a giant leap back even after years of lobbying by the Give Us The Night campaign to extend opening hours. The new legislation will mean an end to the theatre licenses that allow certain clubs to open later then others and will force everyone on to the streets at the same time with obvious results. It also plans to restrict Sunday drinking till 1am, ruining what has traditionally been a big industry night out where those who work in night clubs and restaurants and other jobs that don't call for Monday morning starts get to let their hair down. Read more about it and sign the petition over here.


I would do anything for this collection!

Recognise that little fella? Yep, Carlton Banks, The Fresh Prince's dancin' cuzz. Alfonso Ribeiro to his mom, as a youngster he also starred opposite Michael Jackson in a Pepsi ad before landing the role in The Fresh Prince. Later in his career he directed a few TV shows and went on to become a successful reality TV star, winning the US show Celebrity Duets. Looking at the early vids there is no doubt the kid had talent, you can't help but think that landing the role of Will's dorky cousin was a bit of a poisoned chalice, he was never really able to shake the image. Like Saved by the Bell's Screech before him, he will never have his own identity.


Fashion History for just 5G's

A piece of fashion history is up for grabs over on Ebay. One of comedys most famous fathers is auctioning off part of his on-screen wardrobe to raise money for his educational charity. That's right, Bill Cosby has decided to unleash his jumpers on the world and what a collection he has. So far only three are available but such is the quality of these items that we can only hope he will delve further into his wardrobe to dig up some more gems. Bidding starts at a mere €5000, so far there have been no offers. While I am not a huge Cosby fan this does give me hope that someday Mark-Paul Gosselaar will post something, sadly, not as of yet.


Global Ghettotech Number 1- Baile Funk

Welcome to the first in a series of musical explorations into the sounds from the global underground sneaking their way mainstream. Sometimes referred to as 'Global Ghettotech' or 'Po-Co House', these sounds usually originate in the poorest areas of the poorest cities and fuse traditional sounds with modern influences to create club music that captures the energy of the local party scene. Over the next few months we will look at some of these styles and the hype around them that has attracted the attention of DJs and media types alike.

First stop, the melting pot that is Brazil. Most of us are down with Brazilian music already, go to any major city and you can find a Samba class most nights of the week. Bossa Nova has been popular since "The Girl From Ipanema" walked by back in 1962 and the fact that Nouvelle Vague can shift huge amounts of the stuff nearly 50 years later is testament to the genre's appeal. Tropicalia too is still popular, think of Austin Power's opening credits in swinging London for a reminder. The influence of these styles is heard everywhere in club music, from Drum and Bass to house and as Mr Iljan says, now Grime too.

Nowadays some more contemporary styles are finding their way into the crates and hard drives of DJs around the world and they ain't being watered down or merely sampled either. Baile Funk was the first true Global Ghettotech phenomenon and after a few years of growing popularity, Baile or Carioca Funk went truly mainstream last year with Bonde De Role achieving massive European success. The sound is considered the illegitimate child of Miami Bass and was fostered in the mid eighties when local DJs like DJ Marlboro dropped 2 Live Crew and Africa Bambatta in the Favela parties and the crowds went nuts. The seeds were sewn and over the next few years Baile Funk emerged cutting up samples and pairing them with rhymes about life in the favelas, often about drugs, nearly always about sex. Never glorifying the former but always the latter. As you may have guessed, there ain't much money in the favelas, so Baile Funk was and still is usually made on ancient cracked copies of Acid that would be shared around the Favelas, giving it that lo-fi, raw sound. They still manage to capture the energy of the parties (Bailes) though, where tales of girls getting pregnant just by dancing are not uncommon.

The sound was given a hefty boost onto the global dance floor when Diplo (who was mentored on all things Favela by Marlboro) used Deize Tigrona's baile funk track "Injeção" for MIA's Bucky Done Gun in 2005. He had already recorded a mixtape of Baile tracks titled Favela on Blast the year previous and went on to sign Bonde De Role to his Mad Decent label.

Probably more responsible then any for the globalisation of the sound though, is German journalist, DJ and record label boss Daniel Hacksmann who released a compilation in 2004 titled Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats after hearing a mixtape a friend brought back from Rio. Not long after, he founded Man Recordings and helped Brazilian Funk big wigs like DJ Sandhrino, Sany Pitbull and Edu-K reach global audiences with his Baile Funk Masters series. He also hooked Brazilian MCs up with producers like Scottie B, Crookers and Jesse Rose for the Funk Mundial series, helping the scenes local stars reach worldwide audiences and earn a few quid on the way.

So the 'Funk' has gone truly global, what's next? Within the country, other sounds like like Axé and Forro are popular but both have been around for a while and stayed quite regional and they certainly lack the punch to cut it globally. As for the Funk, non-Brazilian artists like German MC Gringo and Japan's Tigarah are bringing their own twist to things so no doubt more people will adapt it to their local style and by the time I go to write next month's article I will be researching Konichi-Funk from Tokyo or how about some Baile Baile from Crumlin.

Lingo for a Gringo:

Baile = Party

Favela = slums in the hills around Rio.

Carioca = person who lives in a Favela

Bunda = ass

Popozuda = a girl with a big ass

Daquele Jeito = an expression meaning "that's the way you do it".


New World Music Part 1

There was a time when to me, the term World Music conjured up images of 30 something has beens nodding their heads to jazz fusion or some pedestrian crap. Now though, the term is getting a face-lift or rather, a tit-job.

In Dublin a lot of people have probably been boppin' to sounds from the favelas of Brazil and the back streets of Baltimore for some time now, unaware of where these sounds came from. At the same time the folks who instigated the sound probably never imagined that a bunch of middle class white folk were gonna be getting there Saturday night kicks from these sounds that were born of a struggle against poverty. Over time though with a rise in Irish blog culture we might yet see the Foxrock massive Ghost Ridin' the Whip or Cranking dat Superman all over the place.

These styles have existed for a long time but with the rise in blog use and artists like Diplo and MIA pushing these sounds mainstream, Dublin audiences have never had such a wide array of music available every week. Just check out Pogo Pub or Assquake or our own CLIMAXXX DJ's for a taster. Girls parctice your shimmer first and fellas, 'shake dem dreads'. Here's is the first half of our brief guide to some of these sounds we really dig!

Baile Funk (no, not a new satellite town in Kildare, although if it was i might move there) hit the big time last year partly thanks to MIA and Bonde de Role both of whom visited our shores recently. In case you don't know its Brazilian music that started in the ghettos or Favelas of Rio and sounds like this.

Deise Tigrona - "Injeção"

Baltimore Club Music started out when a few heads in the city took the breaks of hip hop lashed in some extra kicks and sped it up to fook. Often they use the same beats and cut up famous tracks you know, The Beatles, Paul Simon and current hip hop faves which is why it appeals to your average Saturday night clubber as well as the most gangsta B-Boy. Check it:

Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop (Tittsworth remix)

Next week: Bassline and Kuduro


Youtube Classics.

A look back to the good ol' days of yore, the days before todays everything at your fingertips , on demand technology made everything so easy. So what better way to be reminded of those days then using the pinnacle of todays everything at your fingertips , on demand technology, Youtube.

Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' video.
This video has always been overshadowed by the infamous Thriller vid from the same album which as most people know was the first video to use the now standard group choreographer.
But this video also set a format many would follow. A West Side Story style gang fight, that of course can be resolved through song and dance (I have avoided many a friday night bust up with a well timed dance routine)
Featuring a well choreographed knife-fight and some of the best 80's gang ware since
The Warriors, this video is well worth another look.

Fashion Forecast S/S 08

Nightwear Special.
It looks like the pyjama/ugg boot trend is set to continue this season. With Dublin's hot young trend setters still venturing out at all hours of the day in this high end look. What started in the city centre in areas like the Pearse St & Charlemount flat complexes' has now spread to the 'burbs' with our trend-spotters reporting sightings as far out as Dun Laoghaire and
Bray Sur Mer.
No longer just seen as just 'headin down spar for 10 blue' attire, it's now everyday casual wear suitable for any Saturday afternoon on Henry St.
Accessorise with buggie and Mp3 phone equipped with the latest
R/n B and hard dance releases for impromptu bus 'raves'.