Bo$$ in Drama


I came across Bo$$ In Drama a few months back via his remix of Yo Majesty's 'Kryptonite Pussy'. It's a much moodier, understated take on the track than the better-known UMYO remix, and seems to slow to a stop just as it gets to the build up at the end, but that's kinda what I like about it.

His songs 'Shake', 'Jumpstyle' and 'Luxx Go!' on the other hand, are straightforward, no-holds-barred, a$$quaking party music with bouncy, killer basslines and plenty of synth and vocoder action, guaranteed to have you shaking your butt, whether on the dancefloor or in your bedroom.
It's definitely some of the funnest music I've heard in a long time, unabashedly pop but at the same time keeping a nice dirty little electro edge.
Latest tune 'All the Love' doesn't disappoint either.

He's a generous chap too - all of his songs are available to download from www.myspace.com/bossindrama . Hurry and get them while they're still free - Bo$$ might be Brazil's best-kept secret, but with the amount of attention he's been getting in other blogs lately, this might not be the case for long.

(He also has rather dapper taste in t-shirts and baseball caps, and he likes my hat. Props.)

Kryptonite Pussy - B0$$ vs Yo Majesty
Shake! - Bo$$ in Drama

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