Sigur Rós feat. Björk - Gobbledigook live - this will make you happy or you have no soul

Ah Icelanders, how are you so great?! Look at you all up there having a whale of a time and being amazing at it. It's great to see Sigur Rós happy - I saw them live in Melbourne 2 years ago and they had clearly been co-erced into a live questions and answers with the audience after the show and it was like watching kittens being tortured. Amazing icelandic singing kittens who should never have to do anything they don't want to do. The awesome video below is from a concert called Naturra - which was on in 2008 to highlight the destruction of Iceland's landscape. Hey! it turns out I can read youtube blurb! It also turns out National Geographic have a world music website which I am pretty sure I am going to say I'm going to check out and then never will. Here's the link so you can do the same: http://worldmusic.nationalgeographic.com./

Get some Sigur Rós into you if you haven't already: http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk/ I was going to upload an mp3 of Gobbledigook but you should just go buy the album because it's that good. I mean, it's called með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust - how can it not be?


Chromeo : Public Health Announcement

More quality Chromeo - Playboy sent them out onto the streets to warn people about a new disease that's causing people to like crappy music . . . such as Coldplay. (This video is also note- worthy as it's the first time I've ever heard P-Thugg's real voice. Usually in interviews and the likes he uses his vocoder. Apart from that one time we met him at a gig and he was all ' No, I'm not going to ask Dave One 'will he be with your mate.')

(And let the record show I was looking up Chromeo and not Playboy. )


Classic Fresh Prince - Pick-Up Lines

(P.S How do you find Will Smith in the snow? Just look out for the fresh prints. Boom Boom! I'm here all week folks)


Amazing Philips advert "Carousel"

To promote their new widescreen tv, the Cinema 21:9, Philips commissioned the following mini film - it's amazing. When I first saw it I thought it was a trailer for a movie but unfortunately it's just a stand alone piece. But check it out - it's a frozen moment scene of a massive shoot out between those age old natural enemies - cops and clown bank robbers - it's brilliant:

You can read more about Director Adam Berg and the company that made it, or watch it in high quality (recommended) at Stink Digital.


Playhouse and Underworld

As if the Playhouse project that took place in Dublin recently wasn't cool enough, it's just been featured in a video for a track by Underworld.. yes thee Underworld. Directed by Eoghan Kidney, the video for track Downpipe showcases the Playhouse project at its best. Apparently the project might be back over the Christmas, keep watching the skies.

Mark Knight & D.Ramirez V Underworld - Downpipe

So very very bad

Far more embarrassing than its subject matter, it's the ballad of Jedward.

The ballad of John & Edward

DJ Godfather back with the AssQuakers in the Twisted Peper

It's not just lovers of ghetto-tech who should be delighted at the return of DJ Godfather tonight, anyone with an appreciation for turntablism would do well to get on down to the Twisted Pepper basement to witness one of the masters of all things bass and booty in action. This guy can juggle and scratch like the best of them and the fact that he does it to ghetto-tech some of the most fun music you can shake your ass to makes it all the more fun. If you ain't sure what ghetto-tech is or what juggling and scratching are, then check out this video.

DJ Godfather at Circuitto Techno

We have two tickets to the gig up for grabs too, just drop a mail to onechewlove{at}gmail{dot}com to be in with shot.

DJ Godfather, Twisted Pepper basement, 20th November with

Upstairs in the Stage Breakdown launch their record label with the first release by resident Johnny Pluse "The Market St Hussle EP", with a whopper line-up to go featuring Breakdown front man Obese, Dirty Busters, Jay Sharp, Breakonomics and off course Johnny Pluse himself.

The Mezz sees the launch of brand new DnB crew Tribe, headed up by regular Mud spinner Bonz.


New Róisín Murphy

You can stream Róisín Murphy's new track 'Orally Fixated' on her myspace or you can download it for free for a limited time from The Guardian website- the single is out next week and seems to be a song about going out with a fat bastard. But maybe I'm so innocent (ahem) I'm not reading between the lines. One of which is 'So greedy, I wish u coulda waited /But you just love to stuff your face' - We've all been there. The track is upbeat and pretty slick but after falling in love with her album Overpowered I am expecting great things from the next singles/ new album.


Here is a video of Roisin performing 'Primitive' live on Jools Holland - it's probably my favourite song of hers - what a voice:

New Four Tet

'Love Cry' is a new single by Four Tet just out - the new album "There Is Love In You" is set for release in January. You can listen to Love Cry on Fourtet's myspace - it's quality.

Below is a video for my favourite Four Tet song ( so far - the new tune is pretty amazing)- 'Everything is alright' from the album Everything Ecstatic. Beautiful song, beautiful video:

Four Tet - Everything is alright (YSI)


It's a monumental good thing

And if that wasn't 80s enough for you - here is the original video for the song playing as backing music above- it's by Devo and it's called That's Good ( Ain't it true it's a monumental good thing)

Devo - That's Good - ( YSI)

The Hasbeens new video

The Hasbeens have a new track out - You and Me - It is quite low key and dark - exactly like the video. Not that much happens but it is very cool and strangely compelling - it is seedy in a kind of glamorous way if that's possible. I don't know much about The Hasbeens - they are dutch and only have 3 or 4 records out on Clone. I listened to their track 'Make the World Go Away' continuously through 2007/2008 (check it out below) and love the sound of the new one - very cool electro synth.

The Hasbeens - Make The World Go Away ( YSI)

(bowie in) Space

Space is a french electro space disco band from Marseilles that were around in the late 70s. They wore space suits on stage so even before I heard the music I thought I might be onto a good thing. They sold over 10 million records back in the day and their stuff is being re-released on Nang Records. You can download 'Carry On, Turn Me On' remixed by Architeq here (YSI). I'm a big Lindstrom fan so it's great to hear some old school space disco.

I noticed too that the cover of the album above looks really like a part of Flight of the Conchords' video for Bowie In Space. Yes that is a nerdy thing to notice but it gives me an excuse to post this video:

It's not unusual


Tigercity - Are you Sensation?

This track is over a year old but being so hip and not out of the loop at all I managed to find it . . . last week. It's called 'Are You Sensation' by a group called Tigercity and I LOVE it. - it's kind of Halls and Oatsey with a bit of Chromeo mixed in so what's not to love? 'Are You Sensation' is from a 2008 E.P called Pretend not to Love. It's very happy and very catchy and very sing a longy which is all good - as long as no one can hear me. Tigercity are an electro - funk band originally from Massachusetts now living in Brooklyn and you should check 'em out.

Tiger City - Are You Sensation ( YSI )