Lets Make Party

I have only had the pleasure of seeing Mikki Dee a couple of times thus far but his technical skills and nice broad tune selection stuck in my mind. His latest mixtape, 1,2,3 Go! can testify to this, he dropped me a copy a few weeks ago and it has raised more than a few ear holes since. He will be starting his new clubnight in the Village this Friday with a bit of support from Mystro, Arveene and JB the Deejay. It will be a special AV set of which reports are pretty astounding. Free before 10pm, €8 after.
He will have a few copies of the mixtape to give away on the night, if you can't make it but want one anyways, drop me a mail and I will try hook you up.


More At-At Awesomeness

As I already said, I was a big At-At fan so when I saw this badboy over on gizmodo I did very much covet. Looks like it only has a tape-deck though, would probably have to work one of those car-tape-deck-converters up on it.


Fun With Pie-Charts

Graphs were one of my favourite things in school. Them and lunch. Some people are still having fun with them, in fact there is a whole site dedicated to fun with graphs, its called graph-jam. If the name isn't hip and urban enough for you, wait till you see some of the whacky stuff on there! This is one of my faves right now, it shoud give you a little taster of the madcap stuff people come up with... mad I tell you.



I was trying to hunt down a Twister bed spread the other day when I happened across this almost-as-fun Twister beach towel. Once I finished imagining the possibilities of such a wonderous invention, a few things in the ad grabbed by attention.... not in a good way either.
#1-the dodgy photoshoped-in beech scene.
#2- the unusual choice of models, you would think a hot bathing-suit clad couple would be more appealing to all.
#3- the socks on both these 'geezers'. What was wrong with that mans feet that black socks were a better option?
All this image brings to mind are the words 'Oi Oi' and a dodgy sky-one show starring Julian Clarey. Grim.


Bank Holiday Zombie Fun

The Zombie Disco Squad drop by The Underground this Sunday. They play power punching electro numbers, usually influenced by Po-Co sounds like Baile and African stuff, they add that MachinesDon'tCare edge with the hopping basslines (I still can't bring myself to use the term fidg£t). I heard my hero Claude Von Stroke talk about them on some radio show, he was a big fan but ultimately Jesse Rose signed them to his Made to Play label. They also released on Man Recordings (see Po-Co reference) and Dirty Bird (see CVS reference.) You could do a lot worse this weekend.

Zombie Disco Squad at The Underground, Sunday 12th April,€ 12.


I Want One...

One of George Lucas's latest Star Wars money makers is afloat. Never one to miss the boat, he has cornered the lucrative 'creepy kid and dingy' market. Good to see he is still finding ways to cash in on the franchise, fortunately for us, the kids don't actually come with the his latest wonders, a range of pool inflatables including blow-up tie and x-wing fighters and some kick-ass kites.
The lowdownChild not included

"X-wing and Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Starfighter each measure over five feet long and include a direct-draw water cannon!"
A water cannon! If only they had such things when I was a lad... I guess I will make do with the R2 floating drinks server, with accessories like these I am sure friends with pools are only around the corner.