The Twisted Films of Pes

I was going to write about these fellas but I will leave the critical analysis to Ideas for Dozens and just let you watch the delightful ideas in action.


Like Bread & Butter (and Steak)

POGO resident Nic James will be reunited with Dublin's prodigal Dancehall son Eno this Friday in the nearly open Twisted Pepper. The boys will be back in the venue that hosted their Nylon night 5/6 years ago, this will bring back many memories for yours truly as it was at this same night I played my first ever club gig. Indeed Nylon was where I spent every Sunday afternoon/night for about two years, sippin' half price cocktails and bustin' moves to the sounds of Nic, Eno, Arveene and Trixton.
But that was then and this is now (or was now when I typed this, now it's probably then again) Nic, as mentioned has been resident at POGO since doors opened nearly 6 years ago while Eno has moved to London where he has been serving up Disco Dancehall bootlegs a plenty as well as setting up his own record label. Check em' out below...

Nic has been busy too and has just come up with this ace mixtape for the Bodytonic site, it's full of Club Rap or Ragga House of whatever you want to call the vocal led fidgety stuff plus a bit of Benga, Santo, Wiley and Dizzee.

Nic James Club Rap Mix for POGO
Tracklist and original post on Everything is Ok.

Breakology present Bread and Butter Party at Twisted Pepper, Friday 3rd October from 11pm.


Mr Jones - He's Back!

Yes, after a brief Summer holiday auld Jonsey is back for more weekly shenanigans. Starting next Thursday (2nd October) you can get your weekly dose of bass in yo' face down at the brand new look Traffic on Middle Abbey St. now known as the Twisted Pepper.
The venue is the latest venture by Bodytonic who take their biggest step yet and join the big boys club that is venue ownership. More on the Twisted Pepper soon but getting back to Jones, things look set to blow up propper. The residents Shortie, Mark Lam and Scutch are well versed party maestros having played POGO, Clampdown, Tetric and Electric picnic already. Scutch is one half of woofer wreckers Sonic 86 who just got props over on D Money as well as from us. Between them they cite everything from old school hip-hop to new Bass stars like Drop The Lime, Faomo and Toddla T as influences and say they are gonna be playing all sorts of bouncin' beats with plenty of bass for good measure.
As if that wasn't enough they have also gone and booked some of the baddest names in Bass right now Fake Blood, Switch and Jokers Of The Scene to come by too. Winter just got a whole lot better.

Shorties 10 minute workout!


Crookers in Dublin -we gots tickets!

When ever I post a track by Italy's Crookers hits from the Hype Machine jump about 300% , that is not however the reason behind this post. No I have a much more worthy reason then that, in that the boys are finally making their long overdue debut visit to Ireland next week.
Friday the 3rd October in Spy to be exact. What needs to be said about Crookers on any blog in this day and age? Very little I would imagine. Check out 's Pelski's HUGE post on them for a good insight and a brief guide to *shudder* 'fidget' house. (I actually swore I would never use that term).
They have defiinitly had some great releases no doubt and as KevmaXXX can testify they put on a fantastic live show so I reckon this has potential to be gig of the year in this vein.

In answer to my own question, what can be said that hasn't been said before? How about a little mention of how they never get any props from Herve, Switch and Co. despite recieving them a plenty from the Mad Decent cats and just about everyone else. You would think they would all get on as one big 'fidgety family' (I know - but I like aliteration). Could there be some bad blood between them? Maybe some scandal we don't know about involving stealing of samples or something crazy...who knows? But I have always found it a bit weird.

Pelski covered just about all their tracks so here is a great podcast they did for Mad Decent.

Crookers - Big Money Comin’
Bart B More - Bingo Players (Diplo Remix)
Mia - Xr2 (Boy 8-Bit Edit)
Boy 8-Bit - The Suspense Is Killing Me (Drop The Lime Mix)
Crookers - Il Buono
Duke Dumont - Hoy
Cobra Krames - Whatever She Said
Busta Rhymes - I Got Bass
Benga - 26 Bassline
Rusko - Hammertime
Dj Q - You Wot (Wide Boys Mix)
Outhere Brothers - Enjoy (Crookers Work In Progress Mix)
Alphabeat - Boyfriend (Bloody Beetroots Mix)
Madera Limpia - Loco (Daniel Haaksman Mix)

Download from zshare right here!

The nice folk at Spy have kindly offered 2 tickets for this great gig, to be in with a shot at winning one, mail me here with an inspiring quote.


New Yo Majesty!

Yo Majesty's debut album Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid drops in just a few days and we got a sneak preview of two new tracks right here.
They will be dropping by Tripod in November, bringing their nipple twisting rhymes to the unsuspecting Dublin massive and boy do these girls know how to throw a party, check out some live action below.

And here they are being interviewed by Beth Ditto for XL8R.TV.

You can pre-order the album from Domino now. Get on it!

Trashed of a Tuesday

ClimaXXX Djs have been asked down to Andrews Lane next Tuesday for the launch of Trashed! with Trev Radiator. Also playing on the night are Drag Queen Bingo and Dave O'Reilly.
If you find yourself out on a Friday drop in for a boogie, there are cheap drinks a plenty including €3 Coronas which will no doubt have disastrous consequences for my hectic Wednesday morning schedule.

Expect some of this:
M.I.A - Paper Planes - (Lapse Remix)
(Yes another Paper Planes remix but this one is different I swear!)

and a touch of this:
Bloc Party - Mercury (Herve Is In Disarray Remix )


climaXXX club Favella Party Vol. III

We are back in the Sth William this Saturday with more sweet party jams. The last two have been off the hook-chain, so we have high hopes for uimher a trí. We will do our bit with the booty shakin' music so come and do yours by bustin' a move to it.
Expect to hear a bit of the auld disco to start before the usual baile riddims and baltimore classics. As always it's free in and doesn't stop rocking till 3 in the morning.

Champeta de Colimbia

Regular readers will know that if there are two things climaXXX loves, they are discovering new musical genres and... booty.
So imagine our delight when we came across this video entitled El Agua Champeta. I am not sure who the artist is but after a bit of research I found out the style is called Champeta and comes form the Cartagena de Indias region of Columbia where a lot of escaped African slaves settled during the colonisation of the Americas by the Spanish. You can certainly hear very traditional African elements in many of the songs as well as other local influences such as reggaeton, dancehall and even a bit of baile funk.
Hit this champeta site for a tonne of tracks to download in the Musica section

Akien Criollo - Alvaro Cuellar
Chancletazo de Amor - Melchor Perez - Melchor

For more on Columbian Music check out this sweet site Africolumbia.


Nite Version Vs Night Version

Soulwax have come up trumps again with this Nite Version* of MGMT's Kids. There have been loads of dodgy copies of this remix floating around the blogs recently, some hairy live rips which sound like they came off a mobile phone and some slightly better (camera?) ones too. Well this is about the best one I have heard, typical Soulwax affair with the custom synths and chopping all used to nice affect. Get it into ya!
MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Nite Version)

*Originaly coined in the 80's when Duran Duran decided to record extended versions of their songs with the dancefloor in mind, Night Versions are extended versions of tracks usually with longer intros and instumentals intended for playing in night clubs. Soulwax paid homage to this with their Nite Versions album in 2005.
Check out the awesome Girls on Film Night Version, included in a 2003 Erol Alkan Muzik Mag CD, Erol was apparently inundated with people asking whose remix it was (assuming it was his own edit) when it was in actual fact released on the original 12" in 1981.
Still sounds fresh today.
Duran Duran - Girls on Film (Night Version)


M.I.A Update...

So what has she been up to since she 'quit' music a few months back? A couple of things actually.
First off, her clothing line is up and running and available to buy on her website here, it's just what you would expect, lots of crazy colours and prints similar to what she wears on stage, reminded me a bit of Henrik Vibskovs stuff. Check it out below.

She was also on BBC 1 recently with Switch and Diplo standing in for Giles Peterson, the show is available as a Mad Decent podcast, if you haven't already subscribed to the podcast get on it now. The show features a few tracks from Switch and Diplos new Dancehall project Major Lazer and loads of other weird stuff as well as some odd banter between the three.
Mad Decent Radio Podcasts
Thirdly, she has been working on a new record label (more on that soon) signing the likes of Baltimores Rye Rye. The two can be heard on the the Radio 1 show on the track Tic Toc. Check it out below:
Rye Rye and M.I.A - Tic Toc


Where We Going / Where We At Pt 2

Image by kt80

It seems hardship is often a catalyst for creativity. Just as jazz was born during slave era America, the tradition of music flourishing in times of oppression continues to this day. Many of the sounds currently doing the rounds on 'hipster DJs' playlists stem from places where oppression was or is rife. In particular it seems, former colonies where now due to cultural hybridity and the advent of easily obtainable production software new sounds are combining traditional local elements with house or techno beats.
Baile Funk from the ghettos of Brazil, Kudoro from Angola, Bhangra from India and Kwaito from South Africa, are all gaining worldwide recognition due mainly to the Internet changing how we consume music.
We at CLIMAXXX feel it's about time we thought of a name for this style, as I said here, World Music just doesn't cut it. So, ladies and gentlemen, from now on, when someone asks what styles we play, we will be delighted to add......Po-Co House to the list (that's Post Colonial House to the lay person)

Another fine example of which is featured below, this time from South Africa. Kwaito originated in the townships around Johannesburg in the early 90s in the middle of apartheid, the word itself coming from the Afrikaans word for angry and was a way for those struggling under the regime to vent some of their anger through music and dance.
This track from DJ Mujava 'Township Funk' is causing quite a stir on the scene right now, splitting people down the middle with it's simple hook and basic beat. Diplo played it at EP recently to great response and it's been on Sinden's playlists for some time. Like it or loathe it, it's great to see the Kwaito scene getting worldwide recognition.

Read Fact Magazines few words with DJ Mudava

Oh Chromeo, Chromeo! Wherefore art thou Chromeo?

New York and Montreal. That's where.

Childhood BFFs Dave 1 and P-Thugg are electrofunk duo Chromeo. They were given their big-break back in 2000 when producer/DJ Tiga signed them to his Turbo Recordings label. They released their second album Fancy Footwork in 2007 and hit the festival circuit this year playing Lollapalooza, Coachella, Bestival and Electric Picnic to name but a few. I missed them at EP but all reports suggest they hit the nail on the head and played an absolute stormer of a set.

After seeing them at the picnic, a climaXXX friend went looking online for a non-remixed to within an inch of its life-version of any of their songs. And man, what she found is just about the best thing I've seen since James Murphy took me behind the bike shed in 4th class. Daryl Hall, from Hall & Oates (aces), has been rounding up musicians and getting them over to his fancy gaff to record each others' songs. Lucky for us, the Chromeo boys made the cut. Check it out below.

If you are knocking around London on December 13th, get the Christmas off to a cracking Chromeo start. Myself and above-mentioned friend got our tickets here. Get on it.

Live From Daryl's House with Chromeo


From the Balkans to Bavaria in just two posts!

More B(r)ass!
We head north now to the land of fine moustaches and beer that is Bavaria and a remix of a track by everyones favourite Bavarian brass band G.Rag und die Landlergschwister, see how it just rolls off the tounge. The remix is by schlachthofbronx from Germany who are stacking up a nice selection of original sounding work covering styles like Kuduro, Dubstep and that Badman sound so popular with MDC and co. Which is exactly what you need to be doing to break it in this crazy club world nowadays, there are far too many distorted electro outfits still doing the rounds 2 years after Justice peaked. It's chaps like schlachthofbronx who are thinking ahead here and embracing new sounds and I think are going to reap the rewards.
Good work fellas.

G. Rag und die Landlergschwister - Lergschwister Isartalerghettoschützen (schlachthofbronx remix)

Bonus Time on zshare:
Dizzee Rascal - Pussyhole (Radioclit Schlachtofbronx)


Skream, Trojan Sound System and Sugar Hill Gang

All play the Spiegeltent over the next few weeks as part of the Fringe Festival.
Now located in the Iveagh Gardens off Harcourt St, the Spiegeltent is the perfect place for a pint and pie of an evening. You don't even have to see a show, you can wander in any evening for just €2 and catch some side shows, grab a bite and sink some beers. The setting is pretty magical, right by a waterfall surrounded by trees, even more magical is the line-up. Check this out...

Friday 12th September:
Skream and Plastician - an Introduction to Dubstep.
These boys are leading lights in the UK Dubstep scene, Skream is only 21 and already gaining high praise ffom all corners, Plastician is a resident on BBC Radio 1, not bad either.
A bit mooder then some of the dubstep previously touted on climaXXX but should be a great night out.
Geiom - Reminissin' (Skream's 'Time Traveller' Refix)
the Bug - Poison Dart (Skream Remix)
More info at Pod.ie

Sunday 14th September:
Sugar Hill Gang - with full live band
Need I go in to detail, maybe the originators of Hip Hop, and responsible for the song that one of everyones friends knows all the words to, Rappers Delight. Just make sure said friend does not start showing off in your ear during the show.
More info at ChoiceCutsOnline

Friday 19th September:
Trojan Sound System - with The Dynamics
How could anyone not like a bit of Raggae? Get your smole on out in the gardens and head in for a bop to these masters of the genre. the Dynamics will be on hand for some live band and vocals too.
More info at ChoiceCutsOnline

Lucky us/you, we have two passes for each of these shows up for grabs, to enter just send the name of the show you want to go to and your name to
and answer the following question, who is going to win the US presidential election. (best guess will do)Winners will be picked at random.

To be honest, any gig you go to down there will be fun, it's only here for a wee while too so make the most of it while you can.

This M.C. Shoots No Blanks

Although she hails from Philly, Amanda Blank is knee-deep in the Baltimore club scene and since this rap-chick extraordinaire turned up a couple of years back she has been busting out rhymes with heaps of climaXXX favourites - Spank Rock, M.I.A, Santogold, Teki Latex (of TTC fame) and soon Uffie. I don't normally have the hots for chicks but with lyrics like 'my rhymes are painfully fresh... my pussy's tasting the best'...well, just, it gets a gal wondering - her rhymes are painfully fresh...and she ain't too hard on the old eyeballs either.

In addition to her dirty rapping, she is lead singer of indie pop band Sweatheart. Check out their Finger Bangin' video below - nearly as good as the South Park boys' cracker of a song. She's signed to Downtown Records so don't be surprised if she collaborates with fellow signees such as Kid Sister (yes please), Justice (yes please) and eh....Sarkozy's missus - Carla Bruni (hmmmmm). You got a little taste of her on the Diplo mix that Chewy posted here a while back but for more from our nasty-mouthed M.C. of the moment hit up the links below.
Amanda Blank - Get It Now (zshare)
Santogold - I’m A Lady (Diplo Mix ft. Amanda Blank) (zshare)
Teki Latex - Disco Dance With You (Spank Rock Remix ft. Amanda Blank)
Spank Rock - Bump (feat. Amanda Blank) (Pink Skull Remix)

Sweatheart - Finger Bang


Balkan Bangers

While I am in the middle of my world music rants I might as well get this one out there too. Over the last couple of months I have been unearthing my gypsy roots and found myself busting out the moves to a lot of Balkan beats. The sound its self has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last year or so with artists like Gogol Bordello who appeared alongside Madonna at last years Live 8 concert and Balkan Beat Box who played Dun Laoghaire World Culture Festival recently all gaining worldwide acclaim. It's easy to see why too, I defy anyone to not dance to this.
Gogol Bordello are probably the biggest band of the scene right now but I prefer the less vocal stuff (although Gogol definitely earn brownie points for naming a song 'Think Locally, Fuck Globally'). The the two tracks below are particular favourites, you may recognise the first one from a sample used by Andrew Weatherall in his Sabres of Paradise project back in the 90's.
Crookers are getting in on the act now too with their accordion riddled track Gypsy P. The guys over on Atlantic Jaxx also put together a compilation of the stuff a while back too, definitly worth a look.
Watch out for a climaXXX gypsy set coming very soon.

Shantel - Bucovina
Balkan Beat Box - Bulgarian Chicks

Crookers - Gypsy P

Sabres Of Paradise - Wilmot


Late of The Pier, beyond the Widgets Sleeve

Look at this fancy whotsit. It came from Australia to promote the awesome Late Of The Pier, we have mentioned them a couple of times here before and someone took note because this thing arrived in my inbox this morning. It's got a couple of little videos about the boys inside as well as the music videos for Space And The Woods, Focker and The Bears Are Coming. They rocked it at the Picnic over the weekend and look set to hit the bigtime pretty soon so I have no problem putting in this little ad. I am also fascinated by the ways advertising folk find to promote their products and think this is a nice effort.


Where We Going / Where We At.

I have been talking to a few people recently about current trends in the club scene and the way things seem to be heading. I am always fascinated by such things and have to say that right now I think the future looks great. Everywhere you look people are coming out with fresh takes on things. Whether it's the MDC lads and their mix of garage/electo/dancehall/ and MCs. Or not a million miles away, lads we have already covered like Drop The Lime, Egyptrixx and Sonic 86 who approach making tunes with ears open to just about any sounds, dubstep/ghetto-tech/ techno and so on.

Obviously the internet has had a huge part to play in this, I have mentioned here before the globalisation of music, one possiblity that someone I spoke to lamented is that the blogs start leading the way in music taste as oppose to the Djs. Look at the popularity of 'blog house' acts like Crookers to see the power some of the big blogs have in getting you booked. True if you scour the blogs and CD cases of many Djs around the world you see the same old Palms Out playlists appearing but I also think that as long as there are a few people out there pushing the boundaries in terms of creativity we will do just fine. In the next two parts of this article I will look into some of the movements in the scene I am talking about and some of its key figures.

To start, here is a Count and Sinden Soundsystem mix recorded live at Pukklepop. I have written countless words on these guys already and they are not exactly 'new' but this mix is a good example of the mix of old rave stuff and new bassline/nichestuff. Plus you got the garage style MCs and vocalists too.

Count & Sinden Live at Pukklepop 15/08/2008


Passes for Rory Philips and Skull Juice at Nightflight

So we are back online after a brief Electric Picnic break. Thanks for understanding...

Thanks to the lads at Shock! we have two passes to give away to their London Calling bash this Friday at Nightflight in the Button Factory. Rory Philips has been an innovative player on the London DJ scene for years now, after a successful residency at Erol Alkans infamous Trash night he continued in the End as part of Durr and Did We Mention Our Disco. Also on the bill are Skull Juice DJs who have done alright for themselves with a string of dates in top venues around the UK and a few nice remixes under their belts. Should be a good'un. To try win a pass, just send your name to onechewlove@gmail.com Winners will be picked at random
Shock! and Nightflight present Rory Philips and Skull Juice at Nightflight.
Friday 5th September 11pm at The Button Factory

Rory Philips live at Durr