And the winner for creepiest Jacko Merchandise goes to...

... The Michael Jackson watching you while you sleep Night-mask! Amaze, nay, creep the bejaysis out of your friends and loved ones while you slumber the night away, blissfully unaware of the havoc you wreak. Oh god - its eyes follow you wherever you go. This piece of merchawesomeness is aptly called ' Dangerous Sleep ' -apparently as it's Michael's eyes from the front of the Dangerous album - whereas we all know it's because if you fall asleep with this on Michael will definitely channel you like Patrick Swayze (RIP) channelled Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost and you'll wake up mid moon walk. Or worse... Shamon!

Get your Jacko Night Mask for only €16.57 at the official Michael Jackson store.


Where are they Now?

Part 1:Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally

Life turned out less than jovial for one of children's television's creepiest combos. After the shows cancelation in 1984 Worzel carved a career from 'meet and greets' in Japan (where the show still enjoys a massive following) before his beloved rural England lured him home. Back on British soil he enjoyed a lengthy career on England’s club scene, partnering eventually with H from Steps and the guy from S Club 7 for inumerable tours of northern England’s more undesirable clubs. During this time he became increasingly reliant on alcohol in a bid to keep up with his younger counterparts. The drink eventually killed him - but it wasn’t liver failure that he succumbed to. An on-stage accident in Doncaster’s Razzel's Nitetclub involving a Sambuca downing contest went horribly wrong and saw him bowing out of 'the biz' in a blaze of glory . H from Steps is said never to have recovered from the incident which left him with nightmarish 'Wicker Man' visions reducing him to more of a blubbering heap than even his S Club co-hort.

Sometimes described as 'wooden' by critics, Aunt Sally starred in a number of blue movies right into her 50's when co-stars complained of splinters and she was forced to retire. She now resides in an old folks home in the picturesque English town of Weston-Super-Mare where she regales visitors with tales from her showbiz days. Officially said not to have attended Worzel’s funeral due to work commitments, some commentators cite a hushed alleged sexual assault on Worzel’s part at the height of the shows popularity. The incident was brushed under the carpet by the show’s producers who were fearful of the repercussions of such a suit to the profitable TV series.


Micro Sculptures. Apparently.

"It began when I was five years old,” says Willard. “I started making houses for ants because I thought they needed somewhere to live. Then I made them shoes and hats."

Willard Wigan makes sculptures that fit in the eyes of needles and on the tops of pins. According to wikipedia he uses a paint brush consisting solely of a fly's hair - but only one that died of natural causes. The sculptures take about 2 months to make and even the pulse of his finger could ruin the whole piece. So he goes into a meditative state where he slows his heartrate down so he can work between pulses. So. Not only does he seem to be some kind of Jedi he also looks REALLY like Stringer Bell:

But. Enough of that, check out some of the sculptures. You need a microscope to see them so you could just go around with a bunch of pins saying you have the world's largest Willard Wigan art collection but no microscope. How do us mere mortals know they are not just sculptures of giant pins and needles photographed to look small? Presumably someone has checked.