a few words with...Detboi

Detboi really doesn't need an introduction to readers of this blog, we have been championing his work since our first post. Details about the man himself however remained hazy to many (including me and I played with him for a good year back in the day).

So, basics: this Boi is Irish (just like CLIMAXXX) and right now is rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in the scene that we love so. He has signed to Skint, Cheap Thrills and On The Brink, remixed tracks on Domino, Skint and Southern Fried and his tracks make regular appearances in the boxes of Sinden, Herve and other power houses of Bass.
After many weeks of messing, we finally sat down and caught up over a cup of tea.

CLMX: Yo, good to finally do this at last, to get started tell us how you would describe your sound, I get sick of thinking of new terms for the big bass sound wreckin' clubs around the world?
DB: eh its interesting, I've seen it taking a few forms now...fidget, wonk, wonky fidget...but i like to think of what i do is more like 'ghetto raaaaaaave'...watcha'bassbins im tellin'ya.

CX: How did you find this sound?
DB: I guess it was born out of frustration really, frustration with the scene here at home, I just wanted to do something different to everyone else. I wasn't into the electro scene like everyone else, I was more into the Baile Funk, Bmore and Getto Tek so I just sat down and started doing my own thing.

CX: First track I heard out on the blogs was Hot Glitch nearly 2 years ago. Was that your first experiment with this new sound and did you know straight away you were onto a winner?
DB: Yeah, I sat down in a day and came up with that Uffie edit and a Spank Rock remix, stuck em' up on the myspace and literally the next day Chaz from Chazology got in touch and put them on his blog

CX: So much has happened since then, how did you go from there to releasing EPs and hooking up with the MDC project?
Craig from On the Brink Records heard the tracks on Chazology and asked me to do a Hijack remix, which i was delighted to do as Herve had done a Hijack remix previously, so i wanted to put a fresh twist on it, I came back with a Ghetto Tek version, nobody was really making Ghetto Tek for the clubs at the time, so it sounded fresh. Craig really liked it and asked me to do my own Detboi EP, the 'Do You Know Who I Am' EP.
It went to number 1 in the Juno download charts, Hold Up got played out by Annie Mac and Herve so I went over and met them and ended up doing a remix for Josh(Herve) and Graeme(Sinden) of Beeper. We just stayed in touch, they're great guys, always helpful and when Machines Don't Care came up the lads asked me to get involved.

CX: Ahh blogs, is there anything they cant do?...I see you are working a lot with Toddla T too, Did you meet him through the lads?
DB: No, Toddla Tom contacted me on the myspace and we just ended up chatting all the time on Aim and a few months later started working on some tracks...I remixed Soundtape Killing for him, and we worked on one track for the MDC album.

CX: So, I am guessing that like many of dance musics young stars you are down with blog culture and the wonders of social networking. How does it feel to see your tracks all over the blogs for free?
DB: Yeah man, I'm a myspace freak, with the blogs, I just feel proud, You'd be a fool to think your music isnt going to get onto them anyway.

CX: Do you think that this new blog culture has made it easier for new talent to come through or has it just cloged up the scene with crappy re-edits of electro bangers?
DB: Well it's like anything really, its happened throughout the history of music... something cool comes along, then it gets rinsed.. it was happening way before the blog explosion! but i suppose it has accelerated the speed in which tons of the same old same old blog music has got out there.

CX: Take us back to before the age of myspace and blogs, what was shaping Detboi way back in the day?
DB: Oldskool Rave man, I loved the Prodigy, Liam Howlett is a hero, eh...Ragga Twins, 2 Bad Mice, Rob Playford, bit of dance hall and Dub but mostly rave.

CX: Hence the love of sirens and gunshots?
DB: That's It...^^ferrrrrrrrr^^*
*(Detbois attempt at a typographic siren sound)

CX: What about nowadays, you mentioned Baile and Bmore earlier, seems like a lot of your contemporaries are into the dubstep right now, you feeling that much?
DB: It's to moody and beardy for me to get into..I make music to have fun with so I want to listen to music with twists and turns, that gets the blood pumping. I was slightly interested in it early last year, Skream, Kode 9, N-Type where doing something interesting...but I do love Rusko, Cockney Thug was KILLER and to me his stuff is fresh, fun and has that energy.

CX:Any other sh!t influencing you right now?
DB: Cheesy Euro Dance...and a guy from Greco Records called 'Drums of Death' (insane live show)

CX: Now, you don't play out that much, not even in your home town, was that a conscience decision from the get-go?
DB: Yeah, I dont want to tire out my sound and over saturate what I do...plus its hard to make music when you're wrecked and right now making music is my number one thing.

CX: Very wise, so you wouldn't move to London, be in the thick of it, partying with Switch and Josh?
DB: Nah, Dublin keeps me grounded, its nice not be immersed in any scene so I can stay original and just do my own thing...but Josh makes a mean honey tea.

CX: So you don't hate Dublin then?
DB. (laughs) nah man, Dublin's great. The people really love their music here.

CX: You must have been offered some good tours and gigs abroad, any plans to hit the road?
DB: It's a long road man, there's no point in rushing off after just 2 EPs, I will get some more releases out there and then think about touring. It would be nice to have one big record before all that. I'm more focused on getting my next EP out on Cheap Thrills, then there's possibly a tour of Oz in November.

CX: Wow, you'll love it down there, they're good buzzers! -Have you dreams of top 10 success?
DB: It would be great to do sure, I think almost anyone making music would love a hit record.

CX: If someone said this record will go top 5 if you put a cheesy vocal over it, would you go for it?
DB: Tough question! I don't think so, no, if it doesn't work for me then it doesnt work.

CX: Do you ever worry that this sound is just a flash in the pan, like electroclash back in the day?
DB: Absolutely man, I always try to make sure every record I make doesn't sound like the last...the key is to keep things fresh, keep evolving watch how things are changing and shaping. it could be folk-hop next.

CX: Detboi predicts Folk-Hop as next big thing-there's the title for this article!
DB: Yeah, you can leave that in, seriously though, there's so much out there right now, I reckon Kudoro is deffo on the up. Its great to be able to take elements of these new sounds, like drum patterns or whatever and use em' in different tracks.

CX: I think that's about all we're gonna fit in, tell us lastly though, who else is sh!t hot right now?
DB: Foamo, Drums of Death, Action Man.

CX: Sound, thanks for that.....
DB: Wurd.

Detboi features on 3 tracks from the current Machines Don't Care album, available on Beatport. itunes and Juno. His new 'Ya'll Want Mo' EP is released on Cheap Thrills soon with collaborations with Foamo, Toddla T and a Sinden remix. As you can see there's exciting times ahead for this young lad, he has already done us proud and looks set for even more success. Keep it up fella!

New Cheap Thrills EP Teaser
Detboi Mini Mix (Tracks from Machines Don't Care, Kidda, Hijack, Estaw)

Detboi plays Dublins Lovebox festival Marlay Park 23rd August
Check the myspace for all other dates.

Egytian Lover

Like so much of the music igniting the blog and club scene right now it's hard to define what kind of music Egyptrixx makes. One theme is common throughout though, Bass and lots of it. Talking to the man, he told me how he has always been completely addicted to the stuff and in particular, sub-bass (those kicks you feel in your chest) as he prefers to feel the music then to simply hear it. On that note, don't bother listening to these tracks through the laptop speakers, take em' home and crank that woofer up to 11.
Egyptrixx hails from Toronto and has been making music in one form or another since he was 5. He is signed to Wide Records in London and has a new EP scheduled for the Autumn. Keep an eye on the myspace for more tracks and tour dates.

Egyptrixx - Reconnect (YSI backup)
Egyptrixx - Bass Boomy Loud (YSI backup)
Egyptrixx - Ceramic (YSI backup)

and the Kevin Costner Mixtape thats been generating lots hype on the machine.


Top Ranking

I thought it would be nice to write a Santogold post and not mention you know who, yes Diplo also made a mixtape with her in 2004, but loads of hip-hop artists use mixtapes to promote themselves, it ain't new, it's good old fashioned hype. And this tape is worthy of it. As you would expect there is loads of exclusives and shiny new edits covering all the styles that influenced the Santogold LP and the mix of dancehall and old school hip-hop make it perfect for summer listening.
It's available to buy from turntable lab, or you can join the other 13000 people and download the zip from zshare.

1. Dub Selection Intro
2. 3-6 Mafia - Late Night (Unstoppable Mix)
3. Santogold - Shuv It (Disco D Blend)
4. Santogold - I’m A Lady (Diplo Mix Ft Amanda Blank)
5. Sir Mixalot - Posse On Broadway
6. Santogold - Lights Out (Diplo’s Panda Bear Mix)
7. Aretha Franklin - Save Me
8. Devo - Be Stiff
9. B52’s - Mesopotamia
10. Gerri And The Holograms - Gerri And The Holograms
11. Santogold - Anne (Switch Mix)
12. Santogold - LES Artistes (XXXchange Mix Ft Movado)
13. Cutty Ranks - Dutty Six Pack
14. Santogold - Find A Way (Graeme & Switch Mix Ft Kid Cudi)/ Lunar Camel
15. Richie Spice x Ratatat - Marijuana
16. Desmond Dekker - Shanty Town
17. Santogold - Guns Of Brooklyn
18. Dixie Cups - Iko Iko
19. Tony Matterhorn - Big Belly Guns
20. Santogold - Get It Up (Radioclit mix Ft MIA & Gorilla Zoe)
21. Mark Ronson In Studio
22. Trouble Andrew - Run - Hide
23. Sister Nancy - Pigeon Rock
24. Nora Dean - Barbwire
25. Shinehead - Know How Fe Chat
26. Clash - Ghetto Defendant
27. Warrior Queen - Check It
28. Santogold x Benga - Unstoppable / Night Dub
29. Shawty Lo x Skream - They Know / Stagger
30. Santogold - Creator (Mumdance Mix ft Jammer, Badness, Chronik Rage, Slikman & Tempz)
31. Xray / Turbulence Duplate (Starstruck Diplo Mix)
32. Barrington Levy - Send A Moses
33. Prince Jazzbo - Ital Corner
34. Santogold - Icarus
35. Santogold x Diplo - Right Brigade (hidden track)

Dalston Shopper on U Music- Africa Special

Can't remember what led me to this mix the other day but since its download its featured heavily in the soundtrack to my daily plod through life. It's by the Dalston Shopper whose blog features recordings of cassettes from the Dallston Oxfam store saved from purgatory and sent to digital heaven.
The mix comes from Diesel U Music, a temporary radio station set up in London last month featuring slots from Diplo (who made his show into a Mad Decent podcast) Mathew Wowow and the Dalston Shopper who came up with this show on new African Music.
There is loads of great styles on here and a little bit of commentry by the man himself explaining some of them. African music is definitly on the up, MIA, Radioclit and Buraka Som Sistema are all doing there bit and this mix is a nice taster of some of the sounds influencing many around the world right now.
Dieslel U Music Africa Special

Todd Hart 'Africa Here' article for run-riot.com


and now.....some Baile Booty

Melt Festival Mini Mix - DJ Beware

Found this mix by DJ Beware over on Mad Decent. It's 33 minutes of Baile inspired Ball Busters with loads of familiar samples and melodies thrown in (check out the Nirvana and Yazoo riffs).
Just looking through the track list will give you an idea of the kerazzy sh!t going on, bootlegs, mashups and loads of exclusive edits. Beware is a former Hong Kong DMC champion who lived in the UK for a while, he is in Rio right now living it up no doubt and with these skills I am sure he has earned teh respect of all those b-Boys in the favellas.

1. Intro
2. DJ Edgar “Boxe vs. Axel F”
3. Veronica Costa vs. Switch vs. Fatboy Slim “Dece Glamourosa Champion Sound - Edu K Mashup”
4. Daniel Haaksman feat. SD Boys “Parolar De Veso”
5. Crookers “Il Brutto”
6. Mark Ronson “Valerie - Count + Sinden Mix vs. DJ Conhecido - Edu K Mashup”
7. Stereotyp feat. Edu K + Joyce Muniz “Jeçe Valadão - Rob B/Stereo MCs Edit”
8. Buraka Som Sistema “Yah - Count+Sinden Remix”
9. DJ Sandrinho “Yazoo Medley”
10. Crookers “Lollypop/Crookers “Sveglia -Oh Snap Remix”
11. DJ Beware + MC Gringo “Tamborzão Con Scratchy”
12. Skream “Midnight Request Line Remix - Scottie B Remix”
13. Deize Tigrona “Injeção”
14. Bonde Do Role “Marina Gasolina Remix Buraka Som Sistema Dub”
15. DJ Znobia “Dandale”

DJ Beware Man Recordings Melt Mix
from MadDecent.com


Bonde De Role back in Dublin!

It will come as no surprise to regular readers that CLIMAXXX love Bonde De Role. Having played a major role in bringing Baile Funk to the worlds attention we are forever in their debt. Since their rise to fame they have gained a reputation as crass, dirrty, in your face, titty shaking party maestros the world over. Reports from their show at Melt last week told of crowd surfing and audience participation the likes of which the German crowd hadn't seen since the wall came down.
Check out their sweet vid for Divine Gosa below and then wrap your ears around the classic 'Solta O Franga' and Fake Bloods remix of chewy fave 'Gasolina'

Bonde De Role - Solta O Frango
Bonde De Role - Gasolina (Fake Blood Remix)

Bonde De Role- Sunday 3rd August (it's a Bank Holiday) at the POD, Harcourt St
As usual we have managed to get our hands on a couple of passes for ya'll too. To try win one, just tell me how the band found newest members Ana and Laura.
Answers to onechewlove@gmail.com


Headman and Chewy in SPY Aug 1st

I have the pleasure of warming up for Headman on the August Bank Holiday Friday. It will be a bit different to a CLIMAXXX gig in that I probably wont play so many songs about titties and asses (for shame). Headman is known for his electro-disco work, which I still love to play despite not getting much of a chance to these days so I have no doubt this gig will still be only rapid. Check out his mix below for a taster.
I have two double passes to give away too, if you want to try win one, complete the name of Headmans famous track (recorded as Manhead) 'Birth, School, Work, .?????.'
Answers to onechewlove@gmail.com

Headman Mix

Eddie Murphy in the Shaw this Thursday

No times aren't that tight for Mr Murphy, we will just be playing his movie is all.
Eddie Murphy Raw this Thursday from 10pm as part of Beauty School Drop Out in the Shaw .
This man was real inspiration for me growing up, not so much the comedy as the outfits.
Free popcorn too.

Kid Sister, CLIMAXXX DJs and Kormac,

We have the pleasure of warming up for Kid Sister on the 15th of August in Crawdaddy. Kid Sister is from Chicago and is the (older) sister of one half of Flosstradamus, you probably heard her rapping over The Count & Sindens 'Beeper' down the back of a bus or heard her track with Kanye 'Pro Nails'. It's her debut in Ireland and it looks like she is set for big things so now is a good time for one of those see em' first moments. Kormac is also on the bill, his warm up set for Yoda pretty much blew everyone away so one more reason to get down to this gig. Then bringing up the rear, it's the CLIMAXXX DJs who have also just been confirmed for the Electric Picnic too. Come celebrate with us!
IF you want to see Kid Sis for FR€€, send us an email with your name in it and we will do our best to squeeze as many in as possible:


Act Yo Age Foo!

Not long ago I remember ragging on my Aussie mates about the state of their music scene. My how things have changed. Bang Gang DJs, Midnight Juggernauts and Presets are all gaining huge worldwide following now and as I mentioned here, the local scene down there is kicking right now. Act Yo Age are part of that new movement, their own re-edits are getting dropped all over the place and they have a new EP out in a few months with some big shot remixes by Brodinski and Shirkan as well as a bilabong full of local talent. Keep an eye on the myspace for tour dates and news on that EP but in the meen time check below for a wee sampler.
Act Yo Age Myspace

Sweat It Out Music

Act Yo Age - Licky Gets Down (zshare)
Act Yo Age - Juan Pablos Jumoin' feat Capelton (zshare)
Act Yo Age Super Mini Mix Sampler!


I was more of a sega head...

but I still wouldn't mind this in my gaff.

It's from an installation called 'Landscape' and that's pretty much all I know about it.
That and the fact it got me thinking....

There was a time when 'Mario or Sonic?' said as much about you as 'Oasis or Blur?' and as a Sonic fan amongst many Mario heads I faced a constant battle arguing important issues such as the validity of collecting rings Vs coins and the ever pressing Tails Vs Luigi debate. I always kept my head held high and fought my case but deep down I see now that I knew, Mario was superior. Sonic just could't compete, especially when MarioKart for the Snes came out, that game went on to play a pretty big part of my life up until quite recently, 3 day tournaments were not uncommon.
Sega tried, they released a Sonic compilation on PS2 a while back which I figured would be a great dose of nostalgia but sadly the red booted hedgehog just hasn't stood the test of time as much as that fat Italian plumber.

I wonder what pressing issues the youth face nowadays are? Answers in the comments below!


New Emynd EP released

Emynd has just released his Philly 2 Bmore EP on Unruly Records. It's six tracks of full on Baltimore, laden with horns, chopped up vocals and some familiar samples. There is a Smalltown Boy remix and a re-work of an old soul favoutite by Brenton Woods. He has even thrown in some instrumentals and cleans too.
The track included here is an in your face BMore hitter with a fat synth line and simple 'F*uck You' vocal, apparantly crowds love shouting that sh!t out. I will find out later at the 50th wedding aniversary I am playing.
Emynd - 'To All My Haters' (YSI Backup)
Buy the EP from Unruly

Previous Post on Emynd
Cross Faded Bacon Blog (with loads more for the d/l)


Family 2nd Birthday this Saturday with LOD

Lovers of Minimal and melodic techno should get on down to Kennedys this Saturday to catch LOD in action for Familys 2nd birthday. This will be his 3rd Family get together having twice blown the roof off Wax already and Kennedys should provide a similar atmosphere.
We got a couple of passes to give away too so drop me an email telling me how old Family is if you wanna try win one. onechewlove@gmail.com

A Day in The Life: Kraftwerk, Soulwax and more...

Another addition to the Irish festival scene has just been announced, POD concerts and DEAF have teamed up to get Kraftwerk and Soulwax down to the little known Luggala Estate in Co. Wicklow for a pretty special one off on the 13th September. Having missed Kraftwerk at EP2 a few years ago and being a huge Soulwax fan, I am pretty pleased with this one. Since the demise of the Garden Party and the expansion of Electric Picnic and Oxegen it's good to see a new one day festival option. Local crooners Dark Room Notes will be on hand too alongside the D1 DJs and Boxcutter.
Tickets available here now.

Kraftwerk - Numbers
Soulwax - Krack
Klaxons - Gravitys Rainbow (Soulwax Mix)



Take Back Sundays: special guest Jev N.

Jev will be joining us in the POD this weekend as we continue our fight to reclaim the Sabbath Session. Jev cut his teeth at Backlash not so long ago and since then has impressed us at CLIMAXXX HQ with his interesting mix of sounds that are right up are street.
Check out this mix he sent us below for a wee taster. It's full of CLIMAXXX faves like Boy 8 Bit and Crookers, MIA and Machines Don't Care.

Jevs's 23 Positions Mix
Take Back Sundays takes place in The Pod every Sunday from 11 and is free in before 12.

Ghetto Party Jam this Saturday in the Sth William!

This Saturday, CLIMAXXX head honcho Chewy and chief designer MixMaster Mac Aoidh will be holed up in the Sth William with an arsenal of booty shakers to entertain the masses.
It's free in and is the first in a series of random parties we will be hosting. Get down early to stake a claim on the dancefloor.


5 a Day Fix (Now With Extra Bass)

(artwork by maser)Link

A couple of oldies in here from Busy P and Cut n' Run as well as some New School Bass from Egyptrixx. Then check out the genius sampling by Mighty Mi in Groovy Now and Van Mierts re-work of Meet Her At The Love Parade, based on the excellent Baile and Rave remix by Actyoage.

Busy P - Chop Suey (Pop that Pussy) (YSI backup)Manu Chao - King Of the Bongo (Cut n' Paste Edit) (YSI backup)
Friend and Lover - Groovy Now (Mighty Mi Mix) (YSI backup)
Da Hool Remix (removed)
Egyptrixx - On Da Flo (YSI backup)

Make some Family Time!

Family is back this Friday in the Sth William. It's a special occasion too with KevMaxxx making his DJ debut and celebrating his 21st in the same night. Funboi will also be down with Ivan Varian, Salacious and myself also bangin' em out. Drop down and give Special K a birthday kiss!


CLIMAXXX at Oxegen!

If you are down at Oxegen this weekend drop by the Bacardi B-Bar at 2pm on Saturday where I shall be lashing out the best in Ragga inspired house, Bmore and Bfunk alongside some ghetto booty jams. The B-Bar is always rocking, Basil Isaacs keeps it moving all day long on the drums and the presence of a decent mojito on hand make it probably the most reliable place to spend the weekend.


Emynd and New Orleans Bounce

This dude has really caught our eye recently, his 'More on the Floor' remix of South Rakkas Crew 'Mad Again' has been getting lots of airtime (I think I opened and closed with it recently) and his Cross Faded Bacon Blog has become a firm CLIMAXXX favourite, chockers full of free remixes and sets to whet the whistle.
The man himself is from Philly and and is a purveyor of Bmore, New Orleans Bounce, Bootlegs and Club music. If you are unfamiliar with New Orleans Bounce (we were) it originated sometime in the early 90s and is fairly unique to the New Orleans area, Emynd got into it a couple of years ago and has been championing it since. He is doing a pretty good job of it to I would say, having just dropped an hour long mix of the stuff for the Mad Decent Podcast series. More NoLa Bounce here and see what Emynd has to say about it here. The man has also been dolling out free blends too, all of which can be found on his blog along with mixes and upcoming gigs (all in the US unfortunatly for us). Keep an eye on this fella, in a world full of blog fodder, he is definitly doing something fresh. Big props too for introducing many to the Bounce.
South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Emynds More On the Floor Mix)
Madonna - Like A Prayer (Emynd’s It Takes Two Blend) (zshare)
That NoLa Bounce Podcast!


Sinden Makes it Good on Shilo

Another CLIMAXXX favourite Sinden has turned out this fine mix of upcoming and unreleased tracks for Shilo's We Make It Good series. Loads of the usual suspects are featured, Herve, Detboi, Machines Dont Care and there is a couple of 'not so well known yets' too from Rude Kid and Lava Unit. It's a nice taster of upcoming fidget-y numbers and adds another fine addition to the Shilo mix series.
Read all about it here.
Listen to it here.