I like...listening post

I like: ...toast buttered on both sides; ...busty blondes; ...it when my mom and dad go away for the weekend; ...learning Chinese; ...you all;...my best friend's girl; ...the butt sex. These were all real-time 'I likes' pulled from internet chatrooms. They flashed up on one of a couple of hundred mini-screens while being simultaneously read out by a computer-generated voice as myself and my sister stared in amazement. They started off slow, drawing us in and then sped up until it was impossible to keep track.

That was one of the 'scenes' of Listening Post, a special exhibition currently on show in The Science Museum in London. There are seven such scenes, with each akin to a movement in a symphony. But in artists Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin's seminal piece of work the world (wide web) is the orchestra - Listening Post displays uncensored fragments of text, sampled in real-time, from public internet chatrooms and bulletin boards. It is a 'dynamic portrait' of internet communication.

There is something hugely humbling about the exhibition, it offers a secret glimpse into other people's inane internet chatter, a snapshot of the enormity of online communication, and a sense of perspective on our own increasingly 'online' lives. This is the g-chat conversation you had with your cousin last week. That is the facebook message your schoolfriend will send you tomorrow. Or at least they could be. The digital screens and computer-generated voice are somehow incongruent with this humanness of content. That is in fact the whole point - in Listening Post we are supposed to experience the humanity behind the technology.

The artwork is world renowned as a masterpiece of electronic and contemporary art. Well-deserved renown, I say. So if sitting in a dark room surrounded by the modern 'music' and text of a wired-world, contemplating the sociology of forging connections and identities online is your bag (or if you just like robot-y things with Hawkins-esque voices and spying on other people), then come hither - I'll be the one standing really close trying to read everything.

Mud present DJ Marky and DJ Craze

This. Is. Gonna. Be. Whopper.
As I said before I am no D'nB fan but Marky's flair and 'cool sundrenched rhythms' get me every time. The guy is a legend, so much fun to watch, he always looking like he is having fun and keeps the crowds not only with the daycent tunes but with swish techincal wizardry too. He is joined this time around by DJ Craze who has turnes his legendary turntable skills towards the Bmore, mashup, Ragga House sound recently to spiffing affect.
I have 2 double passes for this gig o' the month up for grabs, drop me a mail to the usual address for a shot. thatchewyguy(at)gmail.com

More sundrenched than a California Raisin in a bath of Sunny D.

I'll Never Lego

So lego is cool again, well obviously it was always cool, but now it's coool, I know this because the hunter of cool told me and the coolhunter is always right. Check out some of the awesome stuff over there on their article. I found this too, which is nealy enough to get me biking.

As the coolhunter says it's the perfect for brand to be cashing in on Gen-Y's love of retro cool, seems like they have a few things in the pipeline already.
-See also Nintendo below.


ClimaXXX Disco 3000 this Saturday in Sth William

Just got the artwork in from kt-80 for this Saturdays extravaganza and it's totally bomb. If you haven't heard and will be in Dublin this weekend, get Eurass down to the Sth William for some serious shenanigans.

ClimaXXX Club present Disco 3000
Chewy & Funboi
Saturday 28th Feb
Sth William Basement
Free In

The Simpsons Modern Day Makeover

The Simpsons brand new main title sequence is out. It's a lot more 3D looking than the original and is even Hi-Def ready, there are also a few new characters referenced along the way and grandpa gets a look in too, Other note worthy mentions go to the drastic rise in Marge's shopping and the flat screen TV at the end. The couch gig in this particular one is pretty lame but I am sure they will get a few good ones together.

New Look Opener


This IS ArcAttack

Ahhh Neil Buchanan, if only he had more of this and less of the papier mache stuff he might still be on the air.

Lots of PVA Glue and About 10,000 Volts

I think that pretty much speaks for its self, but for those out there not as easily impressed as me, here comes the science bit:
ArcAttack is the brainchild of Joe DiPrima and Oliver Greaves and in the words of their website:
ArcAttack employs a unique DJ set up of their own creation (an HVDJ set up) to generate an 'electrifying' audio visual performance. The HVDJ pumps music through a PA System while two specially designed DRSSTC's (Dual-Resonant Solid State Tesla Coils) act as separate synchronized instruments.

Check out some more ArcAttacks on youtube and while we are on the subject, drop by Neil's Official Facebook Page for lots of 'exclusive Buchanen content'.
It should look a little something... like this


Donk It One More Time

No doubt you remember the amazing work of Blackout crew and their hit single Put A Donk On It from a while back, since then a lot has happened on the Scouse House scene, it has swelled massively to even further reaches of Northern England and gained worldwide notoriety, appearing on blogs the world over. The hipsters over at Vice were soon to get in on the act heading to ‘folks up North’ with cameras in hand to explore the world of Donk. It’s a decent read, looks like there is a documentary to follow too. Check it out.

And one more time...

More Retro Nes Stuff

Maybe it's just my age but I am really getting into the old Nes nostalgia products lately - you may remember this sweet wall stuff from before. They have been making this shit for years but recently people seem to upping the game. The Fresh Prince of Kildare found this belt buckle on 80stees.com, I prefer this fancy soap though.

While we are on the topic (again)how about this Nes Family Tree?




The nice people at Big Dish Go have offered a doubble pass for Jazzsteppa, Kormac and Tuki. Should be an awesome gig. Tuki and Kormac are worth the entrace fee alone. Drop a mail to onechewlove(at)gmail.com for a shot at winning.

The Weekend Ahead In Dublin

Here is a quick look at what's on in the capital this weekend.


Tripod: GCN Icon Party w/ the fabulous Bitches With Wolves, Chewy and Billy Scurry.
Spy: Soundcheck have a battle of the bloggers ,Dublin Streets, Una Rocks, Nialler9
Spy: Le Cirque are upstairs with Lorcan Mak
The Twisted Pepper: Mr Jones have a Crafty Beggars Exhibition, music from Colin Devine and Arveene.

Kennedys have Breakdown Vs Jackit.
Andrews Lane: Detroit legend DJ Bone is in town.
Crawdaddy: Radiomade have Marshall Jefferson over- quality.
The Twisted Pepper: AssQuake hold the fort with Mumdance and Jammer over.
The Pod: Bubbles continues his residency with guests Sam Kinsella & Gerry Molumby
Tripod: Sebastian Leger plays 515.

Kennedys: Big Dish Go have Jazzsteppa with support from the amazing Kormac.
Twisted Pepper: Greg Wilson is in town to give a talk and play a set.
Wax: Rubberband have STRING Live.
Butt Fact: Transmission have Drop The Lime over from NYC.


Dublin Bus Finally Get People Moving

Usually Dublin Bus is associated with the kind of music that gets aired through mobile phone speakers and comes from distinguished artists like Akon and Tiesto. One man is doing his bit to change all that though, the man behind the revolutionary blog Dublin Bus Disco. His interests are listed as 'Spinning on the audio + automotive wheels of steel, collecting records, editing songs with weak parts or bad arrangements, sharing music, beating up hippies'. Sold! He sent over this great mix too with features one of my favourite track right now - Chilly - 'For Your Love'. I also found a new favourite song in Magazine 60 - 'Don Quichotte'. Drop over and say hi.


Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte (courtesy of frequencywithoutcontrol)

Dublin Bus Driver on the Wheels of Steel -a Mix

1. Club House [La Bionda] - Infusion
2. Alan Parson - I Wouldn't Wanna Be Like You [Messalina Edit]
3. Skyy - First Time Around
4. Chico Mann - Who You Runnin' From
5. TR-One - Mystery Train
6. Range - UFO Love Encounter [Louis' Edit]
7. Oozay - Non Scratching Situation [Louis' Edit]
8. Peter Jacques Band - Going Dancin' Down The Street [Louis' Edit]
9. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish
10. Up Front - Infatuation [Dub]
11. Clifdon Dyson - Playgirl
12. Dynasty - I Don't Want To Be A Freak
13. Chain Reaction - Dance Freak
14. Videoo - Closet Freak [Special Mix]
15. Chilly - For Your Love [Dissident Edit]
16. Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte
17. Sarr Band - Magic Mandrake
18. Avonn - Everybody Get Down
19. Greg Wilson - I Was A Teenage DJ
20. AFX - XMD 5A
21. Kleeer - Keep Your Body Workin'


CitiZen Black [State A Your Mix ,Round II]

I have known this chungfella for a few years now, we had a bit of a double act going a while where I played tunes and he rapped about gettin madouvit - mostly. Since then, a lot has happened, CitiZen Black (Bren to his mammy) has been churning out bangin' choons a plenty and helping run Automated Music alongside fello header Dan Mac. They had some slick ass guests over recently, mostly of the fidgety-as fook-variety. More recently things have taken a techno twist, the tune below has a hum of Claude Von Stroke of it, no bad thing!
Check out his latest mix here:
CitiZen Black [State A Your Mix ,Round II]

Track List
1 .Korea Tabs - Flinsch 'n Nielson
2 .Get Down - Zander VT
3 .Inside Out - Uto Karem
4 .Evolve - Prompt
5 .Players - Anton Pieete
6 .Earth (Roland M.Remix) - Butch
7 .Paperboy (D Nox & Beckers Rmix) - Lutzenkirchen
8 .Pointe - Ryoh Mitomi
9 .Senderoff (Umek Remix) - Fergie
10.Dark Party - Gary Beck

...and a tune -
CitiZen Black - Bowser Sticks It In Dry

and a bonus tune...
Bowser Sticks It In Dry - Shane Dabinett's Slip N' Slide Remix

The lads will have Tim Green over to the cavern on (un)Holy Thursday, April 9th followed by Simon Baker down at Kennedy's on May 3rd.


the way it is

I have 2 passes for each of the following to give away to the first mailer.
Boy 8 Bit at the Pepper, Friday Night.
Claude Von Stroke in the Button Factory also Friday.
Buraka Som Systema in the Button Factory on Saturday.
Simon Resoul and and Choice Cuts in the Pepper on Saturday
Hit Me Up...

Drop a mail to onechewlove(at)gmail.com

Weekend Ahead in Dublin

Me Working Late

I said i would try get these out earlier but alas, it's late on a Thursday and here I am...
Still though, some sweet goodness to get stuck into:

Q+A is on in Andrews Lane. That's Queer and Alternative to those unfamiliar.
Hospital at Wax have Dan Mac, CitiZen Black & Hospital co founder Tom Lynn.- Bangin'
Aforementioned Boy 8 Bit is in the Pepper. Check him out on these earlier posts.
Claude Von Stroke is in the Button Factory. What.a.Hero.
Kissy Sell Out is in the POD.
Detroit legends Octave One are in Kennedy's.

Rubberband with Jonathan Woods, Al Keegan & Diggers is in Spy.
Simon Resoul, Conor L and Dazboy are at POGO in TP to celebrate Simon Resoul's new EP.
Buraka Som Systema are Live in Button Factory at Transmission. Should be whopper


Grammy News

So MIA looked ready to pop at the Grammys last night, no wonder, she was due the same day. She still managed to look hot though. Nice dress choice!

Diplo was there too, for a while, check out what he had to say on twitter.


That's Bleedin' Gay That Is

The crew at GCN have just released this nifty video for their upcoming ICON party in Tripod on the 19th of Feb. the super-glam-a-fabu-licious Bitches With Wolves will be on stage, along with a few of Dublin’s finest DJs. Should be a thoroughly gay affair.


New Night For Dublin (heavy on the BASS)

The lads behind Kettle are putting together a new Friday night for Dublin with an emphasis on BASS. So far so good then. Not sure if it will be weekly or fortnightly but will keep you posted.To start they have the excellent Si Begg over alongside Rian Ryan who is coming out of his short retirement especially for this night. The full blurb and press release can be found here.

Kettle Presents
Panzer Bass Launch Night

Si Begg [Noodles, SI Futures, Buckfunk 3000]
Signor Pepe
Conan O Donnell
Michael Gaffney
Rian Ryan
Will Kinsella

Visuals / 2 Rooms Of Music
Doors: 11.00 – 03.00
Date: Friday February 6th 2009
Entry: 10euro

The Think Tank
[Formerly The Hub / Below The Mezz]
Eustace Street
Temple Bar

Check out these mixes form the lads too.
Si Begg / Mix

Rian Ryan / Mix

Will Kinsella / Mix


The Week Ahead In Dublin

Right, I am going to get back into the comps and listings that were so common here before... starting now.

This week, highly recommended is Hugh Cooney's exhibition on Friday. Martello also on Friday and for some great disco action, Lunar Disko on Sat.

There is a new night with a very lame name in Dame Lane, Arty Party has digital artists and sculptors showcasing their work with music from Giles K and Doug Cooney among others. More info on their facebook.

Le Cirque and Soundcheck | Spy | 8pm-3am | €5
Team Le Cirque are still in Spy every week, this time round they are joined by the Jurassic Park DJs.
Also in Spy, at Soundcheck you can find the Bolshevik Boys dj-ing disco pop at the always fun Soundcheck night hosted by Una Rocks. Entry to both is only a fiver.

New Young Pony Club DJ set | Button Factory | 11pm | €10/12
This is part of the Trinity Arts Festival so students can get cheap tickets on campus. NYPC are apparantly ok DJs and the arts fest gigs are usually good craic, so a nice break from all the traffic light balls and dog food eating contests so prevalent in campus life (although this sounded like fun). The TAF site is nice too.

Hugh Cooney Exhibition in the Shaw 8pm Free
Hugh was perhaps most known to most for his Accessorize video that has regurgitated its way around the internet over the last two years. More recently though he has been producing some top quality art work in his trademark MS paint format. At last year’s Synth Eastwood he constructed a huge drawing machine where members of the public were invited to submit ideas on the spot for Himself to r4elaise in MS Paint form. The works in progress were visible for all to see on via a projector and the finished product was then delivered from the box via a traditional 'slot' mechanism. All info and submission form can be found here.

Martello and 174 | Twisted Pepper | 11pm | €10 or enter the comp
Later that night you can catch Martello down in The Twisted Pepper, Martello is Santogold’s tour DJ so you can probably expect to hear everything from Dubstep to Baltimore and other general Po-Co madness. Upstairs is DnB with the OneSevenFour crew headed by FraherBear joined by Seba & Paradox Live for the occasion.
We have some g-list spots for that one, just hit me up here on the gmail.

Also that night Benga is back, this time in Crawdaddy. Read all about him here and here.

Rukus have Strip Steve from Boys Noize Records in Kennedy's. Their nights are always great craic, a very lively crowd follows. More info on the facebook

Lunar Disko | Barry Donovan, The Hasbeens, DJ Overdose | 11pm | €12
Lunar Disko have The Hasbeens, DJ Overdose and Barry Donovan over this week. These guys have been championing the in vogue New Disco movement for yonks now. Quality guaranteed.