What's That Sound

I was 19 when I first heard Les Rhythmes Digitales Darkdancer, the same age Stewart Price or Jacques lu Cont was when he made it. I remember being very moved by this and can safely say this was the first album I ever loved - and you really do never forget your first.
Sometimes is still one of my favourite songs ever, Nik Kershaw does the vocal, he is also responsible for another one of my favourite songs 'Wouldn't It Be Good', imagine being 19 and getting Nik Kershaw to sing on your album, what a ledge.
I met JLC a few times through the years, he promised me a copy of Darkdancer on vinyl on our first meet and again on our second ,then one day he came through and a lovely limited edition picture disk arrived in the post. I had almost given up too, telling youngfellas never to meet their idols and such, I soon took it all back though. Mr Price has come a long way even since then, producing Madonna tours and album as well as an album for The Killers he has tonnes of remixes and productions ubder his belt under the guise of The Thin White Duke, Zoot Woman, JLC, Man With Guitar and Paper Faces and now I see he is producing for Frankmusik too. I don't use the term genius often but this man is as close as many get.
I found these old Darkdancer vids the other day that reminded me of all this, hope you enjoy as much as I did. (Sadly he had ditched the red do when I met him)

JLC rockin' the 80s in the 90s

Strange Vid For Sometimes

Kickin' it Zoolander style.


More Fun For Daft Hands

If you don't remember Daft Hands, get it into you now. It's still awesome two years on. Check out this little number here too, it will turn your boring old keyboard into a proper Daft Punk emulator.

The iDaft from najle.com.

Daft Hands


Friday Night's Revenge

Nightflight continue their quality bookings trends, recent guests include (Ewan Pearson, Metro Area and Idjust Boys) with a visit from the very excellent 'The Revenge'. I can't claim to know much about The Revenge but I did stumble across the below rework of the Sister Slege classic 'Lost In Music' that has been floating the shit out of my boat all week. Now the Glimmers remix already gets a lot of airtime round my way but it takes forever to get going and when it does, doesnt last very long. This version is a good steady builder with a well packed kick throughout. Don't miss this chance to see the Irish debut of this remixer extrodinaire.

The Revenge
- Nightflight at Button Factory this Friday (20th) at the Button Factory.
Facebook Event
Nightflight Info

We have two passes to offer up too, just drop a mail to onechewlove(at)gmail.com.

Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (The Revenge rework)

Major News

So news of the first release from Diplo and Switch's 'digital reggae' project is out. Major Lazer who we talked about back here, will release an EP in on June 6th called 'Guns Don't Kill People, Lazers Do' on Downtown Records. The record will apparantly feature none other than MIA and Santogold is set to be hotter than the 1988 Jamaican bobsleigh team.


Not Just For Christmas

I had an At-At when I was young, I think I filed it with Ghostbuster slime though, probably in a strategic battle between some M.A.S.K characters and He-Man, ruining it forever. That Ghostbuster slime must have been the scourge of parents soft furnishings as well as New York City, I remember stains on the carpet that would make Slimer blush.
Nickisconfused managed to keep his At At in a lot better shape, regular exercise and a diet of Rebels (like Revels only crunchier) are the key apparently, see the resualts on his flickr.

ATilla the friendly At-At


Q-Tip and Full Band This Friday

There is a lot of buzz about this gig and rightly so. Q-Tip is the man, it's impossible to underestimate the impact he with A tribe Called Quest had on Hip Hop, they changed it all, opening doors for so many in the process. Check the wiki article for more on that.
Q-Tip will be joined by some class of live band (although that term can sometimes be taken lightly in Hip hop circles - see Sugar Hill Gang last year) Either way though, this is going to be a killer night, expect all Dubin's old schoolers to be out in force, support from Tu-Ki. Full details on the gig are over at Choicecuts.ie.


Free Passes...

I have a couple of passes for the following up for grabs.
Drop me a mail to be in with a shot. onechewlove(at)gmail.com

Anja Schnieder at Spy on Friday (courtesy of Remedy)
Metro Area in the Button Factory from our friends at Nightflight)- Check out their recent BT podcast and interview here.
Vicarious Bliss, Arveene & Misk Live from Transmission on Saturday in the Button Factory.

And Passes for both Friday and Saturday in the Twisted Pepper. See below for details...

The Week Ahead in Dublin

Do Not Buy Pills From This Man

A rake load of stuff to get messy at this weekend and of course it being the national day of drinking next week you can continue that messing right up till Tuesday, just in time for the greatest hangover our nation may ever face on Wednesday morning next.

Twisted Pepper - Mr Jones are having a 'hat party'. There will be an uneamed prize for best hat.
Thinktank - Breakbot visits Jam all the way from France. Check his awesome myspace.
Spy - Le Cirque are doing something a bit different, they have an open decks hour where you get to play 3 songs and they choose the best of these micro-sets. Nice idea that.

Rí-Rá - Partie Monster is back for more debauched underground messing- check the facebook
The Button Factory - Nightflight have the excellent Metro Area over. Gig of the Week Perhaps?
Twisted Pepper - Reach Drum & Bass downstairs and the official Qtip after-party with a DJ set from the main man upstairs courtesy of Choice Cuts.
Spy - Mobilee's Anja Schnieder visits Remedy.- We have two passes for this, hit me on my gmail.

Legal Eagle has the return of the all day sessioner's session Mixed Salad. Philth has the details.
Butt Fact - Ed Banger's Vicarious Bliss drops by along with local lads Arveene & Misk. See post below .

The Alternative Miss Ireland takes place tonight it the XVth (I think that means 15th) so they are going all out. It takes place in The Olympia and all the details are here. Great Crack altogether.
The Bernard Shaw -12 continues with Bodytonic Bossman Tayor and Miguel Negro.

Monday - Paddies Eve:
TP - another Airbound party to get you in the mood for what will no doubt be an unforgettable weekend.
The Underground - Nick Hoppner from Panorama Bar alongside Giles K.
Andrews Lane Theatre - a mammoth Session, 10hrs of no doubt seriously messy shenanigans with Trev Radiator and his pack of indie /electro kids.
McGruders- Another mammoth sesh up in McG's before it gets shut down again - for good this time apparantly. Facebook it.
Butt Fact - Roni Size, Dynamite MC and MC Daddy Earl, Top line up of a mundey, I say top line up.
The Acadamy have Felix Da Housecat over. Is he still relevant? Yes. He was 'electro' back in the day. Will he be good tonight? Who knows...
Tripod have got Laurent Garnier dropping by.
Meanwhile in Andrews Lane Collective Music have Ben Sims Vs Surgeon, a techno lovers creamy pant maker of a night.

Arveene and Misk in Your Area

Local hero Arveene is embarking on a tour with seldom seen partner in crime Misk. The two lads are celebrating their forthcoming releases on Gung Ho records and will be showcasing a load of other quality remixes (including the excellent Inflagranti one I posted previously). Also appearing on the Gung Ho is a track by climaXXX rave-fave Detboi.

Arveene and Misk have been making music together for a while now but this is there first time doing shows together and they are going live. Tour Dates below.

Catch them live at..
March 12th – The Pavillon, Cork

March 13th – GPO, Galway

March 14th – Button Factory, Dublin

Also out now on Skint Records “Love thy self” A+M mix by Midfield General and a banging remix for Mr Oizo “Erruer Jean” available March 16th on Ed Banger vinyl and digital

Look out for other remixes kicking about from Yo Majesty, In Flagranti and Husky Rescue

Forthcoming dates in London, NYC, Berlin, Paris and Belfast

*We have 4 passes for the Button Factory gig up for grabs. Drop a line to the usual address to win one. (thatchewyguy(at)gmail.com)


Total Sausage Fest

Just when you think Superquinn Sausages can't get any better, it turns out it's their 30th birthday and there's a competition on to celebrate. There's one grand prize of €3,000 - pah - but more importantly - each Superquinn store will have a prize of a YEAR'S SUPPLY OF SQ SAUSAGES - which amounts to 9 SQ sausages a week for a whole year. This amounts to 468 sausages, or 156 sausage sandwiches - oh baby - if you make your Superquinn sausage sandwiches ( SQSs) with 3 sausages, like I do.

To win you have to invent a new sausage flavour (although I have been assured they aren't going to change the original) and also the tie breaker is the question : How many sausages did SQ sell in 2008? ( To the internets!)

Competitions forms are all over your local Superquinn and it runs til March 17th. I have used the word sausage so many times in this post the word has lost all meaning. But not deliciousness. Best of luck and may I, or someone to whom I live relatively near and also have reason to pop over for brunch regularly, win.

Be sure to join the official SQS group on Facebook

Guest Post from Kt-80.


Pete The Meat Puppet

This is new from Diesel, it got a mixed reaction in the office (everyone hated it but me) I think it's pretty funny and just a touch disturbing. I am more impressed that Diesel have the money to throw at things like this. The ad comes from Swedish agency FarFar and US production company Legs. It is also another excuse for me to use Vimeo, so much sleeker than Youtube.

The rise and fall of Diesel's Pete the Meat Puppet! from razi raxi on Vimeo.

Mixxx Time

I found this over on Palmsout which I had been neglecting for a while. They have stopped Remix Sunday because of that Google/ DMCA issue I mentioned a while back. They are fighting the issue in court by the sounds of it. Check the full story here, some interesting points raised on both sides. Sure it's pretty lame when people post entire back catalogs of artists, you cant argue with that but the manner in which Google are dealing with this is totally unjust, just deleting whole posts without mentioning the url in question. Lots of work just deleted with no record. In case you are unaware, Google own blogger the service that hosts Palmsout and indeed this blog and they are cracking down on copyright infringement. It also made me think of my own reliance on Google and whether it's wise or not. I use Gmail, Blogger, Google Docs, Google Calender and Youtube, my gmail is also full of very sensitive material (not porn-financial stuff) when it went down last week there was no word from Google, they obviously felt they didn't have to explain. This is what power does. I am probably to lazy to change though... for now.

Enough ranting though, as I was saying, I found this nice mix over there by Soulwax's One Man Party, it was complied for New York photographer Nicky Digital and his Pre Party Jamz series. Jape, Tom Tom Club, The Human League and Roxy Music - 4 of my all time favourites on one mix.. delicious!

1. Jape - Floating
2. Tom Tom Club - Genius of love
3. Venus Gang - Love to Fly
4. Sylvester - I Need Somebody to Love Tonight
5. Rob Base & EZ Rock - Get on the Dancefloor
6. AC/DC - Love Hungry Man
7. Chic - I Feel Your Love Coming On
8. Human League - Love Action
9. Sly and the Family Stone - Love City
10. Alan Braxe - In Love With You
11. Spirit - Love has Found a Way
12. Del Shannon - Gemini (Pilooski Edit)
13. Roxy Music - Love is the Drug
14. Love Games


New Röyksopp Vid

Yet more retro gaming/ pixel paraphernalia, this time it's Space Invaders in the new video from Röyksopp's forthcoming album.

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.