Clampdown at Andrews Lane.

New night, new Venue for the city. Great news for Dubliner's, a much needed new club is opening up right in the city centre. The former Andrews Lane theater is now a club and Jonny Moy and Arveene's Clampdown is taking up residency every Saturday. For the launch night myself, Tu-Ki (probably the best DJ in the country) and Jon Averill of Shock! will be joining the Clampdown lads for a night of mayhem. The following week DURRR invade, with Rory Philips, Hanna and The lovely Jonjo coming to town.
Doors at 11, leave a comment for guest list!
Here is some music to get you in the mood.
Arveene & Misk - Rave Against The Arveene
and a sweet Minimx
Arveene & Misk - 30 Min Mix Live
and just because its awesome:
Mystery Jets - “Hideaway” (Switch remix)


CLIMAXXX DJs, A-Trak & Flostrademus in the POD!

This coming Bank Holiday Sunday you can find CLIMAXXX DJs warming up for the mighty A-Trak in Crawdadddy. A-Trak is renowned for pushing the boundaries in modern DJ land. Mixing up Hip-Hop and Bassline House like nobody's business, his sets here have always gone down a storm. He is also Kanyes' tour DJ, but don't let that put you off.
In the other room Cassius are headlining. Over 10 years on and still going strong, they have a new album out now, I still love the early stuff though, 1999, La Mouche and all me auld french faves.
To win 2 tickets to this event simply tell me where A-Trak is from. email the answer here:


Mouse on Mars Tickets to win!

Mouse On Mars play the Button Factory tomorrow and we have 2 tickets for up for grabs. The night is hosted by Shock! and the Candy Collective, which means great warm up sets, live visuals and free limited edition prints from Bren B for the first 40 in. To win just mail
and answer this question: 2 mice fell into a bucket of cream, what happened next? (a google will help) Best of luck. Mouse On Mars Live!



So here is the second ever CLIMAXXX MIXXX, its a 35 minute rump-shaker chockers full of bangin' beats for those dancing feets. Tracks from Bonde de Role, Diplo, MIA, Riot in Belgium. Check out the Bangin' Mr Sandman Remix!

New Night Alert!

I am hosting a new night in the Shaw every Thursday, music wise it's a bit of a mash-up, anything that I think will make you dance- bhangra, dancehall, house and of course loads of baltimore and baile funk.But it aint just about music- we gonna have swap-shops, musical clothes, movies, food and heaps more over the summer. So watch this space.
Beauty School Drop Out- Every Thursday in The Shaw, 8.30-12.


Guest Post from 'SUgARTiTZ'

Special guest Sugartitz has something she wants to get off her chest, so listen up to what she gots to say:

All over blog town I see DJs banging on about the 'beat structures' and 'basslines' of baile funk and baltimore club but I reckon all that really matters is that they get the chicks on the dancefloor shaking their titties and grinding their kitties.

Here's one that gets me doing just that:
Mekon ft. Roxanne Shante - "Yes Yes Y'all" (Sinden Baile Funk Mix)

If that doesn't do it for you, go back to the days of yore with some seminal Dirty South:
Poison Clan - Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya (zshare)



The Godfather Returns

So with out a doubt, my gig of the year takes place this saturday in POGO as part of their birthday celebrations. DJ Godfather joins us after a too-long hiatus. If you are unfamiliar with this mans work, it's titty-shakin, froth-making ghetto-tech of the highest callibre. I was fortunate enough to catch him a few years back at D1 in Traffic and it pretty much changed my life. The man can cut and scratch better then most hip-hop DJs but the difference is he's doing it with music twice as fast. There was a row of 'enthusiasts' 5 deep watching him scratch at the last gig and I had to fight the urge to join them. Support comes from the the perfect guys for the job - A$$QUAKE who blew the shit out of their tiny tent at Budrising on Saturday, completly stealing Mikey Skinners thunder and probably the ghetto-tech cherrys of a few Kanye shaded heads.
Here's a live set by the man himself as well as a few tunes to get you in the mood:
Godfather Live!
DJ Godfather & Big Daddy Rick, "Ride It, Shake It"
and the other Ghetto God- DJ Assault, "Do it Right"


Win Tickets to Bud Rising withThe Streets, Mix Master Mike and more this Sat!

So I have 4 tickets up for grabs for this event, which sounds pretty cool.They have dredged the basin in the IFSC and stuck in a stage where this Saturday The Streets and Mike Skinner will be playing. There will also be a big car-less boot sale where I shall be peddling me wares alongside some other fun activity's. You cant buy tickets to this event, but I gots 2x2, just for you!
Just email
and say Chew love never Dies in the subject bar. Thats It. Winners will be selected at random by my budgie and notified by mail on Friday. X


zut alors!

I went through another French phase again this time last year, much like the one I had 8 years ago when the world was going mad to Stardust, Cassius, Daft Punk and Roule Records. Obviously over the last two years the world has gone mad for Ed Banger's Justice and all the surrounding hype, which i think kinda' overshadowed some other great surrender monkey music. Like these guys for instance: TTC You may have heard of members Teki Latex and Para One from their own productions, or been lucky enough to have witnessed their show in The Village and impromptu DJ set in the Sth William last year. If not here is a taster of the cheese eaters in action.
TTC - Travailler (Dj Orgasmic Remix) (zshare)
TTC- Telephone -Video (youtube)
& Here is some other Gallic goodness that has avoided that clich├ęd, distorted Justice sound.
Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (Yuksek Remix) (direct link)
Para One - Dun Dun Dun (direct link)
Justice- DVNO- Surkin Remix (zshare) - highly recommended
Teki Latex - Les Matins de Paris (Surkin Remix) (direct link)
Yelle - perfect french electro pop
Yelle - Ce Jeu (st. andrew remix)
Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir - Video (youtube)
Yelle - Ce Jeu - Rogerseventytwo Remix (direct link)
Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya - Fuck Friend (Yuksek and Brodinski rmx)


Hot Chip get Basslined

Hot Chip played Tripod here last recently. In their honour and in the spirit of our New World Music post, here is Toddla T's bassline house remix of their track One Pure Thought. Its bouncy, squelchy, and we love it! Big things are gona happen for this fella this year, catch him this June in Dublin at Bodytonic.
Hot Chip: One Pure Thought / Toddla T mix (zshare)
Toddla T mspace

New World Music Part 2

The second part of our feature on the sounds from around the globe that are bringing worldwide dance floors to CLIMAXXX.

Kuduro music comes from Angola, Africa and looks set to find its way in to a few local dj sets very soon. They speak Portuguese there and the word literally means Hard Ass which should give you some idea of the dance style that accompanies it. It came from the streets and was born of a mix of European techno beats with more traditional African elements. You got to see this one for full effect: check these dance moves out... amazing... Buraka Som Sistema feat MIA.

Niche or Bassline House, though not exactly exotic to us, is making an impact on the world scene, being picked up by folk like Mad Decent and heavily influencing other producers around the world such as Detboi, Herve, Sinden and the Crookers. It stems from sunny Sheffield, UK and sounds like old speed garage with a 4/4 beat. Known for its tune-full bass lines and nice half speed breaks its one of the latest sounds to join the New World Ranks. This is one of its stars:

Damaged Goods - "Yo Righteous" (A1 Bassline Remix)

This is just a taster of what to expect down at CLIMAXXX every week, but if that aint enough for you, check out the awesome A$$QUAKE DJ's and POGO PUB for more of the same. Watch this space: we reckon 2008 will be the year that Dublin gets ghetto.