Who likes Short Shorts?

(Shortie getting down at home)

Mr Jones and POGO resident Shortie has sent over this mix exclusively for CLIMAXXX. It features acts like Rye Rye, Para One, Roisín Murphy, Surkin and Soft Tigers and is full of modern day summer jams like the Black Kids 'I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance' alongside some original synth classics like Juniors 'Do You Really Want My Love'. Basically lots of good-time summer numbers!
Shortie was raised on a hip-hop diet and was a bit of a late comer to the electro-ghetto scene. He's doing all right so far though with a 4 hour stint at POGO tomorrow night as well as slots at Oxygen and Electric Picnic to look forward too.
Check the mix below for a wee taster.
Don't Do What Shortie Short Shorts Does Mix -zshare (40 mins)
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More Free Tix

Last minute ticket comp, this one comes courtesy of Shock! who have offered 2 passes to see Ewan Pearson in Kennedys on Friday. Pearson has a reputation for quality, he has been a solid presence on the electronic scene for years and has remixed Moby, Alter Ego, Feist, Black Strobe, Depeche Mode and Franz Ferdinand and produced work for The Rapture, Goldfrapp and Gwen Stefani. This is the last Shock! gig of the year and the lads are doing it in style. If you wanna chance to win a ticket drop a mail: onechewlove@gmail.com with the your name and the name of any other famous Ewan you can think of.
Check out his amazing Resident Advisor mix here.(zshare)

Detboi, Midfield General and Arveene

The Clampdown boys keep up the pace this week with one of our favourite artists right now Detboi dropping by to show us what he got. It's a tough call to fill a place like Andrews Lane every week but Johnny Moy and Arveene are doing just that, calling on acts like Hot Chip, Rory Phillips and James Lavele to help them out. Next month the lads are throwing a DFA party featuring Juan McLean and Nancy Whang on the 26th, deffo one to put in the dear diary. Back to this week though, as regular readers will know, Detboi is a local hero to us, he represents Dublin on the Big Bass Scene, rubbing shoulders and pushing faders with Herve, Sinden and the rest of the crew at Machines Don't Care -album out on July 7th!-More on that here and taster here:
On a Roll Man - Herve, Trevor Loveys and Affie Yusef (zshare) courtesy of machinesdontcare.com

Midfield General is also on the bill, his track Disco Sirens has prooved a dancefloor smasher, check out the video below:

(Apparently the girls can still see just fine)

See em' for FR€€:
mail me at onechewlove@gmail.com with your name and you could win one of 3 double passes!

Kid Sister gig Postponed till next month :(

Sorry folks, more news when we have it....

Claude is back- win a pass!

Don't let P Diddy put you off, Claude Von Stroke has serious talent DJ. His last two visits to Dublin took the roof off Rogue and The POD respectively, not to mention that 21st in Rathmines. Well now we have another chance to catch the big dirty bird in action, this time down at Night Flight at The Button Factory. Read more about him and Dirty Bird Records in Kev's post here.
We have a couple of passes to give away too, if you want to try and win one just mail me the name of Claude's record label.

that mix again: Claude Von Stroke - Collar Mix


Mad Decent Videocast

We are huge fans of all thing Diplo and Mad Decent related round these parts and I being a huge fan of Sesame Street am loving the latest video from their podcast series.

I love that old faded animation, Sesame Street really was an important institution for many growing up, I never realised at the time the calliber of musical talent thay got either. Check out Stevie Wonder's amazing live performance of Superstytion below.

For some reason this clip really sticks out in my memory, much have seen it 50 times growing up.
Ah the memories...


Scutch in the MIx

Scott B. Scutchfield (no relation)

Fellow Mr Jones Resident and half of Irish newcomers Sonic 86 sent over this lovely mix he knocked up recently, it's chockers full of Ghetto Tech and other rude stuff that goes BANG!
Check it HERE
He also sent over this other recent mix featuring: Drop the Lime, Fake Blood, Machines Dont Care and Chew Fu.
Check that one HERE
Keep it tuned right here for more on Sonic 86 in the near future.


Work It Out

I've been working it out a lot recently,and, though its no substitute, whacking some banging bassy tunes to get you going is the next best thing I've found to throwing some real club action on the dance floor.
A-trak is the latest artist commissioned by Nike for their Nike Plus Original Run Series, following the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Aesop Rock, and the ever wonderful Cassius in producing a mix called 'Running Man' built around the body's own work out rhythms. Fader magazine has just released a little preview and this mix is sounding like it should get ye all up of your asses and pumping!

Check the preview out here.

The full mix is out on June 24th, only on the iTunes Nike Sport Store, mark it down!

And if by the end of the summer you are sick of running, you can still catch A-Trak at the Electric Picnic. Phew!

The day the music died.

Something is rotten in the state of Ireland, first a string of cancellations, then the Electric Picnic is under threat due to high court proceedings. Now the government want to pass legislation that will mean Irish night clubs have to shut even earlier. Yes, while our neighbours across the water move forward with progressive opening hours, the Irish government take a giant leap back even after years of lobbying by the Give Us The Night campaign to extend opening hours. The new legislation will mean an end to the theatre licenses that allow certain clubs to open later then others and will force everyone on to the streets at the same time with obvious results. It also plans to restrict Sunday drinking till 1am, ruining what has traditionally been a big industry night out where those who work in night clubs and restaurants and other jobs that don't call for Monday morning starts get to let their hair down. Read more about it and sign the petition over here.


Maya goes M.I.A

After canceling her European tour MIA has caused further upset after remarks she made sparked speculation of retirement. During a recent show at Bonnaroo, she repeatedly thanked the crowd for coming to her 'last gig', a remark that some have taken up as a retirement announcement. No one can officially confirm or deny this, some people seem adamant it's for good and likewise a lot of people say she was just referring to that leg of her tour. Even if she did intend it as a retirement announcement itwould be hard to tkae her too seriously, she certainly wouldn't be the first pop star to announce retirement only to re-emerge shortly after but she certainly never struck me as the dramatic poser type to make these sort of claims (50cent anyone?) Lets hope it's just a rough patch and she is back on her feet as soon as possible. Here she is in action in the video for Bucky Done Gun from 2005's Arular and from last years Kala album its Boyz.


Let's Remix It.

A couple of great remixes have found there way to my inbox recently and from there straight to my ever expanding record bag.
First up, from Melbourne, Vinyl Man & Wax Boy have sent over this remix of The Cranberries 'Zombie' (must have figured out the Irish connection). Melbourne has a great scene right now that's fully embraced todays cut-up culture, you here a lot of Bmore and Baile about the place and producers like Switch are massively popular. They seem to look after their local DJs too, with the better ones gaining loyal followings and good festival slots, which is always good to see.
Vinyl Man & Wax Boy - The Communist Zombie Mix (YSI)
visit the lads on myspace

Next up, Paul Devro's mix of Fleetwood Mac has been getting a great reaction all over the place including some moving sing-a-long action down the local. Sounds like it's going to be cheesy I know, but give it a lash at the end of the night and listen up!
Paul Devro - Everywhere (YSI)
Paul's Space


A Princely Consolation

So the purple one has canceled leaving a lot of people disappointed, so being the caring chap that I am, I scrounged together a couple of tracks to help you get over it, or remind you what you are missing. The first is a re-edit I did of my favourite Prince track, 17 Days from the b-side album. The second is a kickin' remix of another fave track of mine, My Name is Prince. Then for good measure, the original 23 positions cos it's so damn sexy!
Prince - 17 Days (chewy 17 ways edit) (YSI)
Prince - My Name is Prince (TEPR Just for Fun Rmx) (YSI)
Prince - 23 Positions (YSI)

Thursday's child is

Looking down the blog there it struck me as being a bit light on music, so I put together a little selection of big room bangers that I like to drop near the end of a great night.
Adam Sky vs. Mark Stewart - We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers Remix) (YSI) the Italian duo's finest work imo
Futureheads - Crash (Dolby Anol's Busty St. Claire) (YSI)
Britney Spears - Outrageous (Felix Cartal Remix) (YSI)
Unklejam - Love Ya (Herve Remix) (YSI)
Thanks to DLT at Hang Tough for hosting.


Zémaria and me

POGO welcome Brazilian electro rockers Zémaria to The Pod this Saturday courtesy of Plug Artists. Mixing up electro, breaks, rock and pop with some favela attitude these guys are in the middle of a European tour that sees them play huge festivals as well as more intimate shows like this one. They also have a new album on the way entitled 11 Trax which you will find here. I shall be supporting on the night and will be injecting my own bit of Favella attitude too with some Baile beats and bangin' treats. If you fancy seeing the show free of charge drop me a mail and I will do my best. onechewlove@gmail.com
Zémaria - Lazer Eyes


Bodytonic announce EP lineup

With the line up for this years Electric Picnic getting mixed reactions from many punters, a lot of people have been waiting to see what Bodytonic would pull out of the bag before buying tickets.
Well, the lads have just announced it and I think its lived up to expectations. They have changed it up a bit this year opting to have 3 tents, 1 big, 2 small to create a Bodytonic village and allow them to put on a lot more acts, local and international. It's a nice mix of established solid acts (Prins Thomas & Lindstrom) and some brand new ones too (Benga, Toddla T) with a nice representation of local talent too (A$$quake , Downtown Sounds, Acci Disco, Electric City) CLIMAXXX is particulary looking forward to:
Roni Size
The Count & Sinden
Diplo! (see post)
Toddla T (see post)
Benga (see post)
Prins Thomas & Lindstrom
Mano le Tough live
Stay tuned for an MP3 special on many of these chaps next week!


I would do anything for this collection!

Recognise that little fella? Yep, Carlton Banks, The Fresh Prince's dancin' cuzz. Alfonso Ribeiro to his mom, as a youngster he also starred opposite Michael Jackson in a Pepsi ad before landing the role in The Fresh Prince. Later in his career he directed a few TV shows and went on to become a successful reality TV star, winning the US show Celebrity Duets. Looking at the early vids there is no doubt the kid had talent, you can't help but think that landing the role of Will's dorky cousin was a bit of a poisoned chalice, he was never really able to shake the image. Like Saved by the Bell's Screech before him, he will never have his own identity.


Diplo Fuzzy Peach Mixtape

As you might have guessed, I'm mad for Diplo. Mad decent. His latest mixtape is a genre-crossing, rhythm changing, altogether idosyncratic mix. Its not so much a DJ set as like listening to an ecletic radio show, perfect for bopping around town. In return for this little gift, lets play guess the tracks! Start your comments below, the winner will receive his or her very own Fuzzy Peach...

Diplo: Fuzzy Peach Mix

Catch Diplo at the Electric Picnic later this summer

Fashion History for just 5G's

A piece of fashion history is up for grabs over on Ebay. One of comedys most famous fathers is auctioning off part of his on-screen wardrobe to raise money for his educational charity. That's right, Bill Cosby has decided to unleash his jumpers on the world and what a collection he has. So far only three are available but such is the quality of these items that we can only hope he will delve further into his wardrobe to dig up some more gems. Bidding starts at a mere €5000, so far there have been no offers. While I am not a huge Cosby fan this does give me hope that someday Mark-Paul Gosselaar will post something, sadly, not as of yet.


Mehdi, Busy P & Arveene

It's giveaway time again, this week it's DJ Mehdi, Arveene and Busy P courtesy of Transmission Dublin, held every Saturday in the Button Factory. They have an Ed Banger special this week with head honcho Busy P dropping by with one of his more talented signings - DJ Mehdi. While Busy P (Pedro Winters) DJ skills are nowhere near his management skills, he has a great reputation as a crowd pleasing hype man. Luckily Mehdi and local legend Arveenes skills will more then make up for Busy's iffy mixing. Check out this cool little video for 'I Am Somebody' below and a few tracks to whet your appetite.
To win tickets to this event send an email to onechewlove@gmail.com and tell me the name of DJ Mehdi's recent album. Look:

DJ Mehdi - I am Somebody (Switch Remix) zshare
Busy P vs Digital Underground - The Rainbow Dance (Nastique's Downstairs Mixup) zshare


Push the tempo, Switch the tempo.

When you think Switch and Sinden you probably think big bouncey house tracks, or at least straight up 4/4 beats. There is of course a lot more to these two talents, you just don't hear it out in clubs that much. While Switch showed us he was master of more then one genre on Santogold's album last year, you can hear garage, grime and dancehall influences in a lot of Sinden's work. Check out these two tracks to hear two of CLIMAXXX's favourite producers take a massive leap away from their normal BPM domain into DnB and Hip Hop territory.
Santogold - You'll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix) zshare (YSI)
That Santogold remix is also featured on the latest MaXXXiMiXXX