Rap against Rape - 90's Ireland doing the rap music.

Super Awesome:

Beardyman Swoonerama

Continuing my policy of being completely enamoured of Beardyman and his Mad Skillz check out a recent show: Beardyman & Friends' "Complete and Utter Shambles": it's pretty hilarious and full of the usual ridiculosity:



'Take me to the stars' - with space laser noises!

Found this track on Soundcloud - it's very chilled and quite french sounding. Not sure what the story is with it - the info says it's by Grum who is Graeme Shephard from Scotland and not very french at all, not sure if it's a remix - not that it matters - check it out - it's happy and summery and most importantly has my favourite space disco laser noises to boot.

Check out Grum at www.heart-beats.co.uk.
Check out space lasers* at http://science.howstuffworks.com/space-war2.htm
*(not as much fun as making the noises and pretending to shoot lasers while dancing)


I Must Break You... Rocky IV Workout Mix

When I was younger I never bothered getting a CD walkman or a mini disc player - they just didn't make any sense to me. I had a vision of what a music player should be like and I knew somewhere in my heart of hearts that someone else in the world would have the determination to invent it if I could...just... hang on. Et voila - here I am, covered in touchscreen mp3 players.

I love that feeling when you realise FINALLY someone has invented what you were looking for. I got that feeling the other day when perusing deadly blog Genevan Heathen (a great mix of 80s movies, fun and hip hop) and saw one of their deejays Matt Foley has made a 20 minute work out mix inspired by RockyIV - replete with the classic tunes and inspiring quotes from the movies. It's a beautiful thing, just like the movie.



Chic: I Want Your Love (Todd Terje edit)

Getting into the mood for the upcoming gig on the 28th in Tripod - gotta love that disco edit:

The Friday 28th gig is sold out but there are still tickets available for the Saturday show at www.tripod.com. Can't wait to see 'em.

More Todd Terje over at last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Todd+Terje


Get Crazy/Get Wild

If you are nearly as obsessed with Snookie, The Situation and Co as I am you definitly gonna appreciate this.
Jersey Shore Theme.



Sweet new LCD

"Talking like a jerk except you are an actual jerk and living proof - sometimes friends are mean."

I say this a lot but this time I mean it: THIS is going to be the sound of the summer*: the sweet sweet tune 'Dance Yrself Clean' from LCD's new album This Is Happening:

You can stream and buy the album at www.lcdsoundsystem.com/thisishappening/
*This may or may not be the sound of the summer