Dope Shit next weekend

I don't often use words like 'dope' unless talking about politicians or people who wear keffiyehs, but this is a Diplo gig I am talking about so I thought it suitable. Yes that's right, Diplo is back. After tearing the arse out of the Bodytonic Tent at last years EP he has been busy working on his side project with Switch, Major Lazer (as reported here) but obviously keeping a hand in the old DJ-ing too. He joins us this time as part of the Mad Decent Soundsystem with Fake Blood and Boy 8 Bit.
The POD have really pulled together a great line-up for this, also on the bill are Skream, Arveene & Misk, Rusko and just added, Tiefschwarz.
Whopper like no other I think you will agree. It's spread out over a few floors too which means lots of running around in a big hairy mess... for me anyway.

I have a few passes for this wondrous event for you lucky readers too, just drop me a mail and my magic budgie will choose a winner at random. onechewlove(AT)gmail.com


More Cowbell

You have seen the sketch, bought the tee-shirt and read the blog now you can make your very own cowbell track. Upload any song, choose your Walken and Cowbell settings and moments later you can hear your new 'improved' version. If you make a good one, do share the link.


Lather Up! - Chromeo on Yo Gabba Gabba

Guest Post from KT80

I could easily lament the fact that I'm not 6 and they didn't make shows like Yo Gabba Gabba when I was a chisler and I don't get to watch Chromeo rocking out on afterschool tv. But it turns out 6 year olds are stupid kids who don't even know or care who Chromeo are and probably just think they are a couple of dorks telling them to wash their hands. When we know the real truth: adults never wash their hands and Chromeo are amazing. When I was 6 and Sesame Street and the Muppet Show had the biggest celebrities in the world on - did I care that Richard Pryor or Ray Charles were reading me my alphabet? Hell no, all I cared about was Kermit's Newsflash, just like the kids watching Yo Gabba are screaming 'Screw these OCD clean freaks, send out the dancing monster with the long stripey arms!' But hey, we're all happy. Especially the (not at all creepy) guy at the end of the clip trying to hypnotise kids into staying tuned!

P.S if anyone has an mp3 of the lather up song ( Dave1 I'm talking to you) please send it to me c/o Climaxxx.