Take Back Sundays with The CLIMAXXX DJs!

Climaxxx DJs take over the pod every Sunday, starting this week. We will be joined by the Junktion DJs in the lobby bar playin all kinds of indie, retro goodness. Doors at 11, free before 12, all kinds of cheap booze on offer! Swing by the Shaw before hand where Mark E will be playing a free set and we will have a few free passes for el Pod too.


New World Music Part 1

There was a time when to me, the term World Music conjured up images of 30 something has beens nodding their heads to jazz fusion or some pedestrian crap. Now though, the term is getting a face-lift or rather, a tit-job.

In Dublin a lot of people have probably been boppin' to sounds from the favelas of Brazil and the back streets of Baltimore for some time now, unaware of where these sounds came from. At the same time the folks who instigated the sound probably never imagined that a bunch of middle class white folk were gonna be getting there Saturday night kicks from these sounds that were born of a struggle against poverty. Over time though with a rise in Irish blog culture we might yet see the Foxrock massive Ghost Ridin' the Whip or Cranking dat Superman all over the place.

These styles have existed for a long time but with the rise in blog use and artists like Diplo and MIA pushing these sounds mainstream, Dublin audiences have never had such a wide array of music available every week. Just check out Pogo Pub or Assquake or our own CLIMAXXX DJ's for a taster. Girls parctice your shimmer first and fellas, 'shake dem dreads'. Here's is the first half of our brief guide to some of these sounds we really dig!

Baile Funk (no, not a new satellite town in Kildare, although if it was i might move there) hit the big time last year partly thanks to MIA and Bonde de Role both of whom visited our shores recently. In case you don't know its Brazilian music that started in the ghettos or Favelas of Rio and sounds like this.

Deise Tigrona - "Injeção"

Baltimore Club Music started out when a few heads in the city took the breaks of hip hop lashed in some extra kicks and sped it up to fook. Often they use the same beats and cut up famous tracks you know, The Beatles, Paul Simon and current hip hop faves which is why it appeals to your average Saturday night clubber as well as the most gangsta B-Boy. Check it:

Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop (Tittsworth remix)

Next week: Bassline and Kuduro


Van She vs Utah Saints vs Kate Bush

Being a huge fan of dance routines, I'm loving this new video for Van She's remix of Utah Saint's proper oldskool rave choon 'Something Good' (which featured a sample from Kate Bush's track 'Cloudbusting').

The outfits are deadly, the location inspired, with slick group choreography and even a cameo from old Parachute Pants himself.

I wonder what Kate makes of it...


Bo$$ in Drama


I came across Bo$$ In Drama a few months back via his remix of Yo Majesty's 'Kryptonite Pussy'. It's a much moodier, understated take on the track than the better-known UMYO remix, and seems to slow to a stop just as it gets to the build up at the end, but that's kinda what I like about it.

His songs 'Shake', 'Jumpstyle' and 'Luxx Go!' on the other hand, are straightforward, no-holds-barred, a$$quaking party music with bouncy, killer basslines and plenty of synth and vocoder action, guaranteed to have you shaking your butt, whether on the dancefloor or in your bedroom.
It's definitely some of the funnest music I've heard in a long time, unabashedly pop but at the same time keeping a nice dirty little electro edge.
Latest tune 'All the Love' doesn't disappoint either.

He's a generous chap too - all of his songs are available to download from www.myspace.com/bossindrama . Hurry and get them while they're still free - Bo$$ might be Brazil's best-kept secret, but with the amount of attention he's been getting in other blogs lately, this might not be the case for long.

(He also has rather dapper taste in t-shirts and baseball caps, and he likes my hat. Props.)

Kryptonite Pussy - B0$$ vs Yo Majesty
Shake! - Bo$$ in Drama


Chewy, Big Hands, Nic James and Salacious MAXXX out the south william basement tonight from 10pm. Its free and gos till 3in the AM- sure where else would ya be?

Joy In the Hood

Everybody loves a hoodie, well the hood part anyway, sometimes the rest is just... pointless, and with so-called summer on the way you might find you're too hot for your hoodie (and not in the good way). so what to do?
Well, when I was in San Fran a while back, i met a guy who solved all these problems. His label is called Official Tourist and he custom makes some glamma hoods, as modeled by this tramp here. Not only are the hoodies deadly, his website is too. MAXXX your style, and support independent fashion.
Check it: www.isthatot.com


2 for Tuesday (one old one new)

The first of this weeks duo of musical treats comes from South Africa and in particular SPOEK of SWEAT.X. This track has become my new personal anthem and one which I have been singing on the dart and down the back of mass much to the delight of the girls in question. It combines a Dizzee Rascal 'Fix Up' beat with the lyrics of a poet, a ghetto poet. skinnkyskinnywhitegirl?

Next up is a track from Factory Records 'Quando Quango', released in 1983 (same as meself) it's a driving disco number that sounds as fresh today as it did 25 years ago,
perfect for any modern Nu-Disco set. Just reminding you how far ahead of the game these guys were.
Love Tempo

Youtube Classics.

A look back to the good ol' days of yore, the days before todays everything at your fingertips , on demand technology made everything so easy. So what better way to be reminded of those days then using the pinnacle of todays everything at your fingertips , on demand technology, Youtube.

Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' video.
This video has always been overshadowed by the infamous Thriller vid from the same album which as most people know was the first video to use the now standard group choreographer.
But this video also set a format many would follow. A West Side Story style gang fight, that of course can be resolved through song and dance (I have avoided many a friday night bust up with a well timed dance routine)
Featuring a well choreographed knife-fight and some of the best 80's gang ware since
The Warriors, this video is well worth another look.

Fashion Forecast S/S 08

Nightwear Special.
It looks like the pyjama/ugg boot trend is set to continue this season. With Dublin's hot young trend setters still venturing out at all hours of the day in this high end look. What started in the city centre in areas like the Pearse St & Charlemount flat complexes' has now spread to the 'burbs' with our trend-spotters reporting sightings as far out as Dun Laoghaire and
Bray Sur Mer.
No longer just seen as just 'headin down spar for 10 blue' attire, it's now everyday casual wear suitable for any Saturday afternoon on Henry St.
Accessorise with buggie and Mp3 phone equipped with the latest
R/n B and hard dance releases for impromptu bus 'raves'.