Dirty Bird Records

Dirty Bird records, owned by CLIMAXXX fave Claude VonStroke have been putting out great tech house records since 2005, with artists like Claude himself, Justin Martin, Worthy and Riva Starr.
Their website is full of great mixes, news, and a sweet mp3 and clothing store.

Check these mixes,
Chewy's favourite ever DJ set: Claude Von Stroke - Collar Mix
and Justin Martin - Go Mix

The mainstream media has been writing the epitaph for the record industry ever since we crossed over into our brave new 21st century Web 2.0 world: quality independant labels like Dirty Bird show just how much you should ignore them.


And if this kind of wonky tech is your thing, check out the up'n'coming Shonky, featured in the great art zine, Bang Bang Berlin, which while your at it should also satisfy your craving for all things Berlin

Shonky - www.myspace.com/shonkar

Bang Bang Berlin magazine:

Catch Claude Von Stroke in The Button Factory on June 27th thatnks to Night Flighthttp://dirtybirdrecords.com/audio/mixes/CVS_MIX.mp3


MAXXIMIX 1 is here!

pic courtesy of dublin streets
The first in a series of mixes from the CLIMAXXX DJs is chockers full of Bass, Riddims, Raps and Breaks to get you all wet. Its got Baltimore, Baile Funk, Hip Hop, Oldschool and Ghetto Tech from artists like Tittsworth, DJ Assault, Duke Dumont, Santogold, Earth, Wind and Fire and The Ragga Twins. Stream it here.
Download it here.
Check out the last track, Esau Mwamwaya dropping some vocals over MIA. He moved over to the UK from Malawi a few years ago and met Radioclit in the furniture store he works in, they laid down some tracks and are now working on an album. A happy little story and a happy little track.
Here it is:
Tengazako (Radioclit's Paper Planes Edit) - Esau Mwamwaya


DJ Marky at Stereotonic

I used to have a pretty strong dislike of drum and bass, thinking it too hard to dance to. Then two things happened, I heard DJ Hype's Fabric CD and I saw Brazilian legend DJ Marky at the first Garden Party. Now I am sure purists will see these as Drum and Bass for the masses but hey, its the kind I like. Markys set at GP was phenomenal, there was no way you couldn't get your shuffle on. Plenty of recognisable samples and remixes for the non crusties and this along with with his unique flair behind the decks (upside down scratching!) means anyone would be hard pressed not to be impressed no matter what your taste. Marky plays Stereotonic this Friday courtesy of the nice people at Bodytonic, Reach and 174 who also have provided us with 2 double passes to give away- to enter the draw tell me where Marky is from- easy! answers to onechewlove@gmail.com
DJ Marky 'Its The Way' ft mc stamina (dodgey youtube link)
and another rough vid to give you an idea of the kind of crowd reaction to expect:
Marky live at Skol Beats -snow patrol remix

Booka Shade, Santogold, Boy 8 Bit, Climaxxx DJs

No Take Back Sundays this week as The Pod/Crawdaddy is being taken over by the Soundtrack 08 Festival for the Bank Holiday. And what a takeover it is! In Crawdaddy, the first chance to catch Santogold and Boy 8 Bit in Ireland. Evil Nine will be doing their breaks thing in The Pod and Booka Shade will be performing up in Tripod and as its access all areas you will be able to roam wild and free to get your German techno on if you so wish. Mammoth stuff! Check out KevMaxxx's post on Santogold for more on her. Boy 8 bit has been signed up to Diplo's Mad Decent label after churning out some stellar remix work lately. His mix of South Rakkas Crew 'Mad Again' is also featured on the latest Climaxxx mix. Climaxxx DJS hold court in the Lobby Bar all night too and we have got a few passes to giveaway too. To enter just tell me which country Boy 8 Bit is from. Answers here: onechewlove@gmail.com
Boy 8 Bit - Fogbank (zshare)
South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (boy 8-bit remix) (zshare)
Mika - Lollipop (boy 8-bit remix) (zshare)


Machines Don't Care - Full Track List Announced

Machines Don't Care is a new collaborative project from the biggest names in the big bass scene right now. Its pretty amazing really, all these artists working together, like a who's who of current club/blog faves. Herve, Sinden, Toddla T, Trevor Loveys, Fake Blood, Serocee, Drop the Lime, Affie Yusef and Ireland's own Detboi! These guys have taken the typical fidgity Dubsided sound and mashed it up to fook with Bassline, Raggae, Oldskool Rave, Dancehall, Hip Hop and Garage sounds to create the sound of summer 08. This is gonna be huge and understandably the lads are doing their best to prevent leaks but they released a 12 minute mix a while back with snippets of a lot of the tracks on it. check it here:
MDC Mini Mix (zshare)
Track listing for album:
Afro Jacker (Herve and Sinden)
Beat Bang (Herve and Trevor Loveys)
Drop It to The Floor (Herve, Sinden and Fake Blood)
Badman (Herve, Toddla T and Serocee)
Spycatcher (Herve and Drop The Lime)
Jugs (Sinden and Detboi)
Trouble on the Floor (Trevor Loveys and Fake Blood)
On a Roll Man (Herve, Trevor Loveys and Affie Yusef)
Junk (Herve and Trevor Loveys)
How Ya'll Like Me Now (Detboi and Toddla T)
Soundboy Massive (Herve and Detboi)
Its released on July 7th and is gonna blow bass bins all over the world as well as ignite the hype machine!

See em' live!
Detboi in Andrews Lane on the 28th June.
Count (aka Herve) & Sinden at Electric Picnic in September.


Midnight Juggernauts, Bang Gang, Late of the Pier, Climaxxx DJs

A pretty spectacular line up in the POD this Sunday . As part of Soundtrack 08 you can catch Australia' s Midnight Juggernauts, Late of the Pier and the legendary Bang Gang DJs (Ajax, Jaime Doom, Dangerous Dan, Gus da Hoodrat & DJ Damage) all under one roof. I heard the MJs play down under and caught Bang Gang in London a couple of times last year too, they always throw a good party. Late Of The Pier I will let speak for themselves with their quality video.

This is an early show (doors at 8) so don't fret about missing work on Monday and don't fret none about the the modest €15 ticket price because the best part is we have 3 pairs of tickets to give away! To enter just tell me which city Bang Gang come from.
answers to onechewlove@gmail.com
CLIMAXXX DJs then continue to Take Back Sundays in the POD straight after.


Ace of Bass

I know it's not even halfway through the year yet, but I've already cast my vote for Album 0f 2008.
21 year old Londoner Beni Uthman, aka Benga, was responsible for the biggest dubstep anthem of 2007, the infectious 'Night' (a joint effort with Coki, one half of DMZ). Some of you may have caught him when he played his Irish debut at Sibín festival a few weekends ago.
Now his highly anticipated album, Diary of an Afro Warrior, looks set to do for dubstep what Roni Size's 'New Forms' did for drum and bass, and bring the genre from the underground to the mainstream.
A work of incredible confidence and maturity, the album's tremendous crossover appeal lies in Benga's wide-ranging influences, from hip hop, electro breaks, wobbly bass, minimal techno and house.
Stand-out track '26 Basslines' features the most epic deep, groaning bass I've ever heard - listening to it loud gives you that weird vibrato in your throat and a shiver down your spine. Likewise, atmospheric closing track 'Loose Synths' has an ethereal quality somewhat reminiscent of some tracks on 'New Forms', with the titular synths squelching over skittering beats.
A ground-breaking, beautiful album that represents an evolution in dubstep. And the typography on the cover is also beautiful. Good shit outta Benga.

26 Basslines (zshare) (YSI)

Loose Synths (zshare) (YSI)


Do you believe in Santogold?

The girl everyone is talking about, Miss Santi White, who just released her debut album, is stopping by Crawdaddy June the 1st. Whether you believe she is is the new M.I.A. (she ain't), or believe the hype (which might just be justified), or are willing to take the word of her collaborators Diplo, Switch, Spank Rock, and Sinden, this is a show worth checking out.

To celebrate, here is a round up of mp3s and remixes, including the soon to be anthemic XXXchange remix of L.E.S. Artistes. As a bonus, check out XXXchange's remix of Thom Yorke's Eraser, an overlooked gem from this Spank Rock protogeé.

Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes (XXXchange remix) (zShare)

Santogold - Creator (Scottie B remix) (zShare)

Santogold - Your Voice (zShare)

Thom Yorke - The Eraser (XXXchange remix) (zShare)

...and check out her myspace here.


Diplo - Percao

New video from Diplo for "Percao". There's nothing better than some Brazillian lady rap. Puta que Pariu!


Showcase O' Base 08 with A$$quake!

This Friday in the Button Factory the A$$QUAKE Krew take over and they have manged to get Irish boy done good, Detboi to headline. Detboi is causing massive waves all over the place with his bassline driven tracks and remixes. He has collaborated with Sinden and Herve and is one of the few producers around at the moment who is really creating his own sound. 08 will be this mans year. Keep it here for an interview very soon. He will be joined by A$$quakers' Ilinja & Slik Blik as well as CLIMAXXX chief designer Mixmaster mac E.
We got a few guest list slots to give away too, if ou want a shot at winning one, just mail me your name to the usual place onechewlove@gmail.com
If you havent yet experienced an A$QUAKE, get it together and get on down this Friday!
Here is a little taster of what to expect:
Detboi - "Come Rest Up"
Check out his mix for Sindens Kiss FM show recently.
Detboi - "Detboi: Sinden KISS Mix"
and Kidda remix
Kidda - "Smile" (Detboi Remix)


Monsieur Oizo et moi c'est Dimanche

A rare chance to catch one of Ed Banger's more experienced signings this weekend up at the Tivoli. Everyone of course knows Mr Oizo from Flat Beat and that ad but his new material is by far the most original stuff to come out on Ed Banger. Check out Patrick 122 and the track the sample came from below. Since Flat Beat he has also directed a feature film, the soundtrack of which comes from himself, Sébastien Tellier & SebastiAn.
I shall be on warm up and I have two tickets to give away too, to enter, just tell me the name of the little head banger who appeared in that ad and later the video for Flat Beat. Answers to: onechewlove@gmail.com
Mr. Oizo - Patrick 122
Garys Gang - Do It At The Disco.mp3 (used in Patrick 122)
Jamie Lidell - Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mr. Oizo Remix)

Global Ghettotech Number 1- Baile Funk

Welcome to the first in a series of musical explorations into the sounds from the global underground sneaking their way mainstream. Sometimes referred to as 'Global Ghettotech' or 'Po-Co House', these sounds usually originate in the poorest areas of the poorest cities and fuse traditional sounds with modern influences to create club music that captures the energy of the local party scene. Over the next few months we will look at some of these styles and the hype around them that has attracted the attention of DJs and media types alike.

First stop, the melting pot that is Brazil. Most of us are down with Brazilian music already, go to any major city and you can find a Samba class most nights of the week. Bossa Nova has been popular since "The Girl From Ipanema" walked by back in 1962 and the fact that Nouvelle Vague can shift huge amounts of the stuff nearly 50 years later is testament to the genre's appeal. Tropicalia too is still popular, think of Austin Power's opening credits in swinging London for a reminder. The influence of these styles is heard everywhere in club music, from Drum and Bass to house and as Mr Iljan says, now Grime too.

Nowadays some more contemporary styles are finding their way into the crates and hard drives of DJs around the world and they ain't being watered down or merely sampled either. Baile Funk was the first true Global Ghettotech phenomenon and after a few years of growing popularity, Baile or Carioca Funk went truly mainstream last year with Bonde De Role achieving massive European success. The sound is considered the illegitimate child of Miami Bass and was fostered in the mid eighties when local DJs like DJ Marlboro dropped 2 Live Crew and Africa Bambatta in the Favela parties and the crowds went nuts. The seeds were sewn and over the next few years Baile Funk emerged cutting up samples and pairing them with rhymes about life in the favelas, often about drugs, nearly always about sex. Never glorifying the former but always the latter. As you may have guessed, there ain't much money in the favelas, so Baile Funk was and still is usually made on ancient cracked copies of Acid that would be shared around the Favelas, giving it that lo-fi, raw sound. They still manage to capture the energy of the parties (Bailes) though, where tales of girls getting pregnant just by dancing are not uncommon.

The sound was given a hefty boost onto the global dance floor when Diplo (who was mentored on all things Favela by Marlboro) used Deize Tigrona's baile funk track "Injeção" for MIA's Bucky Done Gun in 2005. He had already recorded a mixtape of Baile tracks titled Favela on Blast the year previous and went on to sign Bonde De Role to his Mad Decent label.

Probably more responsible then any for the globalisation of the sound though, is German journalist, DJ and record label boss Daniel Hacksmann who released a compilation in 2004 titled Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats after hearing a mixtape a friend brought back from Rio. Not long after, he founded Man Recordings and helped Brazilian Funk big wigs like DJ Sandhrino, Sany Pitbull and Edu-K reach global audiences with his Baile Funk Masters series. He also hooked Brazilian MCs up with producers like Scottie B, Crookers and Jesse Rose for the Funk Mundial series, helping the scenes local stars reach worldwide audiences and earn a few quid on the way.

So the 'Funk' has gone truly global, what's next? Within the country, other sounds like like Axé and Forro are popular but both have been around for a while and stayed quite regional and they certainly lack the punch to cut it globally. As for the Funk, non-Brazilian artists like German MC Gringo and Japan's Tigarah are bringing their own twist to things so no doubt more people will adapt it to their local style and by the time I go to write next month's article I will be researching Konichi-Funk from Tokyo or how about some Baile Baile from Crumlin.

Lingo for a Gringo:

Baile = Party

Favela = slums in the hills around Rio.

Carioca = person who lives in a Favela

Bunda = ass

Popozuda = a girl with a big ass

Daquele Jeito = an expression meaning "that's the way you do it".


Rio Baile Breaks Juggle

Take one Baile Breaks record, give it to 3 different DJ's. This is what you get:
Check out the guy at the end, I never saw nobody do that before.

and while we are on the subject, here is Irish legend Tu-Ki in action, juggling some tracks you might find familiar.