Halloween in Dubblein Town

Been very light on the posts this week, the Bank Holiday took it out of me, loads on the weekend ahead, this is what we will be up to at camp climaXXX:

Tonight climaXXX will be down at Mr Jones in the Twisted Pepper. I will be joined by Brazilian DJ Marina, who will be schooling us on all things Brazil. Expect lots of Booty Shakin' beats.

ClimaXXX Vs Mr Jones in the Twisted Pepper tonight from 11pm

Tomorrow night Partie Monster is back, this time it's Rí-Rá that will be scared witless. The theme this time around is a dead Hollywood Ball, Dave Salacious will be providing the sounds, outrageous attire is recommended.

Partie Monster #4 at Rí-Rá Friday from 11pm

DJ Derek is playing in the Shaw on Sat, highlight of the weekend for me, a 70 year old pensioner with the voice and record colection to rival many dancehall MCs. All the info is here, check the vid for an idea.

DJ Derek
Saturday in the Bernard Shaw from 9pm

Radioclit are in the Button Factory on Saturday as part of Transmission, read up on Radioclit here and drop me an email here here if you want to try win one of two passes. These guys are gonna do well for themselves next year with the African flavour they have been pushing for some time, expect to hear a lot more about them very soon.

Radioclit at Transmission (Button Factory) Saturday 1st November, 11pm


Chromeo & Surface To Air Tee Released

We know there are a few Chromeo fans among the ClimaXXX readership so just in case you haven't heard already, the pair have teamed up with French design house Surface To Air to create their own line for the fashion brand. As a little 'tee-ser' S2A have released this leggy tee (pictured) featuring the album artowrk and logo but we can look forward to the actual Chromeo collection early next year. P-Thugg had this to say: “I’m going to do a varsity jacket and a hoodie, and Dave is going to do a Western shirt and a jacket, we’re going to create pieces that match our style.”
The band already teamed up with S2A on the video for Tenderoni and the cover of the Fancy Footwork Album, check them out on the S2A site here.


Attack of the Zomby

Here is some dub suitably dark and spooky to get you in the mood for Halloween. London based Zomby has a unique sound that melds and fuses various elements from grime, dancehall, bassline, jungle, old-skool rave, kuduro, 8-bit and dub to produce haunting, bubbling bass sounds that, if you crank 'em up enough, are very dance-able (though you may find yourself with a strange urge to do so in the dark in front of a Final Fanstasy III on the SNES).

Zomby is a staple of the London dub scene, and his sonic adventures have won him big praise from Burial and the boys over at Mad Decent, among others. He has raved and MCed round London for years, and is also contributing Music Editor and one of our fave magazines, SuperSuper (for all you Dublin dub heads, SuperSuper is exclusively available in Circus Store and Gallery).

His album Where Were U in 92 is out on Werk Discs on October 24th, just in time to get you killed, raised from the dead, and ready to haunt the hell out of Halloween.

Check out Zomby's Hyperdub mix for Radio 1 here.

Zomby myspace here.


Radioclit & Esau Mwamwaya - The Very Best

Radioclit have just released a new mixtape with Malawi born Esau Mwamwaya to celebrate their forthcoming album. You may have heard Esau singing over a Paper Planes dub a while back (indeed I posted it here back in June) or heard his awesome take on Boyz in Diplo's I like Turtles Mix. The threesome were united when Radioclit met Esau in the furniture store near their studio some two years ago. They became fast friends and started working on tracks together, the pair inviting Easu to sing over tracks they had made for artists like MIA and Kano. Not long after they realised they had the makings of an album and set to work completing a full 15 track opus. The album will feature collaborations with MIA, Santogold, Marina (Gasolina) and Vampire Weekend and is out early 2009. The pair say that although they push a lot of African music with their own production work, they didn't need to on the album as Esau's voice took care of that side of things.
The mixtape which wasn't due out till Nov 1st has been leaked and is available here. It features Esau doing his thang over the likes of Michael Jackson, Architecture in Helsinki and as you would expect a bit of MIA and Santo too. Check the myspace for updates.

The Very Best - Will You Be There (Michael Jackson and Esau blend)


Secousse Live

Radioclit play the Button Factory on the 1st November as part of Transmission. We have two tickets up for grabs- send your name to the
usual email
to be in with a shot.


2 Passes for Joey Negro Up For Grabs

From the people who brought you the recent Kerri Chandler gig in the Tivoli comes another House music legend, Joey Negro. By all accounts the Chandler gig went off (even if it took a while) and the nice chap even played at a house party for hours after too. If this gig goes half as well it should be a cracker. Joey Negro has been releasing tunes since 1990 and is responsible for those huge tracks Raven Maize and American Dream as well as looking after Z Records which has seen some great releases through the years. If you would like to win a pass to this gig just drop me a mail with your name and Joeys name in it to onechewlove@gmail.com.
Surface present Joey Negro at the Tivoli, Bank Holiday Sunday 26th October.


climaXXX make a visit to Le Cirque

Le Cirque started in Spy St William St a few weeks ago with one aim in mind, to make fun, decadent weekly parties for people who like to get creative. I was down at the opening night and have to say, they fulfilled their mission. Lady Jane is the ring leader and each week she gets a few local heads down to help out. This week it's my turn and I shall be bringing a bag full of bangers (musical ones, not blackcats) to the Le Cirque massif. Doors are at 11 but soundcheck is on before hand with Quigo, UnaRocks and Sarah Fox so pop in early and make a decent night out of it.
ClimaXXX at LE Cirque, Thursday 23rd at Spy, €5 in.

DJ Sandrihno Come to Dublin

A true Baile Funk master, DJ Sandrihno makes his Irish debut this Friday in the Sth William as part of the DEAF festival. Sandrinho been DJ-ing since he was a ten year old growing up in Rio's violent favela do Borel. He went on to become one of the worlds biggest funk producers amd DJs with skills that rival a lot of DMC competitors. He mixes up loads of styles in his sets, hip-hop, samba as well as the funk and uses an MPC to create live tracks too. This combination of technical skills to keep the nerds happy and funk to keep the ladies happy (which in turn keeps me happy) make this gig a dead cert this Friday. It's free in too so get down early to get a good dancin' spot.

DEAF & Disco-Brasil present DJ Sandrihno at the Sth William, Friday 24th October, €0!


Banksy's New New York Show

Banksy's Amimatronic Pet Playground

That boy Banksy has opened his first official show in NYC but there aint a stencil in sight. Instead he has used animations to create a little pet shop of horrors where you can browse the selection of processed meat pets and accesories and cop the ancient Tweetie Bird all depressed and molted in his cage. There is also a monkey (laugh now but one day they'll be in charge) in a cage watching some animal porn with a copy of National Geographic and beer at hand and a fur coat Jaguar in a tree. There is a processed meats section featuring some Hot Dogs doing it Hot Doggy style which has apparently generated a few complaints and a couple of chicken nuggets pecking at a small ketchup container. Banksy said "I wanted to make art that questioned our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming but it ended up as chicken nuggets singing." There are actors playing the role of shop assistants and while nothing is on sale yet, with some of his work going for well over 100,000 dollars to the like of Brad Pitts and his Hollywood chums, no doubt some of it will be on sale eventually.


Bi-Co-Po-Co House

I have been asked by bodytonicmusic.com to write a monthly piece on the rise of New World Music taking in Brazil, Columbia, the US, the Balkans, Africa and maybe some more along the way. The lads tell me if things really take off they will put mo on the bodytonic jet and fly me to these places so do send some feedback their way. First stop on my imaginary travels is Brazil, the article just went up here and you can see it in all its glory including links, here on the blog.
Other related climaxx articles:
P0-Co House
New World Music Pt 1
New World Music Pt 2

Bodytonic and POD to part ways.

Here is a Picture of a Dog

POGO will move to the brand new Twisted Pepper this Saturday to end what has been a sometimes frayed relationship between the BodyTonic lads and POD HQ. After the fiasco that was the BT area of the Electric Picnic and a general lack of communication relations between the two are said to have deteriorated and the BT lads have called it a day. With a big job ahead of them in The Twisted Pepper it's probably just as well they can now concentrate solely on that. Had some good days in POGO@ Pod but it will be nice to move on to new things.
This means that the Yuksek gig and Streeotonic will take place in the Twisted Pepper this weekend.


Flamin' Widget-y Do Dah!

This time from Aussie Band Children Collide. The Melbourne 3 piece are a bit of a stray from what we normally cover here on climaXXX what with all their flange-y guitar work but apparently grunge is soooo the next big thing so not to get left behind, here is a magic box full of CC info including some free MP3s.

Children Collide on myspace & band website


Dublin this Weekend...

Some great options out there for the weekend ahead in DubLand. Lets have a little look now at what's on offer.

A$$QUAKE 2nd Birthday with Tittsworth
ClimaXXX favourites A$$QUAKE celebrate their 2nd Birthday this Friday and to help get the party crunk they have enlisted the talented Mr Tittsworth.
Tittsworth is responsible for a lot of the better Baltimore Mash Ups you hear about the place and has worked on original material with the likes of Kid Sister and Pase Rock. Definitly one of the Baltimore Big-Wigs, with the AQ residents it tow this should be a great night.
Also in the building are the 174 DnB crew with Wobble and MC Rungus and Don Rosco and Richie from !kaboogie.

To promote his recent album, Titts put together this mashed up mix:
See more Titts at: www.tittsworth.com www.myspace.com/titts

Space Camp 2nd Birthday at Night Flight.
NightFlight in Button Factory help another underground promoter celebrate their 2nd Birthday too, yes it's now 2 years since Space Camp commenced ignition sequence and the residents will be joined by Polaroid Djs for a night of cosmic niceties this Friday to celebrate. Space Camp should also win some sort of prize for picking the most pun-friendly name ever. The writers of the Price is Right must be mad jealous.

Rubberband and One Track present Style of Eye.
Al Keegan's new night Rubberband has joined forces with OneTrack to bring over one of Dirty Bird's finest, Stlyle Of Eye. Definitly one to watch for next year, this lads eclectic influences are evedent in his productions, check out the track for a look-see/hear. Fans of the old Wonky tech should definitly drop by to hear this lad on Spy's Funtion One. If you are unfamiliar with the Dirty Bird sound check out Kev's post here for a litle guide.
More on the gig over at Rubberbandspace.
POGO present Yuksek in the Twisted Pepper.
Yuksek is probably the most exciting dance music producer to come out of France in the last three years. Way ahead of that Ed Banger possie, his talents in the studio are equally matched in the DJ booth, delivering exciting and fresh sounding sets every time. Check out the video below for a taster. One of Intitubes signings, alongside Brodinski and Surkin, these lads have been quietly building up a repertiore of diverse mixes in Ed Bangers shadow for the last few years. Now the Ed Banger wave has crashed, it's time for these boys to shine.


More on the gig at Bodytonicmusic

So, that's it. Up to you what to see, we do have passes for all four gigs though, if you would like to try and win one, send a mail to onechewlove@gmail.com with the gig you fancy and your full name and I will pick them at random. Comp closes at 6pm Friday.

KT-80's Genre Generator

Fidget House. Jesse Rose and Hervé said it as a joke and now it's a real thing that people say out loud when asked what they're into. It sounds like a detention center for ADD kids. So many emergent music styles, so few obscure lists of seemingly incongruent words thrown together with hyphens-up-the-yin-yang to describe them.

At the risk of sounding like my dad going on about when he was young and it snowed all the time and he didn't see an orange 'til he was 7, I used to be into electro. Now I am made to feel like an utter fool if I'm not into the latest avant-electro experimental Detroit-death-jazz or industrial-Italo ninja-fire-boogie.

It smacks of the straw-clutchings of a real estate type attempting to big up some awful gaf - I'm really loving this spacious 3 bedroom Scandi-pitch turbo-swamp house - with gazebo beats and cobble-locked ragga soul. Really? Why, I'm into this tastefully re-modelled stabbed-up neuro-funk - its cosy, old-world bassline charm and semi-detached ghetto-mash does it for me.

Sheesh. Can we not just all talk like normal people and bring back electro?

To show how ridiculous it all is I think we should try to beat them at it and make up the most preposterous genre names ever and try to get them into common parlance. Suggestions anyone? I'm going with 'Bi-Co Po-Co ECLECTRO' - Why yes, that IS bi-continental, post-colonialist eclectic electro, thanks for asking. It's ace and it sounds like this:

DJ Mujava - Township Funk
Township Funk is out now on download.
Buy from iTunes / Bleep.com / Beatport / Juno.

Image and Words by KT-80


Diesel Turns Heads at 30

This video has been doing the rounds for a few weeks now but still cracks me up. Dieslel took an idea originally by SafeForWorkPorn and turned out this great ad for their XXX music festival celebrating their big 3 0. It provoked a mixed reaction from some in the advertising game for just ripping off SFW-XXX but the idea has been around for a while. The Diesel execs just upped it a notch and bettered them all with the live action. Certainly a great viral. Diesel would have to pay me a lot of money to get me put a regular non-porn/hilarious ad.

The festival is happening as I type, you can watch some of it live over here.

The same director also made the video for Fatboy Slims latest project The Brighton Port Authoritys single Toe Jam. He certainly found a very novel way to watch porn without p1ssing off the wife, I wonder how much 'research' he had to do before hand though.

Tetric Get the A1 treatment

A1 Bassline makes his Irish debut this week at Tetric. One of the main men behind the Niche or Bassline revival, A1 lit the blogs up earlier this year and brought the sound to a whole new audience. Up till about a year ago, not many outside the north of England had heard the stuff, now it's everywhere and its influence can be heard in other genres too. particularly, the bouncin', jackin' sound championed by Sinden and Co.
If you still aint sure what the hell bassline is, then cop your ears on this, it's a pretty good example of the stuff:
More on A1 (including a few tunes) over on:

A1 myspace



Wasn't that impressed when I saw this on TV a while back, it's pretty hit and miss, Jafooli is well worth a look though, unfortunately they haven't allowed embedding for him so you will have to hit the jump below. In the mean time here is George with some serious monies.

Watch This:
Jafooli - So Cool-ey


A Golden Age...

One from the vaults here, I was 6 when this was first released and not so down with my east coast Hip Hop, so I think I only properly became aware of it about two years ago when I downloaded a 1989 radio show by DJ Red Alert in New York.
It's been rolling around my head since then, and the other day while practicing my Yo Gabba Gabba beatbox, (see below) I saw a link to the video. It tells of a simpler time when Hip Hop stars had to worry about gettin' the girls and sometimes didn't even win them in the end. Unlike now with all their ' bitch, hoe, cracked out-dirty-skank-ass-bitch, shove-it-up-your-wotsit' nonsense.

Biz Markie - Just a Friend

and now for Biz's Beat of The Day:


DJ Koze comp for Friday in Spy.

As if there wasn't enough to do on Friday night, now thanks to Remedy, we can add a pair of Koze tickets to our little haul of booty. (strange using 'booty' in that context here)
Germany’s DJ of the year 3 years in a row Koze is often thought of as the 'DJs DJ'. Indeed Micky Mayer, Miss Kittin and Ricardo Villalobos all cite Koze as one of their favourite Djs. That's pretty high praise if you are into the techno scene. Independent sources can vouch for the mans credentials too, apparently according to some non-Remedy sources his last couple of shows here blew the crowd away. The show is only a tenner in for students of Trinity and DIT but for climaXXX readers it could be even cheaper, so cheap you wont have to pay anything.
If you would like to win a ticket, just mail
with Koze in the subject bar and I will put your name in the hat.

DJ Koze: Friday Oct 10th at Spy, South William Street, Dublin


All Night Long with Prins Thomas

Strap on your jet packs and get ready to take off this Friday when Prins Thomas arrives to play Night Flight at the Button Factory. The Night Flight boys have been putting on some of Dublin's best nights since they started this summer, bringing over the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Aeroplane, and Todd Terje, and Prins Thomas should be no exception when he plays all night long in an immense 5-hour set.

Prins Thomas is a bit of a Norwegian musical polymath, releasing his own music as well as working as a producer, remixer, record boss of his Full Pupp and Internasjonal labels, and collaborator with compatriot Hans-Peter Lindstrom, with whom he is responsible for pioneering the nu-disco/cosmic disco/space disco sound. Not that Prins Thomas himself is too bothered about genres: "It could have been a lot worse than nu-disco or cosmic disco…. I’m just happy it’s not called syrup or crunk or something really stupid like that." (from a Resident Advisor interview, check it here).

As with all things in life, we think its best for you to listen and make up your own mind. So have a listen to some of the tracks below, as well as his absolutely storming Essential Mix with Lindstrom, and if you are around Dublin town, get your ass down to the Button Factory this Friday. We've got two passes to give away too help you along: shoot a mail to
with your name to be in with a chance. Failing that, tickets are on sale now here.

Prins Thomas - Goettsching (zShare)

Justus Koencke - Elan (Prins Thomas Remix) (zShare)
Lindstrom - Grand Ideas (Prins Thomas Edit) (zShare)
Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - BBC Essential Mix (Megaupload)

Get Mad Again This Wednesday

Massive gig this Wednesday in the Button Factory with South Rakkas Crew making their Irish debut down at Tetric. SRC's recent EP on Diplo's Mad Decent was a huge crossover hit, with remixes by Fake Blood, DJ Sega and Jokers of The Scene. The fact that SRC predominantly make dancehall is another telling sign of the cross pollination of club music. (Leave it up to Diplo to get things mad) This gig is definitly one for the Hip Hop boys just as much as the electro heads.
I first heard of the Rakkas Crew when I picked up Switch's Lilly Allen LDN 12" mix and found their delightful 'Crack Whore Riddim' on the flip. I still play out the 'Crack Whore' mix regularly but have since added Mad Again to my repertoire. Emynd's mix still adds maximum float to my boat with it's old school piano chords and cheeky break before the final chorus.
I have been tasked with the warm up and haven't been as excited about a gig in a long time. SRC will bring something fresh to Dublin, get down on Wednesday to catch a piece and you can declare to prefer their earlier stuff next summer when your mates all catch on.

We have two passes to giveaway too, just drop me an email with your name and I will do my best. Winners will be picked at random by throwing of a virtual bouquet.


Surface present Kerri Chandler- Win a Ticket.

We don't cover much straight up House music here at climaXXX but when we heard Kerri Chandler was coming to Dublin we thought maybe it was time to get diversified.
Kerri comes courtesy of Surface, a new monthly taking place in The Tivoli focusing on House, disco, soul and funk. Concentrating on the 'Godfathers of House' and avoiding the typical cheese merchants so prevalent in the scene, other guests include Joey Negro and Tony Humphries. One nice feature about this night is that the main act will play a warm up set in the Groovement room as well as the main room giving them a chance to let loose with the experimental and more left field stuff.
Their first guest is Mr Kerri Chandler, a true pioneer of House music since back in the early 90's when he was part of the movement that spawned House music as we know it from NYC.

The show takes place this Friday the 10th in The Tivoli and support comes from Ireland's own 'Dancefloor Don' Billy Scurry.
To win a ticket just tell me the name of 3 types of house (igloo, stable etc) answers to onechewlove@gmail.com

Visit Surface on Myspace and Facebook.


Synth Eastwood

Synth Eastwood returns this month with its biggest show to date. The collective will take over FilmBase, The Button Factory and Meeting House Square in Dublin's Temple Bar on the 24th October.
'What the devil is a Synth Eastwood?' I hear you cry. Only a chance for non-arty and arty people alike to get the creative juices flowing and have their work exhibited for all to see. The show its self is as the guys say, more like a gig then an exhibition with guest bands and DJs playing as well as performances by the Synth Eastwood band, who play tracks created using samples submittted by you and me.
This time round the theme is 'Cycles' so you can either create an image or a sample of audio inspired by this theme.
The project is non-profit and open to people all over the world, just think of an idea and send it in.
Closing date for applications is 13th October so you still have a few days to get the crayons/keyboards out.
Check the site for more info and past work.


In Flagranti meet Arveene and Misk

Exclusive one right here, forthcoming on the Kitsune label it's Arveene and Misk's mix of In Flagranti's Business Acumen. The boys have done a fantastic job on this adding a new dimension to an already great track with a wah guitar loop and soaring synth line, funking up the track good and propper and beefing up the breakdown no end too.
Kitsune seemed to loose a bit of steam with their last two Maison compilations, getting lost in blur of distorted electro. The new Maison compilation is due out on October 27th and is billed as 'the melodic one' so it seems they know what needs to be done. A few more releases like this should help get them back on course.

In Flagranti - Bisiness Acumen (Arveene and Misk's business acid remix)


IN FLAGRANTI - Business Acumen (Original Mix)

Arveene is resident at Clampdown in Dublin, check the myspace for other dates.
The Kitsune tour lands in Dublin on 29th November, more details to follow!


Don Rimini in Dublin tonight...

French electro star Don Rimini is playing Tetric at the Button Factory tonight. Dublin electro fans should catch this master of the genre while he is in town to see how it should be done. The Tetric lads have shown again with this booking why they are gaining reputation as the best mid-week club in the city. To top it off it's only a measly €8 in too so stop your whining and get on it!

Major Lazer

Diplo and Switch certainly live the life, hugly succesfull DJs/producers in their own right, last year they joined forces and headed to Jamiaca to explore their Rasta roots. Diplo being a skinny white kid from Philly and Switch being a baldy, beardy ginge from Birmingham the locals were a bit dubious about their Dancehall credentials but the pair prooved their worth in the studio and recorded with artists like Elephant Man, Gyptian and T.O.K
Major Lazer is the result and it is well tasty! Check out a couple of the tracks on the recent Mad Decent Podcast here and on the over on the myspace. The had their debut peformance at last months Notting Hill Carnival where Santogold dropped by for an imprmtu PA and by all reports Toddla T tore the place apart (pics here). Keep an eye for news on the EP at Mad Decent.

Diplo on XLR8R TV talking about Jamicia