The absolute highlight of the Bacardi B-Bar at both Oxegen and the Electric Picnic, Beardyman is one talented and charming young man. For those who haven't seen him, he is basically a beatboxer but even cooler. Using 2 Korg Chaos Pads he loops, multi-tracks and FX's the bejaysis out of his voice to make original tracks that cover Hip-Hop, reggae, techno, drum and bass and just about anything else that takes his fancy. His ability to switch between these styles is what makes him so exciting, sometimes starting with a slow vocal loop and turning it into a pounding drum and bass or techno monstor in a couple of minutes. He is also a very funny fella and a bit of a charmer, girls will swoon but I can never do him justice so will leave him show you what it's all about here.

That video combines the efforts the beardy lad and mater video editor Mr Hopkinson.
Also worth a look is his showcase at the Beatbox Championships this year.
Catch Beardyman at the Twisted Pepper this Friday, 28th November at The Twisted Pepper Dublin.

Win one of two tickets to see Beardyman this week right here, send an email to the usual address with your name and favourite type of facial hair and we will choose one at random.


Big Dish Go 3rd Birthday Party

One of Dublins most consistently interesting nights for the last few years, Big Dish Go celebrate their 3rd birthday this weekend with what will probably go down as one of the greatest double headers Dublin will ever see. Andy Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe will go back to back for 6 hours while the BDG residents along with Jon Averill and Calvin James will hold the fort upstairs.
I spoke to young Conor Feeny, organiser of the night briefly to ask him about the last three years.

CLMX - What has been your favourite night so far?
CF - The best Atmosphere for me was the 1st Birthday with Le Bien, Mano and Jazzy Jazzhands McSaxophone, gig was sold out by 11.30 and full of smiles all night.
CLMX - What about musically, you have had some amazing guests, who has stood out?
CF - Although every night the music has been amazing, I would have to say last month with Luke Vibert, Calvin James and Evlis, everybody was on the money from the word go that night, excellent stuff.
CLMX - What makes BDG stand out from all the other club nights out there right now?
CF - Well, since day 1 we have encouraged all our DJ's to dig deep into their record collections, the policy has been two fingers being shown to a set music policy which meant lots of great one off sets have been played to an up for it crowd every time.
CLMX: Nice one, well, happy birthday, any last comments?
CF - We're really looking forward to this weekend, fri and sat are going to be super rocking. There is a little bit of something there for all types of electronic music lovers between both our gigs. Make sure to get to the underground early on sat doors are 8 and weatherall and smagghe will be playing from 9... don't be disappointed, it's been two years in the making!

There you go, should be whopper, Friday sees Ireland's Darth Vader of the Cross Fader, DJ Flip cuttin' up a storm too. Both great line-ups.

We have one ticket for Saturdays show for ClimaXXX readers here too, drop a mail to the usual address and we will pick a winner at random.


Chewy Chocolate Cookies & Data in Wax this Week

The lads of Chemistry have been banging out the Electro and indie jams for over a year now down the sweaty basement of Wax Sth William St. My first visit was waaaaay back when I popped in to see Feadz tear the place apart as well as open my eyes to the sizable young crowd of mentalists that populate our fair city mid-week. Since then they have had Teenage Bad Girl, Kavinsky, Super Extra Bonus Party, Deadbots and the illustrious Warlords Of Pez. It's a nice formula with the Chemistry residents backed up by Imelda Marcos and Nicky Coughlan keeping the two rooms of Spy and Wax bumpin' week to week.

This week they have electro heavy hitters in the form of chewychocolatecookies and DatA. Lovers of bangin' electro will love this, get their recent NLLR mix into you for a kick start to the week.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies for NLLR
TEPR - Minuit Jacuzzi (DatA Remix)

Chewy Chocolate Cookies and DatA @ Chemistry, Spy/Wax, 19th November 10pm.

If you would like to win a ticket to this show, drop a mail to the usual address with your name in big letters and I will choose two random winners.


The 90s are back... already

2 Unlimited
Survived a horrific car crash in which
both members were killed.

So it's official - the 90s are the new 80s, which funnily enough were the new 70s about 15 years ago which means the old 20 year cycle is repeating even earlier then usual. No doubt another consequence of Generation Y's struggle to be one step ahead of the next hipster in world Web 2.0. (Expect an influx of invites to 90s nights all over your facebook and a bombardment of blog posts exactly like this one very soon).

While some retailers (and McDonalds ads) would have you believe the 80s are still hot, a scan through the Hype Machine will show up a world of 90s remixes and originals.
The music is easy to source, the fashion on the other hand is going to be trickier; for the last couple of years I have had regular E-Bayers on the look out for shell suits to no avail, same goes for X-Worx and Eclipse jeans. I managed to get lucky in a couple of charity shops and am now the proud owner of 3 shell suits; the jeans however still evade me.
I put this down to the fact that these fashions were strictly for young teenagers who begged their mostly unwilling parents to buy them, as opposed to larger fashion movements of the 80s such as leg warmers or poofy shirts that were embraced by everyone. This meant that when the fad wore out, parents binned the offensive jeans without giving the kids a say. Essentially wiping out Naf-Naf jackets, carpenter jeans and Hyper Colour tee-shirts forever. A crying shame I am sure you will agree.

Fortunately the music still lives on though, artists like 2 Unlimited, Culture Beat and Gala have all stood the test of time... well, have a special place in our memories anyway. Over the next couple of weeks I will be taking a little look at certain elements of 90s dance culture as best I can, for now here is a reminder of what I am talking about.



Benga Back in Dublin this Friday.

As if there wasn't enough to choose from on Friday night, dubstep supremo Benga is gonna make the choice even harder with his visit to the Twisted Pepper. Hardcore dubstep fans probably scoff at Benga for his cross over appeal, rathering the sound stay in back streets of South London. For people like me who are only really getting into the dubstep sound now, he is the perfect introduction. Mixmaster Mac E wrote about his album 'Diary of An Afro Warrior' waaaay back here and since then the chap has played the Picnic, where he MC'd with Diplo and blew the place apart with his own set. Night will go down as one of the biggest tunes of 08, it made playlists by Dn'B heads, Baltimore heads, 'fidget heads'* and just about everyone else. Here it is below. Along with a sweet Bmore mix. We have tickets for this too, details below.
*Fidget Heads - Sounds like a long lost 90's Board Game.


Freebees for this Weekend in Dublin.

There are a lot of comps runnin' on the blog right now, so just to re-cap if you would like to try win passes to...
Fake Blood in The Twisted Pepper on Thursday
Brodinski and Rex The Dog in Spy on Friday
The Bestival Reunion in The Pod on Friday
Benga in the Twisted Pepper on Friday
Presets on Sunday in The Village on Sunday
Cut Copy DJ set with climaXXX Djs in Crawdaddy on Saturday.
Drop a mail to onechewlove@gmail.com
with your full name and the gig you fancy and I will do my best.
Competitions close at 6pm Thursday!

Presets live and Cut Copy DJ set Tickets Up for Grabs

Man, if I didn't spend so much time writing about free tickets I could definitely get a bit more music up here. Some offers are too good to pass up though. Like The Presets live on Sunday and the Cut Copy DJ set on Saturday in Crawdaddy. The Cut Copy live show earlier on Saturday evening is sold out which bodes well for the DJ set later that night which climaXXX DJs will be warming up for and closing. I can't reccomend the Presets live show enough, they are wicked. Cut Copy DJ set should be a bit of craic too. If you want to see either, drop a mail to the usual address. I will do my best.

Who is Fake Blood?

TOUCHE! Now get over it... Can't knock the marketing strategy though, as I just said Rex The Dog pulled the exact same caper a few years ago, before the rise in blog culture, leaving us to debate his identity on web 'forums'. For over a year now people have been speculating this fellas identity all over the blogs, people could never seem to agree on that but one thing they all agreed on, was the super awesomeness of his music.
Somewhere between Crookers and.... the legions of other producers who sound like Crookers, Fake Blood has earned himself a well deserved place at the top of the blog pops. He would want to have though really with his years of experience as Touche behind him. Mars was one of the biggest dance tracks of the year, expect the place to explode when he drops it at Mr Jones this week. If you would like to witness this for free, drop a mail to the usual place with your full name and the name of the gig and we will do our best.

Fake Blood at Mr Jones, Twisted Pepper, Thursday 13th November

Brodinski and Rex The Dog this Friday in Spy

We have two tickets for this gig up for grabs. Brodinski who I have written gushingly about here before, is one of the leading lights of the French electro scene, I could ramble on about his 'post-justice' classic French attitude or some other crap, but suffice to say his taste in music is far broader than his 20 years on this planet would suggest. Rex The Dog is also there ,haven't heard much from this lad since the Backlash days where his Prototype track was an anthem and his identity was like this years 'Who Is Fake Blood?' conundrum. His recent mix of Goldfrapp went down well though.

If you would like to go see this show, send a mail to onechewlove@gmail.com with your full name and we will pick two at random.


Brodinski In Action
Brodinski and Rex The Dog at Spy, Friday 14th November, 11pm.


Tickets for Besival Reunion Up For Grabs

POD towers have furnished us with two passes for the Bestival reunion this Friday. The full line up is 808 State, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, The Cuban Brothers Florence and The Machine, Sombrero Soundsystem and DJs Tom Middleton (classics set), DJ Yoda, Rob da Bank and Steve Manning. Should be a good one. If you would like to go, drop a mail to onechewlove@gmail.com with your full name and we will choose two at random. Gig takes place in the The Pod.

Green Synergy back in the Bourogh

Heineken Green Synergy is back this week with the usual mix of free bar gigs and big name acts dropping by the Camden St area. Full listings are here but here are the climaXXX favourites...

Wednesday 12th November
Plastician and Safety Boy at Anseo.
This lads last first visit here was the 'introduction to dubstep night' in the Spiegel Tent a while back where he rocked the place and made up for Skreams sloppy antics behind the decks. Local lad Safety Boy is on the warm up - the main man to call for a dubstep warm up.
What to expect: being packed into a room full of slightly crusty types going propper large.
Plastician Myspace

Across the road in Solas the Disconauts will be on hand with house music a plenty. I shall be popping between the two for a few 4/4 beats if the 2 step gets a bit much.
What to expect: a load of old Dublin 'scene' heads out for pints with the kids at home.

Friday 19th November
Bestival Reunion Tour in The Pod.
This should be good craic, loads of great acts under one roof, 808 State, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, The Cuban Brothers and on the decks...Tom Middleton doing a classics set, DJ Yoda, Rob da Bank and Steve Manning.
What to expect: A very mixed crowd running between rooms and possible nakedness from the Cuban Brothers.

Meanwhile upstairs in Tripod...
Richie Hawtin, a god to some people, will be entertaining a no doubt full house with whatever form of techno takes his fancy on the night. Most will be hoping for minimal but who knows, one thing is for sure, when he is good he is amazing but catch him off form and it's 25 quid down the jacksie.
What to expect: a LOT of young lads with their tops off trying to touch a man with a ropey haircut.
Richie online.

Saturday 20th November
Cut Copy at The Village
Apparantly this is sold out, too bad if you didn't bag a ticket already, I have seen these fellas a few times now along with their Aussie contemporys Midnight Juggernauts and The Presets (who play the next day), and they never dissapoint, good old mix of guitar based electro that has earned them a great reputation around the world.
What to expect: a young post Nu Rave crowd moshing up a storm.
Cut Copy myspace

Sunday 21st November
The Presets at The Village
For just 2 dudes these guys amke a lot of noise, as I mentioned above I have seem them a couple of times including twise in Australia where they are treated like heroes (and rightly so). Shame this in on a Sunday which will probably keep a few people away, those that do make it down will be out for some serious entertainment and I have no doubt they will get it.
What to expect: what Sunday night lack in numbers they make up for in atmosphere, a small hedonistic crowd up for everything.
The Presets myspace.

A note on Posting...

As I mentioned below, I got an email form the Blogger team telling me they had removed my Toddla T post in accordance with a DMCA request. This was because I posted some copyrighted music without permission (as most music blogs do). It got me thinking for a moment about whether it's cool or not to be posting all this music around blogs for free- queue a flash moment of painful guilt about all the artists lives I was ruiniung That lasted about two minute before I copped on to the actual truth.
I do not post much music on here, when I do it's nearly always to promote the artist in questions gigs and the music seldom stays up longer then a fortnight.
Artists like Toddla had their carrers partly built by bloggers, how else would he have gained his reputation before being signed. Every day I get mails from the next Toddla wannabe with their tracks begging for a post. If any of these guys get signed they can't just turn around and expect people to stop posting about them.
Unfortunalty it's the record labels who are causing the fuss though, still clawing away at the lost few cents of revenue instead of trying to embrace the curent culture and figure out how to try and reach the levels of MASSIVE profit they enyoyed for so long in the past. Much like the banks who faced colapse recently, had they bothered to stop and look at what was going on a few years ago they might have fared better.

I asked Toddla on Friday night after his ace set what he though. He was on my side too, was even slightly apolgetic it and thanked me for the support so I left with a clear concious. Maybe if the post hadn't have been deleted there would have been a few more heads down at the gig which was a little low in numbers. Toddla and Sero still wrecked it though.


Toddlas Triumphant Return

My last post on this gig was taken down due to copyright infringement, more on that later!

Toddla T is back in Dublin this Friday after his thunder stealing show at the picnic a while back. He will be joined by his MC Sero and Nic James on the warm up.
This is my gig of the weekend, highly reccomended, Toddla wrecked the place at EP so this should be a whole lotta fun.
I am not going to re-write the deleted post but if you want to know more about this gig click here.

I have two passes to give away too, if you want to try win one, drop a mail to onechewlove@gmail.com with Toddla in the subject bar and I will do my best.

Toddla T at the Twisted Pepper, Friday 7th November 11pm


Show Us Your Night

The lads at YourNight.ie have been busy compiling clips from around the country's clubs for a good while now and posting them up on their nifty site. There is loads of good stuff on there from festivals to clubs and interviews. Even Chewy made the grade. Here is Diplo ripping it up at the Picnic in September. A great set from one of our favourite DJs.

[YNTV] Diplo DJs at Electric Picnic 2008

Check out the site here: www.yournight.ie


Tiger Stripes, Robbie Ryan and Rubio

Signed to Germany's highly respected Get Physical label, home to Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y and DJ T, Sweden's Tiger Stripes drops by Rubberband at Spy this Saturday with thanks to OneTrack. This young lad has had an album released on US House label King Street and has sinced moved to Get Physical where he has honed the more hard edged sound the label is known for. This is his second visit to Dublin this year after playing to a full house in Kennedys in May. The lads have offered a couple of passes to climaXXX readers too, if you would like to win one semd me an email marked Tiger to onechewlove@gmail.com.
Support on the night is from Robbie Ryan from Big Dish Go and Rubio of Hang Tough fame.

Tiger Stripes Current Mix

Rubberband and OneTrack present Tiger Stripes at Wax, 8th Nov.

Potty Mouth Music Tour hits Dublin

Chicago based Potty Mouth Music, home to Hijack and The Bulgarian, are heading off on a European tour this week and will be dropping by Tetric in the Button Factory this Wednesday. The lineup for this leg is Hijack - probably the the labels biggest name, James Amato - label boss and Santiago and Bushido from the States. It's pretty much a jackin' electro fans wet dream (note: I am trying my best to write this without using the word fidget, 'fidget fans wet dream' sounds a bit ooh er' missus). The Tetric lads have pulled out all the stops for this, it really is a lineup that would do any big international club proud. They have also furnished us with two double passes to giveaway. If you would like to try and win one, tell me who is the boss of Potty Mouth Records. Answers to

Hijack September Mix
Santiago and Bushido In The Mix

Potty Mouth Music Tour - Tetric at The Button Factory, Wednesday 5th November


First Daft Hands...

More incredible admiration and dedication to Daft Punk from a talented fan, this time a very creative cover of Digital Love. This guy spent 3 days making the helmet alone. As far as I can tell, he plays all the instruments live and then loops them in Abelton. Except for the Theremin solo at the end which was all live. There is loads more info on it on the youtube page under 'more info'.