Polaroid Pogo: the future is now

So it finally happened - I've turned into my parents. I held out for long enough but now I am resigned to calling youtube ' The Youtube ' and being generally utterly gobsmacked at technology as it whizzes over my head. I am a huge fan of these new fangled ' 3-D movies' and most recently, the Polaroid Po-Go instant digital camera was the latest to amaze me.

It's larger than a regular digital camera but a perfectly good size considering it's GOT A PRINTER in it. The photos come out 2" x 3" and have a sticker back too. I obviously have no idea how it works as there's no ink cartridges or anything, but who am I to question technology? I'm just here to exclaim 'awesome ' and 'the future is now' and 'can I get one?' Because it's a digital camera you can choose which pictures to print (the camera has editing capabilities too) - this is more sensible with less waste than the old Polaroid cameras but at the same time these new photos have lost that original Polaroid quiddity that can't be replicated with modern technology.

Of course, I lament the passing of the old Polaroid cameras but as it becomes increasingly rare for people to ever print out photos this new version is pretty cool too.




I had this post up on thinkhouse but it's too amazing not to share (the content, not the post)

The Internets newest meme sensation… Charlie Schmidt’s ‘Cool Cat’. Nearly 2 million hits in just over a month, a host of de rigor video-remixes and tributes and even it’s own range of Cool Cat merchandise. So far so (internet) normal until a week ago when this super-meme collided with another great super-meme ‘the 3 wolf shirt’. For those unfamiliar, the 3 Wolf Shirt is a tee-shirt featuring 3 wolves and a moon that went on to be one of the top selling pieces of clothing online, owed to the rather witty, sometimes essay like reviews left on it’s homepage, even making the BBC news in the process. Well the internet nearly blew up last week when some very clever desigh duo 'Oxen' combined these to super memes to make an ulta-meme, ladies and gentlemen.. we give you the ‘3 Keyboard Cat Moon Shirt’.


Arvo Vs Wooly this Friday

Arvo is going from strength to strength right now, we will get an update from him soon with all his Misk related news (check that Mr Oizo remix out if you havnay already). In the mean time he is joined by old Dublin head DJ Wool of The Glass for another head to head sesh on the back of last year’s Sth William X-Mas bash. Straight up party tunes block-party style is what to expect.

Between them these boys have racked up the kinds of gigs young pretenders would splash themselves over. Both great showmen, this gig is deffo one to check out. Support from Dublins’ rising electro star Lorcan Mak whose bangin' tracks have been picking up all kinds of airtime recently. One to watch!

For a shot at the G-list send a mail to onechewlove(AT)gmail.com and I will do my best.

Details below
ARVEENE (clampdown) V DJ WOOL (the glass/plant)

Plus Support - Lorcan Mak -Runt Records

Friday July 3rd
The Underground
Below Kennedys
Westland Row
11pm - 3am
5 euro before 12
8 euro after

Links -
For DJ mixes, Remixes and the lastest music by DJ Wool

Arveene - music to check out...

Lorcan Mak