New World Music Part 1

There was a time when to me, the term World Music conjured up images of 30 something has beens nodding their heads to jazz fusion or some pedestrian crap. Now though, the term is getting a face-lift or rather, a tit-job.

In Dublin a lot of people have probably been boppin' to sounds from the favelas of Brazil and the back streets of Baltimore for some time now, unaware of where these sounds came from. At the same time the folks who instigated the sound probably never imagined that a bunch of middle class white folk were gonna be getting there Saturday night kicks from these sounds that were born of a struggle against poverty. Over time though with a rise in Irish blog culture we might yet see the Foxrock massive Ghost Ridin' the Whip or Cranking dat Superman all over the place.

These styles have existed for a long time but with the rise in blog use and artists like Diplo and MIA pushing these sounds mainstream, Dublin audiences have never had such a wide array of music available every week. Just check out Pogo Pub or Assquake or our own CLIMAXXX DJ's for a taster. Girls parctice your shimmer first and fellas, 'shake dem dreads'. Here's is the first half of our brief guide to some of these sounds we really dig!

Baile Funk (no, not a new satellite town in Kildare, although if it was i might move there) hit the big time last year partly thanks to MIA and Bonde de Role both of whom visited our shores recently. In case you don't know its Brazilian music that started in the ghettos or Favelas of Rio and sounds like this.

Deise Tigrona - "Injeção"

Baltimore Club Music started out when a few heads in the city took the breaks of hip hop lashed in some extra kicks and sped it up to fook. Often they use the same beats and cut up famous tracks you know, The Beatles, Paul Simon and current hip hop faves which is why it appeals to your average Saturday night clubber as well as the most gangsta B-Boy. Check it:

Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop (Tittsworth remix)

Next week: Bassline and Kuduro

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