Clampdown at Andrews Lane.

New night, new Venue for the city. Great news for Dubliner's, a much needed new club is opening up right in the city centre. The former Andrews Lane theater is now a club and Jonny Moy and Arveene's Clampdown is taking up residency every Saturday. For the launch night myself, Tu-Ki (probably the best DJ in the country) and Jon Averill of Shock! will be joining the Clampdown lads for a night of mayhem. The following week DURRR invade, with Rory Philips, Hanna and The lovely Jonjo coming to town.
Doors at 11, leave a comment for guest list!
Here is some music to get you in the mood.
Arveene & Misk - Rave Against The Arveene
and a sweet Minimx
Arveene & Misk - 30 Min Mix Live
and just because its awesome:
Mystery Jets - “Hideaway” (Switch remix)


Library said...

Great News!
here's me comment for the guestlist. +1?

chewy said...

cool, mail me your real name though, unless you want me to put down library + 1, cos i will, if you want.

Lloyd said...

Banzai! Hope it has good soundsystem. Lloyd Kearney