The Godfather Returns

So with out a doubt, my gig of the year takes place this saturday in POGO as part of their birthday celebrations. DJ Godfather joins us after a too-long hiatus. If you are unfamiliar with this mans work, it's titty-shakin, froth-making ghetto-tech of the highest callibre. I was fortunate enough to catch him a few years back at D1 in Traffic and it pretty much changed my life. The man can cut and scratch better then most hip-hop DJs but the difference is he's doing it with music twice as fast. There was a row of 'enthusiasts' 5 deep watching him scratch at the last gig and I had to fight the urge to join them. Support comes from the the perfect guys for the job - A$$QUAKE who blew the shit out of their tiny tent at Budrising on Saturday, completly stealing Mikey Skinners thunder and probably the ghetto-tech cherrys of a few Kanye shaded heads.
Here's a live set by the man himself as well as a few tunes to get you in the mood:
Godfather Live!
DJ Godfather & Big Daddy Rick, "Ride It, Shake It"
and the other Ghetto God- DJ Assault, "Do it Right"

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