New World Music Part 2

The second part of our feature on the sounds from around the globe that are bringing worldwide dance floors to CLIMAXXX.

Kuduro music comes from Angola, Africa and looks set to find its way in to a few local dj sets very soon. They speak Portuguese there and the word literally means Hard Ass which should give you some idea of the dance style that accompanies it. It came from the streets and was born of a mix of European techno beats with more traditional African elements. You got to see this one for full effect: check these dance moves out... amazing... Buraka Som Sistema feat MIA.

Niche or Bassline House, though not exactly exotic to us, is making an impact on the world scene, being picked up by folk like Mad Decent and heavily influencing other producers around the world such as Detboi, Herve, Sinden and the Crookers. It stems from sunny Sheffield, UK and sounds like old speed garage with a 4/4 beat. Known for its tune-full bass lines and nice half speed breaks its one of the latest sounds to join the New World Ranks. This is one of its stars:

Damaged Goods - "Yo Righteous" (A1 Bassline Remix)

This is just a taster of what to expect down at CLIMAXXX every week, but if that aint enough for you, check out the awesome A$$QUAKE DJ's and POGO PUB for more of the same. Watch this space: we reckon 2008 will be the year that Dublin gets ghetto.

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