DJ Marky at Stereotonic

I used to have a pretty strong dislike of drum and bass, thinking it too hard to dance to. Then two things happened, I heard DJ Hype's Fabric CD and I saw Brazilian legend DJ Marky at the first Garden Party. Now I am sure purists will see these as Drum and Bass for the masses but hey, its the kind I like. Markys set at GP was phenomenal, there was no way you couldn't get your shuffle on. Plenty of recognisable samples and remixes for the non crusties and this along with with his unique flair behind the decks (upside down scratching!) means anyone would be hard pressed not to be impressed no matter what your taste. Marky plays Stereotonic this Friday courtesy of the nice people at Bodytonic, Reach and 174 who also have provided us with 2 double passes to give away- to enter the draw tell me where Marky is from- easy! answers to onechewlove@gmail.com
DJ Marky 'Its The Way' ft mc stamina (dodgey youtube link)
and another rough vid to give you an idea of the kind of crowd reaction to expect:
Marky live at Skol Beats -snow patrol remix

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chewy said...

Congrats to Marika and Connor, you guys win double passes.