Bodytonic announce EP lineup

With the line up for this years Electric Picnic getting mixed reactions from many punters, a lot of people have been waiting to see what Bodytonic would pull out of the bag before buying tickets.
Well, the lads have just announced it and I think its lived up to expectations. They have changed it up a bit this year opting to have 3 tents, 1 big, 2 small to create a Bodytonic village and allow them to put on a lot more acts, local and international. It's a nice mix of established solid acts (Prins Thomas & Lindstrom) and some brand new ones too (Benga, Toddla T) with a nice representation of local talent too (A$$quake , Downtown Sounds, Acci Disco, Electric City) CLIMAXXX is particulary looking forward to:
Roni Size
The Count & Sinden
Diplo! (see post)
Toddla T (see post)
Benga (see post)
Prins Thomas & Lindstrom
Mano le Tough live
Stay tuned for an MP3 special on many of these chaps next week!

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