Dalston Shopper on U Music- Africa Special

Can't remember what led me to this mix the other day but since its download its featured heavily in the soundtrack to my daily plod through life. It's by the Dalston Shopper whose blog features recordings of cassettes from the Dallston Oxfam store saved from purgatory and sent to digital heaven.
The mix comes from Diesel U Music, a temporary radio station set up in London last month featuring slots from Diplo (who made his show into a Mad Decent podcast) Mathew Wowow and the Dalston Shopper who came up with this show on new African Music.
There is loads of great styles on here and a little bit of commentry by the man himself explaining some of them. African music is definitly on the up, MIA, Radioclit and Buraka Som Sistema are all doing there bit and this mix is a nice taster of some of the sounds influencing many around the world right now.
Dieslel U Music Africa Special

Todd Hart 'Africa Here' article for run-riot.com

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