Egytian Lover

Like so much of the music igniting the blog and club scene right now it's hard to define what kind of music Egyptrixx makes. One theme is common throughout though, Bass and lots of it. Talking to the man, he told me how he has always been completely addicted to the stuff and in particular, sub-bass (those kicks you feel in your chest) as he prefers to feel the music then to simply hear it. On that note, don't bother listening to these tracks through the laptop speakers, take em' home and crank that woofer up to 11.
Egyptrixx hails from Toronto and has been making music in one form or another since he was 5. He is signed to Wide Records in London and has a new EP scheduled for the Autumn. Keep an eye on the myspace for more tracks and tour dates.

Egyptrixx - Reconnect (YSI backup)
Egyptrixx - Bass Boomy Loud (YSI backup)
Egyptrixx - Ceramic (YSI backup)

and the Kevin Costner Mixtape thats been generating lots hype on the machine.

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