Melt Festival Mini Mix - DJ Beware

Found this mix by DJ Beware over on Mad Decent. It's 33 minutes of Baile inspired Ball Busters with loads of familiar samples and melodies thrown in (check out the Nirvana and Yazoo riffs).
Just looking through the track list will give you an idea of the kerazzy sh!t going on, bootlegs, mashups and loads of exclusive edits. Beware is a former Hong Kong DMC champion who lived in the UK for a while, he is in Rio right now living it up no doubt and with these skills I am sure he has earned teh respect of all those b-Boys in the favellas.

1. Intro
2. DJ Edgar “Boxe vs. Axel F”
3. Veronica Costa vs. Switch vs. Fatboy Slim “Dece Glamourosa Champion Sound - Edu K Mashup”
4. Daniel Haaksman feat. SD Boys “Parolar De Veso”
5. Crookers “Il Brutto”
6. Mark Ronson “Valerie - Count + Sinden Mix vs. DJ Conhecido - Edu K Mashup”
7. Stereotyp feat. Edu K + Joyce Muniz “Jeçe Valadão - Rob B/Stereo MCs Edit”
8. Buraka Som Sistema “Yah - Count+Sinden Remix”
9. DJ Sandrinho “Yazoo Medley”
10. Crookers “Lollypop/Crookers “Sveglia -Oh Snap Remix”
11. DJ Beware + MC Gringo “Tamborzão Con Scratchy”
12. Skream “Midnight Request Line Remix - Scottie B Remix”
13. Deize Tigrona “Injeção”
14. Bonde Do Role “Marina Gasolina Remix Buraka Som Sistema Dub”
15. DJ Znobia “Dandale”

DJ Beware Man Recordings Melt Mix
from MadDecent.com

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