Electric Picnic Pyjama Party 08!

Antics take over Fossets Circus after hours this year and they have invited ClimaXXX down to host a little shindig on the Friday. So we decided to break out the Jim Jams and have a sleep over.
That's right, once the clowns are safely locked away, we will break out the decks and have a slumber party complete with pillow fights and chats about steamy boys.
We got Twister, Chamber of Secrets, pillows, booze, gossip and all the other essential parts of any good sleep over.
Best part is we go extra late too. 11-3
So get inviting your friends and don't forget your PJs!


sugartitz said...
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sugartitz said...

Chewy that's all way too PG13s. Don't forget spin the bottle, nervous and my personal fave -seven minutes in heaven.