This M.C. Shoots No Blanks

Although she hails from Philly, Amanda Blank is knee-deep in the Baltimore club scene and since this rap-chick extraordinaire turned up a couple of years back she has been busting out rhymes with heaps of climaXXX favourites - Spank Rock, M.I.A, Santogold, Teki Latex (of TTC fame) and soon Uffie. I don't normally have the hots for chicks but with lyrics like 'my rhymes are painfully fresh... my pussy's tasting the best'...well, just, it gets a gal wondering - her rhymes are painfully fresh...and she ain't too hard on the old eyeballs either.

In addition to her dirty rapping, she is lead singer of indie pop band Sweatheart. Check out their Finger Bangin' video below - nearly as good as the South Park boys' cracker of a song. She's signed to Downtown Records so don't be surprised if she collaborates with fellow signees such as Kid Sister (yes please), Justice (yes please) and eh....Sarkozy's missus - Carla Bruni (hmmmmm). You got a little taste of her on the Diplo mix that Chewy posted here a while back but for more from our nasty-mouthed M.C. of the moment hit up the links below.
Amanda Blank - Get It Now (zshare)
Santogold - I’m A Lady (Diplo Mix ft. Amanda Blank) (zshare)
Teki Latex - Disco Dance With You (Spank Rock Remix ft. Amanda Blank)
Spank Rock - Bump (feat. Amanda Blank) (Pink Skull Remix)

Sweatheart - Finger Bang


A.M. said...

I knew she was friends with Rose and Tom but I never knew...Sweathearts Sweat Workshops are amazing - Chewy should do one of those - if he already hasn't. ;)

pointy stumps said...

Hmmm - 'BUMP' is genius and I think a lot of other Blank joints hit the spot. But that fingerbanging thing seems really weak. Blergh.