Where We Going / Where We At.

I have been talking to a few people recently about current trends in the club scene and the way things seem to be heading. I am always fascinated by such things and have to say that right now I think the future looks great. Everywhere you look people are coming out with fresh takes on things. Whether it's the MDC lads and their mix of garage/electo/dancehall/ and MCs. Or not a million miles away, lads we have already covered like Drop The Lime, Egyptrixx and Sonic 86 who approach making tunes with ears open to just about any sounds, dubstep/ghetto-tech/ techno and so on.

Obviously the internet has had a huge part to play in this, I have mentioned here before the globalisation of music, one possiblity that someone I spoke to lamented is that the blogs start leading the way in music taste as oppose to the Djs. Look at the popularity of 'blog house' acts like Crookers to see the power some of the big blogs have in getting you booked. True if you scour the blogs and CD cases of many Djs around the world you see the same old Palms Out playlists appearing but I also think that as long as there are a few people out there pushing the boundaries in terms of creativity we will do just fine. In the next two parts of this article I will look into some of the movements in the scene I am talking about and some of its key figures.

To start, here is a Count and Sinden Soundsystem mix recorded live at Pukklepop. I have written countless words on these guys already and they are not exactly 'new' but this mix is a good example of the mix of old rave stuff and new bassline/nichestuff. Plus you got the garage style MCs and vocalists too.

Count & Sinden Live at Pukklepop 15/08/2008

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