DJ Sandrihno Come to Dublin

A true Baile Funk master, DJ Sandrihno makes his Irish debut this Friday in the Sth William as part of the DEAF festival. Sandrinho been DJ-ing since he was a ten year old growing up in Rio's violent favela do Borel. He went on to become one of the worlds biggest funk producers amd DJs with skills that rival a lot of DMC competitors. He mixes up loads of styles in his sets, hip-hop, samba as well as the funk and uses an MPC to create live tracks too. This combination of technical skills to keep the nerds happy and funk to keep the ladies happy (which in turn keeps me happy) make this gig a dead cert this Friday. It's free in too so get down early to get a good dancin' spot.

DEAF & Disco-Brasil present DJ Sandrihno at the Sth William, Friday 24th October, €0!

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