A Golden Age...

One from the vaults here, I was 6 when this was first released and not so down with my east coast Hip Hop, so I think I only properly became aware of it about two years ago when I downloaded a 1989 radio show by DJ Red Alert in New York.
It's been rolling around my head since then, and the other day while practicing my Yo Gabba Gabba beatbox, (see below) I saw a link to the video. It tells of a simpler time when Hip Hop stars had to worry about gettin' the girls and sometimes didn't even win them in the end. Unlike now with all their ' bitch, hoe, cracked out-dirty-skank-ass-bitch, shove-it-up-your-wotsit' nonsense.

Biz Markie - Just a Friend

and now for Biz's Beat of The Day:

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