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Fidget House. Jesse Rose and Hervé said it as a joke and now it's a real thing that people say out loud when asked what they're into. It sounds like a detention center for ADD kids. So many emergent music styles, so few obscure lists of seemingly incongruent words thrown together with hyphens-up-the-yin-yang to describe them.

At the risk of sounding like my dad going on about when he was young and it snowed all the time and he didn't see an orange 'til he was 7, I used to be into electro. Now I am made to feel like an utter fool if I'm not into the latest avant-electro experimental Detroit-death-jazz or industrial-Italo ninja-fire-boogie.

It smacks of the straw-clutchings of a real estate type attempting to big up some awful gaf - I'm really loving this spacious 3 bedroom Scandi-pitch turbo-swamp house - with gazebo beats and cobble-locked ragga soul. Really? Why, I'm into this tastefully re-modelled stabbed-up neuro-funk - its cosy, old-world bassline charm and semi-detached ghetto-mash does it for me.

Sheesh. Can we not just all talk like normal people and bring back electro?

To show how ridiculous it all is I think we should try to beat them at it and make up the most preposterous genre names ever and try to get them into common parlance. Suggestions anyone? I'm going with 'Bi-Co Po-Co ECLECTRO' - Why yes, that IS bi-continental, post-colonialist eclectic electro, thanks for asking. It's ace and it sounds like this:

DJ Mujava - Township Funk
Township Funk is out now on download.
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Image and Words by KT-80


Lowpass said...

The word electro may have sadly become uncool, but it could be worse. Remember techno? Or electronica?

YEOW! said...

Just say you like "dance music" and watch the utter confusion unfold.

chewy said...

it's true about 'dance music', when people ask what I play they think I am a bit slow because I spend about 40 secs going 'well...dance-y stuff' trying to avoid the word electro, cos I dont really play it anymore but Baltimore, Baile and Ragga House?? Then when I say a bit of disco, they picture some Saturday Night Fever stuff. It's a toughie!

Katie said...

but chewy you ARE a bit slow. what about....... GHOST......... tunes?

Rebecca said...

Brilliant! http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1751447