Radioclit & Esau Mwamwaya - The Very Best

Radioclit have just released a new mixtape with Malawi born Esau Mwamwaya to celebrate their forthcoming album. You may have heard Esau singing over a Paper Planes dub a while back (indeed I posted it here back in June) or heard his awesome take on Boyz in Diplo's I like Turtles Mix. The threesome were united when Radioclit met Esau in the furniture store near their studio some two years ago. They became fast friends and started working on tracks together, the pair inviting Easu to sing over tracks they had made for artists like MIA and Kano. Not long after they realised they had the makings of an album and set to work completing a full 15 track opus. The album will feature collaborations with MIA, Santogold, Marina (Gasolina) and Vampire Weekend and is out early 2009. The pair say that although they push a lot of African music with their own production work, they didn't need to on the album as Esau's voice took care of that side of things.
The mixtape which wasn't due out till Nov 1st has been leaked and is available here. It features Esau doing his thang over the likes of Michael Jackson, Architecture in Helsinki and as you would expect a bit of MIA and Santo too. Check the myspace for updates.

The Very Best - Will You Be There (Michael Jackson and Esau blend)


Secousse Live

Radioclit play the Button Factory on the 1st November as part of Transmission. We have two tickets up for grabs- send your name to the
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A.M. said...

Hi Chewy,
You forgot to mention that Marina Vello is in the video with Esau + one of the RadioClits. If anyone wondered what she was did after her departure from Bonde do Role - i wrote a post here .