Big Dish Go 3rd Birthday Party

One of Dublins most consistently interesting nights for the last few years, Big Dish Go celebrate their 3rd birthday this weekend with what will probably go down as one of the greatest double headers Dublin will ever see. Andy Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe will go back to back for 6 hours while the BDG residents along with Jon Averill and Calvin James will hold the fort upstairs.
I spoke to young Conor Feeny, organiser of the night briefly to ask him about the last three years.

CLMX - What has been your favourite night so far?
CF - The best Atmosphere for me was the 1st Birthday with Le Bien, Mano and Jazzy Jazzhands McSaxophone, gig was sold out by 11.30 and full of smiles all night.
CLMX - What about musically, you have had some amazing guests, who has stood out?
CF - Although every night the music has been amazing, I would have to say last month with Luke Vibert, Calvin James and Evlis, everybody was on the money from the word go that night, excellent stuff.
CLMX - What makes BDG stand out from all the other club nights out there right now?
CF - Well, since day 1 we have encouraged all our DJ's to dig deep into their record collections, the policy has been two fingers being shown to a set music policy which meant lots of great one off sets have been played to an up for it crowd every time.
CLMX: Nice one, well, happy birthday, any last comments?
CF - We're really looking forward to this weekend, fri and sat are going to be super rocking. There is a little bit of something there for all types of electronic music lovers between both our gigs. Make sure to get to the underground early on sat doors are 8 and weatherall and smagghe will be playing from 9... don't be disappointed, it's been two years in the making!

There you go, should be whopper, Friday sees Ireland's Darth Vader of the Cross Fader, DJ Flip cuttin' up a storm too. Both great line-ups.

We have one ticket for Saturdays show for ClimaXXX readers here too, drop a mail to the usual address and we will pick a winner at random.

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