Go GaGa for This Lady

Lady GaGa's debut album 'The Fame' will be released in Ireland and the UK on the 29th of December and is bound to be big in Ohhhhh Nine as it is jam packed full of hits.

Her dance-pop sound is already taking Obamaland by storm and she has been nominated for the 'Best Dance Recording' Grammy, up against floor-filling heavyweights like Hot Chip and Daft Punk. Not too shabby. Pundits have been calling her the new Madonna. Dead fancy. When they say that, I think they mean she's the new old madonna. Not the new new Madonna (meh). And word on the celebrity blog street is that it's claws at dawn with xtina. Give me an L ...

This is my track for THE CHRISTMAS. She can deck my halls any day.

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