Slumdog MIA on air

If you haven't yet seen Slumdog Millionaire then you had best get to it before it leaves the flicks. What a treat it is up there, I was in the front row but the opening scene alone was worth the sore neck. It features our auld friend MIA (now with child) who collaborated with the film's composer A.R. Rahman to produce a track specifically for the movie titled 'O...Saya'. Up for Best Song at the Oscars, it looks set to carry the Slumdog soundtrack far, there are some other gems on there too though, see for yourself over on itunes or get the lot from Amazon. Nice article with words from the lady (who is with child) herself over on the LA Times blog Pop & Hiss.

Here is the track on the youtube complete with a few snaps of herself lookin' like a total babe. Doesn't have quite the same effect as seeing that opening chase scene but still good.

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