CitiZen Black [State A Your Mix ,Round II]

I have known this chungfella for a few years now, we had a bit of a double act going a while where I played tunes and he rapped about gettin madouvit - mostly. Since then, a lot has happened, CitiZen Black (Bren to his mammy) has been churning out bangin' choons a plenty and helping run Automated Music alongside fello header Dan Mac. They had some slick ass guests over recently, mostly of the fidgety-as fook-variety. More recently things have taken a techno twist, the tune below has a hum of Claude Von Stroke of it, no bad thing!
Check out his latest mix here:
CitiZen Black [State A Your Mix ,Round II]

Track List
1 .Korea Tabs - Flinsch 'n Nielson
2 .Get Down - Zander VT
3 .Inside Out - Uto Karem
4 .Evolve - Prompt
5 .Players - Anton Pieete
6 .Earth (Roland M.Remix) - Butch
7 .Paperboy (D Nox & Beckers Rmix) - Lutzenkirchen
8 .Pointe - Ryoh Mitomi
9 .Senderoff (Umek Remix) - Fergie
10.Dark Party - Gary Beck

...and a tune -
CitiZen Black - Bowser Sticks It In Dry

and a bonus tune...
Bowser Sticks It In Dry - Shane Dabinett's Slip N' Slide Remix

The lads will have Tim Green over to the cavern on (un)Holy Thursday, April 9th followed by Simon Baker down at Kennedy's on May 3rd.

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