This IS ArcAttack

Ahhh Neil Buchanan, if only he had more of this and less of the papier mache stuff he might still be on the air.

Lots of PVA Glue and About 10,000 Volts

I think that pretty much speaks for its self, but for those out there not as easily impressed as me, here comes the science bit:
ArcAttack is the brainchild of Joe DiPrima and Oliver Greaves and in the words of their website:
ArcAttack employs a unique DJ set up of their own creation (an HVDJ set up) to generate an 'electrifying' audio visual performance. The HVDJ pumps music through a PA System while two specially designed DRSSTC's (Dual-Resonant Solid State Tesla Coils) act as separate synchronized instruments.

Check out some more ArcAttacks on youtube and while we are on the subject, drop by Neil's Official Facebook Page for lots of 'exclusive Buchanen content'.
It should look a little something... like this

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