Friday Night's Revenge

Nightflight continue their quality bookings trends, recent guests include (Ewan Pearson, Metro Area and Idjust Boys) with a visit from the very excellent 'The Revenge'. I can't claim to know much about The Revenge but I did stumble across the below rework of the Sister Slege classic 'Lost In Music' that has been floating the shit out of my boat all week. Now the Glimmers remix already gets a lot of airtime round my way but it takes forever to get going and when it does, doesnt last very long. This version is a good steady builder with a well packed kick throughout. Don't miss this chance to see the Irish debut of this remixer extrodinaire.

The Revenge
- Nightflight at Button Factory this Friday (20th) at the Button Factory.
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We have two passes to offer up too, just drop a mail to onechewlove(at)gmail.com.

Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (The Revenge rework)

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