Total Sausage Fest

Just when you think Superquinn Sausages can't get any better, it turns out it's their 30th birthday and there's a competition on to celebrate. There's one grand prize of €3,000 - pah - but more importantly - each Superquinn store will have a prize of a YEAR'S SUPPLY OF SQ SAUSAGES - which amounts to 9 SQ sausages a week for a whole year. This amounts to 468 sausages, or 156 sausage sandwiches - oh baby - if you make your Superquinn sausage sandwiches ( SQSs) with 3 sausages, like I do.

To win you have to invent a new sausage flavour (although I have been assured they aren't going to change the original) and also the tie breaker is the question : How many sausages did SQ sell in 2008? ( To the internets!)

Competitions forms are all over your local Superquinn and it runs til March 17th. I have used the word sausage so many times in this post the word has lost all meaning. But not deliciousness. Best of luck and may I, or someone to whom I live relatively near and also have reason to pop over for brunch regularly, win.

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Guest Post from Kt-80.


Anonymous said...

I can't show my face in SQ again ever since I got caught cheating with those Tesco Finest* sossies.

chewy said...

those corrupting bastards!

louis@dublinbusdisco said...

Heading to SQ tomorrow. Can't let this opportunity go!

chewy said...

Competition is now closed. Results in on the 23rd!