What's That Sound

I was 19 when I first heard Les Rhythmes Digitales Darkdancer, the same age Stewart Price or Jacques lu Cont was when he made it. I remember being very moved by this and can safely say this was the first album I ever loved - and you really do never forget your first.
Sometimes is still one of my favourite songs ever, Nik Kershaw does the vocal, he is also responsible for another one of my favourite songs 'Wouldn't It Be Good', imagine being 19 and getting Nik Kershaw to sing on your album, what a ledge.
I met JLC a few times through the years, he promised me a copy of Darkdancer on vinyl on our first meet and again on our second ,then one day he came through and a lovely limited edition picture disk arrived in the post. I had almost given up too, telling youngfellas never to meet their idols and such, I soon took it all back though. Mr Price has come a long way even since then, producing Madonna tours and album as well as an album for The Killers he has tonnes of remixes and productions ubder his belt under the guise of The Thin White Duke, Zoot Woman, JLC, Man With Guitar and Paper Faces and now I see he is producing for Frankmusik too. I don't use the term genius often but this man is as close as many get.
I found these old Darkdancer vids the other day that reminded me of all this, hope you enjoy as much as I did. (Sadly he had ditched the red do when I met him)

JLC rockin' the 80s in the 90s

Strange Vid For Sometimes

Kickin' it Zoolander style.

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