Micro Sculptures. Apparently.

"It began when I was five years old,” says Willard. “I started making houses for ants because I thought they needed somewhere to live. Then I made them shoes and hats."

Willard Wigan makes sculptures that fit in the eyes of needles and on the tops of pins. According to wikipedia he uses a paint brush consisting solely of a fly's hair - but only one that died of natural causes. The sculptures take about 2 months to make and even the pulse of his finger could ruin the whole piece. So he goes into a meditative state where he slows his heartrate down so he can work between pulses. So. Not only does he seem to be some kind of Jedi he also looks REALLY like Stringer Bell:

But. Enough of that, check out some of the sculptures. You need a microscope to see them so you could just go around with a bunch of pins saying you have the world's largest Willard Wigan art collection but no microscope. How do us mere mortals know they are not just sculptures of giant pins and needles photographed to look small? Presumably someone has checked.


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