The Impossible Project - Polaroid returns!

When Polaroid declared they would be leaving the instant film racket, Dr. Florian Kaps, business man, artist, Austrian and Polaroid enthusiast decided to do something about it. He had already set up polanoid.net - an online gallery and Polanoir - the first ever Polaroid-only gallery in Vienna so it probably made sense for him to get a few heads together and buy all the instant film production equipment from Polaroid (for a cool 100 million euro.) He calls it The Impossible Project and the aim is to re-open the factories and develop a new type of instant film for the vintage cameras.

Fast forward a year and now there will be a collaboration in 2010: Polaroid will re-launch the Polaroid One-Step camera (pictured above) and have commissioned The Impossible Project to make the film for it. It looks really easy:

And if you, like Dr. Florian Kaps, are mad for the ol' instant photos, check out one of his other sites - polapremium.com (this guy REALLY likes Polaroid photos) - and check out everything you ever needed to know about Polaroid, not to mention tonnes of vintage cameras and film for sale.

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