Tigercity - Are you Sensation?

This track is over a year old but being so hip and not out of the loop at all I managed to find it . . . last week. It's called 'Are You Sensation' by a group called Tigercity and I LOVE it. - it's kind of Halls and Oatsey with a bit of Chromeo mixed in so what's not to love? 'Are You Sensation' is from a 2008 E.P called Pretend not to Love. It's very happy and very catchy and very sing a longy which is all good - as long as no one can hear me. Tigercity are an electro - funk band originally from Massachusetts now living in Brooklyn and you should check 'em out.

Tiger City - Are You Sensation ( YSI )


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The Bubble Boy said...

Thumbs yes to this.

The 'Powerstipe' track on their Myspace is pretty decent too.