Detroit In Effect (D.I.E)

Nothing like a little low-key techno to cure what ails you on a Monday - Detroit in Effect (D.I.E) are DJ Maaco and P-Dog from eastside Detroit producing some quality beats on dutch label Clone Records and their own label M.A.P. The first video here is a live recording of a tune called Get Up, with P-Dog giving shout outs, the second is called 'Nothing's Like Detroit'; the video is a little tour of the city all snowy:

You can check out more of their stuff at http://www.myspace.com/detroitineffect (check out FM sucks) or on their youtube channel- all their stuff seems pretty limited edition but you can pick up Nothing's Like Detroit/ FM sucks on 12" over at Clone.

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Shane_McK said...

Well I think that their is no making the sound for Detroit. Nice