Zoltar versus Zandar

Alas, Zoltar versus Zandar is not an ultra hip new electro duo (although it should be) it's just me comparing a really cool wizard with a really awful one. Zoltar is the one from the movie Big and is pretty much where it's at in terms of wish granting wizardry. Creepy, dark, knows his stuff, gets the job done, works even when not plugged in, disappears right after. He's like a fortune telling carnival assassin. I couldn't find the clip from the movie but a guy called Roger Hess from Minneapolis has created an amazing replica from scratch - you can check it out here:

According to Hess, the one in Big was just a prop so he set about building a working replica in his basement - you can see the movie one briefly at the beginning of the trailer:

What a film. Now. As for Zandar - check out this joker:

An old Captain Birdseye lookalike masquerading as a glorified magic 8 ball in a snow globe getting young girls to run their hands over him to gain meager and extremely vague tidbits of information with which to stroke their fragile teen egos? Yuck. Also, he had to get cards printed with "The Wizard Could Be Wrong" on them. I've a question for you Zandar - How is Zoltar so much better than you?

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