DFRNT: dubstep

It might make sense to you when DFRNT says 'Accidentally played these chords out today, and ended up working an entire tune around them. Was in a bit of a 2562 mood with the rhythm. Watch out for the 4-4 switch-up on the second drop' about his tune 'Short Bus.' It sounds made up to me - like when Dan Ashcroft pretends he knows about wine in Nathan Barley. However fortunately for the world people like DFRNT are making the music and not me - I don't know much about dubstep but I know I like this and will be checking out more of this guy:

DFRNT - Short Bus by DFRNT

Check out his website for lots of free downloads and mixes.


酒店 said...
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Rubio said...

Thats very nice!

flynner said...

I can't even watch that Ashcroft clip, makes me want to peel my skin off.
In other news, you don't know what a 4X4 on the second drop is???

chewy said...

Well now Rach... A 4x4 beat is a straight bom bom bom bom evenly spread on the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th beat -house music style. The second drop is the time the beat kicks back in after the second breakdown.
Does that make sense?
Examples of 4x4 beats are dubstep, garage etc.