Tron. And on... and on...

Tron was on in the IFI as part of the current Jeff Bridges season - I hadn't seen it before - to my eternal shame - it is basically my ideal film. Jeff Bridges (young, dreamy) plays Flynn - a computer programming genius who got shanghaied by The Man (who stole all his rad computer game ideas) and wants to hack into The System to find the evidence. Unfortunately The System has other ideas and zaps Flynn into a computer gaming world where anthropomorphised computer programmes are pitted against each other gladiator stylee and Flynn and his friend Tron have to save the day. It is completely ridiculous and the graphics are amazing - particularly considering it was made in 1982. Definitely worth a look - especially as they are making a sequel called Tron Legacy due out in December and you want to be able to follow the plot, right?

Check out the trailer in all its 80s glory:

P.S The IFI is also playing The Big Lebowski at 2pm on Sunday 28th February. The Dude abides.

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