I Must Break You... Rocky IV Workout Mix

When I was younger I never bothered getting a CD walkman or a mini disc player - they just didn't make any sense to me. I had a vision of what a music player should be like and I knew somewhere in my heart of hearts that someone else in the world would have the determination to invent it if I could...just... hang on. Et voila - here I am, covered in touchscreen mp3 players.

I love that feeling when you realise FINALLY someone has invented what you were looking for. I got that feeling the other day when perusing deadly blog Genevan Heathen (a great mix of 80s movies, fun and hip hop) and saw one of their deejays Matt Foley has made a 20 minute work out mix inspired by RockyIV - replete with the classic tunes and inspiring quotes from the movies. It's a beautiful thing, just like the movie.